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Save hard drive space with selective sync – Dropbox
dropbox exclude add `ls -lR . | grep -v "node_modules.*node_modules:$" | grep "node_modules:$"`
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november 2017 by ebouchut
Staying in Sync: from Transactions to Streams
"Martin Kleppmann explores using event streams and Kafka for keeping data in sync across heterogeneous systems, and compares this approach to distributed transactions, discussing what consistency guarantees can it offer, and how it fares in the face of failure."
podscast  kafka  event  stream  data  synchronization  distributed  transaction  ldmobile  consistency 
june 2016 by ebouchut
Unison File Synchronizer
"Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two replicas of a collection of files and directories to be stored on different hosts (or different disks on the same host), modified separately, and then brought up to date by propagating the changes in each replica to the other."
backup  sync  windows  linux  software  replication  file  directory  synchronization  remote 
march 2014 by ebouchut
DAV-pocket Lab - WebDAV access to Google Docs
"DAV-pocket is a WebDAV server which allows you access to Google Docs"
google  WEBDAV  document  file  transfer  gdocs  synchronization  share  DAV  starred 
march 2011 by ebouchut
Java - Threads - The Double Checked Locking confusion
# ublic class Foo {
# private volatile Foo instance;
# public Foo getInstance() {
# Foo result = instance;
# if (result == null) {
# synchronized (this) {
# result = instance;
# if (result == null) {
# instance = result = new Foo();
# }
# }
# }
# return result;
# }
java  multi  thread  deadlock  language  lock  synchronization  concurrency  multithread  locking  volatile  synchronized  lazy  initialization  holder 
december 2008 by ebouchut
JSR 133 (Java Memory Model) FAQ
Many people assumed that the use of the volatile keyword would eliminate the problems that arise when trying to use the double-checked-locking pattern. In JVMs prior to 1.5, volatile would not ensure that it worked (your mileage may vary). Under the new memory model, making the instance field volatile will "fix" the problems with double-checked locking, because then there will be a happens-before relationship between the initialization of the Something by the constructing thread and the return of its value by the thread that reads it.
JSR  133  java  memory  model  JMM  volatile  concurrency  thread  synchronization  synchronized  DCL  double-checked-locking  lazy  initialization 
november 2008 by ebouchut
The JSR-133 Cookbook
waiting loads or speculatively executed instructions. These effects may lead to further interaction among caches, main memory and other processors. But there is nothing in the JMM that mandates any particular form of communication across processors so long as stores eventually become globally performed; i.e., visible across all processors, and that loads retrieve them when they are visible.
JSR  133  JMM  java  memory  mangement  volatile  monitor  synchronized  compiler  multiprocessor  atomic  barrier  synchronization  concurrency  thread  performance  deadlock  multi  processor  DCL  double-checked-locking 
november 2008 by ebouchut
Free desktop photo organizer software that lets you share and receive original images right from your desktop, chat about your photos with friends and create fun group albums without even using a web browser.

And, it stays automatically in sync with a
photo  image  storage  online  synchronization  sharing  social  mobile  backup  upload  download  hosting  stockage  sauvegarde 
march 2007 by ebouchut

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