Where is the DirectX SDK (2015 Edition)? – Games for Windows and the DirectX SDK
Alternatives to use d3d9x.h in new projects windows 10 / visual studio 2015
direct3d  directx  windows  d3dx9 
8 weeks ago
Most popular CV example format | Succeed
The template from the book 'THE ONE PAGE CV'
cv  resume  template  book 
january 2017
Swift 3 New Features [Book]
Swift 3 New Features 👍 Explains changes and links to swift evolution proposals.
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november 2016
RT : Satoru Iwata: Video game programmer, fourth President and former Chief Executive Officer of Nintendo.
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november 2016
Developing LSB-certified applications
libc, libdl, libm, libutil, libcrypt, libz, libpthread, libncurses, libX11, libXext, LibXt, libICE, libSM, and libGL.
linux  standard  base  lsb  static  link  liking  statically  linked 
november 2016
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