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Most popular CV example format | Succeed
The template from the book 'THE ONE PAGE CV'
cv  resume  template  book 
january 2017 by ecerulm
Learn Git - Learn Version Control with Git
In case you missed it yesterday. We launched "Learn Version Control with Git"
git  howto  book  tutorial 
april 2014 by ecerulm
Seeing statistics Applets
Collections of applets to help visualise the meaning of statistics concepts
statistics  visualization  book  applet 
august 2013 by ecerulm
Chain Reading ~ Book tracking made easy
Chain Reading is designed to cater to those of us who have an addiction to reading. * Let people know what you are reading, planing on reading, and recommend. * Suggest books to your friends. * Browse books recommended by others.
social  book  affinity 
may 2006 by ecerulm

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