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C++ and the Perils of Double-Checked Locking
Describes why is was impossible to do DCLP reliably on C++ before C++11.

DCLP is required to to a Singleton thread safe for example
threads  phtread  multithread  programming  c++  dclp  pattern  locking  double-checked  double  checked  singleton 
february 2015 by ecerulm
Utilies to make pair programmming easier
companion to wemux
wemux  pair  programming  tmux 
november 2014 by ecerulm
Randl dotfiles (from Stockholm vim meetup)
dotfiles from the Scientific programming in vim talk during the Stockholm Vim meetup
meetup  vim  dotfiles  scientific  programming  python  vimscript 
october 2014 by ecerulm
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