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Jupyter Notebook Viewer
Stats, DSP, operating systems
free  book  math  python  synth 
april 2017 by eclectics
Roland Kuit e-Books
uses nord virtual as examples
synth  book 
july 2014 by eclectics
harvard classics
liberal education great books
booklist  free  book  philosophy  culture 
july 2013 by eclectics
Frontier Definitive Guide
Dave Winer's Frontier, documented by Matt Neuberg
free  book  interfaces  from instapaper
may 2012 by eclectics
Computer math
Good intro to the
main topics
math  free  book 
october 2009 by eclectics
Squeak by Example
rec by croquet consortium
squeak  free  book 
august 2008 by eclectics
Halcyon Days - Contents
Interviews with old style video game programmers
programming  free  book 
february 2008 by eclectics
Sketchy LISP - Preface
Functional programming in scheme
lisp  free  book 
may 2007 by eclectics
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