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C++ and the Perils of Double-Checked Locking
Describes why is was impossible to do DCLP reliably on C++ before C++11.

DCLP is required to to a Singleton thread safe for example
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february 2015 by ecerulm
Implementing the Singleton Pattern in C#
The singleton pattern is one of the best-known patterns in software engineering. Essentially, a singleton is a class which only allows a single instance of itself to be created, and usually gives simple access to that instance.
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july 2007 by ecerulm
Redirect After Post
All interactive programs provide two basic functions: obtaining user input and displaying the results. Web applications implement this behavior using two HTTP methods: POST and GET respectively. This simple protocol gets broken when application returns we
http  post  pattern  redirect 
september 2006 by ecerulm

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