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november 2018 by ebouchut
k88hudson/git-flight-rules: Flight rules for git
Flight rules for git. Contribute to k88hudson/git-flight-rules development by creating an account on GitHub.
git  restore  tag  undelete  remove  delete  undo 
october 2018 by ebouchut
Gitgraph.js is a simple JavaScript library which is meant to help you visually presenting git branching stuff like a git workflow, a tricky git command or whatever git tree you'd have in mind.

We use canvas so you don't have to draw your branching illustrations into Photoshop nor Keynote to present something cool. Just code it directly in the browser.

One does not simply illustrate git branching models. This library is the one to draw them all.
git  visualize  visualization  visualisation  commit  branch  tag  create  view  show  display  library  javascript  graph  graphics  dsl  draw  visual  workflow  flow  tree  starred  eblog 
february 2018 by ebouchut
MacPowerUsers podcast: Worflow with Brett Trepstra
macos  podcast  tag  mac 
november 2017 by ebouchut
ttscoff/vitag: Ruy script to change the tags of MacOS files and folders
Vitag is a script for Mac OS X (10.9+) that reads files and folder paths and their current tags into a text document, opens it in an editor, and applies any tag changes when the file is saved and closed.
mac  macos  software  script  ruby  tag  modify  show  list  change  update  file  folder  directory  apply  tagging 
november 2017 by ebouchut
jdberry/tag: A command line tool to manipulate tags on Mac OS X files, and to query for files with those tags.
tag is a command line tool to manipulate tags on Mac OS X files (10.9 Mavericks and above), and to query for files with those tags. tag can use the file system's built-in metadata search functionality to rapidly find all files that have been tagged with a given set of tags.
mac  macos  tag  file  folder  finder  CLI  command  line  query  search  apply  set  list  find  update  change  tagging 
september 2017 by ebouchut
DCM: Click Tracking
"DoubleClick reserves a key within placement tags so that sites can pass a click string value, also known as a site-supplied click string (SSCS). The combined key-value enables a site to track clicks along with (but independently of) DCM. Typically an SSCS takes the click= parameter along with a URL, and the full key-value is sent to the DoubleClick servers when the tag is loaded. When a user clicks on an ad associated with this tag, the resulting click-through URL that is executed consists of:

The basic DCM click string (ad.doubleclick.net/click...)
The SSCS (the value you added to the click= parameter)
The landing page URL (entered within the Trafficking interface)"
DCM  click  redirection  chain  ldmobile  parameter  request  configuration  configure  track  tracking  tag 
july 2016 by ebouchut
DoubleClick Tag Macro builder
"This tool is used for adding DoubleClick for Advertiser macros to click-through URLs and 3rd party tracking pixels. "
DCM  tag  generate  generator  create  variable  macro  floodlight 
june 2016 by ebouchut
Push git commits & tags simultaneously - Stack Overflow
# Do it once
git push --follow-tags

# Push tags everytime you push without having to use the option --follow-tags
git config --global push.followTags true
git  push  branch  tag  tags  simultaneously 
may 2016 by ebouchut
Combining Vim and Ctags by Arjan van der Gaag (MIUST READ)
"Project tags

First, you can use a Git hook to re-generate your index whenever your working tree is changed. The .git/hooks/post-checkout file is a good place to stick such a hook. Tim Pope has written an excellent explanation of how to install a Git hook to generate tags.

Gem tags

Second, when dealing with Ruby projects, you can hook into Rubygems and automatically generate ctags for your gems on installation. Tim Pope (again) has written a neat plugin gem-ctags to do just that. Having Tim’s vim-bundler plugin installed handles picking up the generated indices for you.

Standard Library tags

Finally, there’s tags for the Ruby standard library. If you use Rbenv – and why wouldn’t you? – you can use Tim Pope’s (gasp!) rbenv-ctags plugin to automatically generate indices when you install a new Ruby. Having vim-ruby and vim-rbenv installed will make sure Vim will pick these up, too. And while you’re at it, use rbenv-default-gems to automatically install gem-ctags when you install new Rubies.
ctags  vim  rails  rubyonrails  ruby  config  configuration  configure  tags  tag  starred  toolbag  settings 
april 2016 by ebouchut
AndrewRadev/tagfinder.vim: A simple vim plugin to look for tags of specific kinds: classes, functions, etc.
"The purpose of this plugin is to enable searching for classes, functions or any other language structures by their name. It expects a tag file generated by using exuberant ctags. It's very similar to the built-in :tag command, but with two added bonuses:

It can filter tags by their kind (function, class, etc.).
It opens the results in a quickfix window if there's more than one match.
vim  plugin  tags  ctags  tag  find  method  class 
april 2016 by ebouchut
Easy Tag: Test Double click tags
"Preview ad tags on Desktop and Mobile Web!
Easy Tag is a tag diagnostic tool, which let's you:

New! Emulate an AdSense iFrame
New! Disable JS
Render arbitrary HTML
Preview DoubleClick tag contents
Test how the tag will function on SSL pages
Get all relevant DoubleClick IDs associated with the tag and creative
Troubleshoot tag and creative issues"
tag  richmedia  rich  media  tester  openrtb  online  ldmobile  hosted  HTML5  doubleclick  DCM  double  click  adsense  tool 
october 2015 by ebouchut
Astral - Organize Your GitHub Stars Easily
"Astral pulls down all of your starred repositories on GitHub and allows you to organize them using one or more tags."
github  app  starred  repository  organize  tag 
december 2014 by ebouchut
Video Suite Inspector - Google Interactive Media Ads — Google Developers
"To check whether your video ad response will work with the IMA SDK, paste your VAST ad tag or VAST ad response into the text field below and click the Test Ad button. Our video player will attempt to interpret the response, play the ad, and ping the tracking URLs. You can also test your VPAID ads by including one in your VAST response. "
ad  VAST  video  test  tag  VPAID 
december 2014 by ebouchut
Ruby & OpenCalais: Semantically Tag Anything
The OpenCalais Web Service automatically creates rich semantic metadata for the content you submit – in well under a second. Using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and other methods, Calais analyzes your document and finds the entities within it. But, Calais goes well beyond classic entity identification and returns the facts and events hidden within your text as well.“

The OpenCalais Simple XML Response Format (that we’ll be using for this tutorial) returns three kinds of tags: Entitites, Events and Topics. Entities are static ‘things’, like Persons, Places, et al. that are involved in the textual context in some capacity. OpenCalais assigns a relevance score to each entity to indicate it’s relevance within the context of the data source’s general topic. Events are facts or actions that pertain to one or more Entities. Topics are a characterization or generic description of the data source’s context.

We can use this metadata and its attributes to extract relevant information from the data or to draw useful conclusions about it
ruby  API  library  tag  semantic  automate  automatic  text  event  entity  relation 
april 2014 by ebouchut
Yard Documentation Tags
"Tags represent meta-data as well as behavioural data that can be added to documentation through the @tag style syntax."
yard  documentation  tag  list  directory  metadata  source  file  rubydoc  ruby 
october 2012 by ebouchut
svn2git - Ruby tool for importing existing SVN projects into git
"git-svn will go through the commit history to build a new git repo.
It will import all branches and tags as remote svn branches, whereas what you really want is git-native local branches and git tag objects."

svn2git however retrospectively creates native git tags and branches out of the SVN ones.
SVN  git  migration  convert  conversion  import  branch  tag  native 
june 2012 by ebouchut
This diagram describes how IE determine which (compatibility) mode to use?
IE  internet  explorer  version  doctype  meta  tag  HTTP  edge  compatibility  mode  diagram  web  X-UA-Compatible 
april 2012 by ebouchut
Comment interdire le mode de compatibilité sur IE ? - Alsacreations
"Des fois, il vous arrive qu'un client vous appelle en disant « mon site est tout cassé » ou vous signalant qu'une fonctionnalité que vous avez testée sur des navigateurs raisonnablement récents ne marche pas. Après un rapide diagnostic, vous constatez que ledit client utilise Internet Explorer, mais avec, sans aucune raison tangible, le mode de compatibilité activé (la petite page cassée dans la barre d'adresse)."

Voici comment clouer Internet Explorer sur sa version la plus recente voire même utiliser la Chrome Frame si elle est installée (Cf. commentaires).
ie  internet  explorer  web  compatibility  mode  edge  standard  chrome  HTTP  meta  tag  frame  header  force  version  latest 
april 2012 by ebouchut
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