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Why mobile web apps are slow | Sealed Abstract
Native apps for serious work for the foreseeable future.
Seems ok-- but I think you can go a long way just doing stuff with text, so I'm not so worried.
JavaScript, at least as it stands today, is fundamentally opposed to the think-about-memory-philosophy that is
absolutely required for mobile software development.
performance degrades exponentially if your memory usage goes above 35MB at any point
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july 2013 by eclectics
weinre - Home
remote web inspector for mobile. Uses node as back end
tools  javascript  ios  mobile 
march 2013 by eclectics
Command-Tab on your iPad - Tao of Mac
get more useful external keyboard navigation by enabling accessibility features
december 2012 by eclectics
Automating iOS: How Pythonista Changed My Workflow
extensive examples on using xcallback url with pythonista to streamline workflows
python  ios  organisation  tools  from instapaper
december 2012 by eclectics
App Lists | iOS Musician
shows which apps support what-- virtual midi, Dropbox
ios  music  software  midi 
october 2012 by eclectics
lots of info, not just a brochure
music  ios  software 
june 2012 by eclectics
iTextEditors - iPhone and iPad text/code editors and writing tools compared
@anitsirk17 theres a raft of good text editors, diff features might appeal— here’s a comparison #mootau12
editor  ios 
april 2012 by eclectics
weinre - Home
remote debugging for mobile safari
programming  web  tools  mobile  ios 
february 2012 by eclectics
lenses wide angle and fish eye
desiderata  mobile  ios 
december 2011 by eclectics
Hotseat at Purdue University
Enabling collaborative micro-discussion in and out of the classroom
Hotseat, a social networking-powered mobile Web application,
post to hotseat from facebook or twitter
ReadingNotes  BHI  mobile  ios 
november 2010 by eclectics
Teaching With Technology Face-Off: iPhones vs. PC's
Teaching With Technology Face-Off: iPhones vs. PC's
Houston Community College
distance learning, meet once a week
studetns do stuff on the go. Spend more time studying
Is it just novelty of tech?
ReadingNotes  BHI  mobile  ios 
november 2010 by eclectics
NCSU Libraries Mobile
Connect with the Libraries from your mobile device
You can search for available computers, find hours and locations of branches and library services, look up items in the catalog, and even see the coffee line using the Hill of Beans webcam.
web app:
(get ideas!))
BHI  ReadingNotes  mobile  ios 
november 2010 by eclectics
iPhone the Body Electric - University of Utah News Release: October 7th ...
apps to study human body
-ImageVis3D Mobile lets iPhone users easily display, rotate and otherwise manipulate 3-D images of medical CT and MRI scans, and a wide range of scientific images, from insects to molecules to engines. This free app is based on computer software from the university's Scientific Computing and Imaging (SCI) Institute.
-AnatomyLab allows students to conduct a "virtual dissection" by providing images of a real human cadaver during 40 separate stages of dissection. Just hit the "View Cadaver" button. The software, which sells for $9.99, was designed by biology ?Professor-Lecturer Mark Nielsen and two University of Utah students, including his son.
-My Body, a scaled-down version of ?AnatomyLab, sells for $1.99 and is intended for the general public, including "anyone curious about what their body looks like," Nielsen says.
From Horizon Report 2010
ReadingNotes  BHI  mobile  ios 
november 2010 by eclectics
javascript sprites and scrolling backgrounds. Cool!! jquery plugin
javascript  mobile  ios 
june 2010 by eclectics
About MockApp « MockApp
keynote templates for mocking up applications
programming  mobile  ios 
september 2009 by eclectics
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