Analog vs. Digital Synthesizers – My Take on the Old Debate || Julius Dobos
Good on analog vs digital, nb of interface and also of individual dacs
1 hour ago
Fraser, on Academic Shovelware
computer medium as way of distributing models
15 days ago
James Clear
Productivity, psych, habits etc
5 weeks ago
midi - npm
might be possible to do headless midi stuff on rpi?
javascript  midi  nodejs 
6 weeks ago
Sound System Interconnection
How to deal with grounding issues, and all the cable interconnects.
8 weeks ago
Hard Choice for a Comfortable Death: Sedation - The New York Times
agitation is viewed negatively, they want a peaceful passing. im not sure thats the right thing, though i do think its what dad wanted,
spirit  health 
9 weeks ago
Alan Moore on Magic - YouTube
Magic, art, language, consciousness
spirit  art  writing 
january 2018
The Magic of Chaos
Underlying all systems from Witchcraft to Tibetan Sorcery, that the eclectically minded magician may use, there is a fundamental unity of practical technique depending on visualisation, the creation of thought entities and altered states of consciousness achieved by either quiescent or ecstatic meditations. The eclectic point of view implies that belief itself can be regarded as a technique for achieving one's aims.
january 2018
Head For the Red
interesting casual. curious what its like now
december 2017
successor to impromptu live coding
art  lisp  music  programming 
november 2017
Gear Review – Subaqueous Music
blog, tools, packs -- good stuff. Live.
music  tools 
september 2017
Jupyter Notebook Viewer
Stats, DSP, operating systems
free  book  math  python  synth 
april 2017
What Drives Men to Rape? – Medium
rape as extension of men relying on women for emotional care.
nicely thought out, theres probably other forms of rape though.
polecon  selfdev 
february 2017
The Sufi Conspiracy | Conspiracy School
The Harmonious Circle: The Anatomy of a Myth,
Some history, no idea how true, on Idries Shah, Gurdjieff, etc
january 2017
The Bible: A Text in Travail Weekly Summary - Center for Action and Contemplation
As your awareness sharpens, allow the clutter of surface meaning, labels, and reflexive reaction to recede into the background. Wait in silence, simply witnessing without critique. Gradually take all of it in. If it’s a written passage, savor the words slowly and aloud, re-reading it a few times (lectio divina). If a person or creature, observe all the visible qualities and be sensitive to the undercurrent of energy present as well. If a feeling or emotion, notice how this shows up in your body. Welcome what is.
january 2017
How Post-Watergate Liberals Killed Their Populist Soul - The Atlantic
anti-trust, pro community was at the heart of democratic politics till mid 70s
november 2016
I Want The Mutt Of Feed Readers | Zed A. Shaw
Reference to neubeiter but also others; screen, mutt, and some chat stuff
software  tools 
november 2016
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