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GraphQL and Apollo Tips for success | Developers
Your starting point for learning GraphQL and Apollo
apollo  graphql  learn  tutorial 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Reactive programming with Java 8 and simple-react : The Tutorial
Overview of the rationale behind cyclops-react and some of it's features, including extended Java Collections, more powerful Sequential and Parallel Streaming,...
rxjava  java8  java  8  reactive  rx  learn  tutorial 
july 2018 by ebouchut
RxJava Operators Part 2
RxJava operators groupBy, intervalRange, just, map, mergeWith, ofType, onErrorResumeNext, onErrorReturn, publis, reduce, repeatWhen, repeatUntil, replay, retryWhen, scan, sorted, switchMap, window, and zip examples.
rxjava  operator  learn  rx  reactive  tutorial  list 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Master TextExpander With These Helpful Tips & Tricks
If you're a TextExpander user, then you know that it can have a drastic positive impact on your productivity. But are you using TextExpander to its full ability or are you barely scraping the...
textexpander  snippet  tutorial  learn  fillin  menu  date 
december 2017 by ebouchut
OS X Window Management
How Steve Losh uses window managers on MacOS.
mac  macos  window  layout  size  resize  move  position  manage  manager  video  tutorial  from pocket
september 2017 by ebouchut
Getting Started with Vim
o delete the text within quotes, double quotes, parentheses, brackets use di', di", di(, di{, respectively.
vim  editor  tutorial  vi  macro  learn 
march 2015 by ebouchut
MDX : didacticiel sur le langage des BDM - Michaël Tranchant
"MDX (pour MultiDimensional eXpressions) est le langage de requête dédié aux bases de données multidimensionnelles (au sens large) . Pour faire une analogie, il est aux BDM ce que SQL est aux BDR.

Il a son propre vocabulaire, lui permettant de manipuler dimensions, hiérarchies, niveaux et membres.

Très riche, il est vite complexe à mettre en place. Ce didacticiel est une introduction à MDX : il présente les termes courants, les fonctions de base, et quelques astuces."
mondrian  MDX  tutorial  french  query  introduction  starred  learn 
december 2014 by ebouchut
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