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Test Anything Protocol
It's a text based protocol between a test runner and each testsuite process it communicates the result of each individual test.
unittest  unittesting  unit  test  tap  automake  autotools 
february 2015 by ecerulm
Use your singletons wisely
stions, then you've found a singleton. The key points here are that a class is only a singleton if all applications treat it exactly the same and if its clients can use the class without an application context.
java  testing  junit  unit  singleton 
august 2007 by ecerulm
Fuzz testing
Fuzz testing is a simple technique that can have a profound effect on your code quality. In this article, Elliotte Rusty Harold shows what happens when he deliberately injects random bad data into an application to see what breaks. He also explains how to
java  testing  junit  unit 
september 2006 by ecerulm

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