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Contacts - Apps on Google Play
Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices
• Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account to the cloud
• Access the contacts in your Google Account from any device
Keep your contacts organized and up to date
• View your contacts by account (e.g., work vs. personal)
• Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos
• Get suggestions for adding new contacts, cleaning up duplicates, and more
Contacts is currently only supported on devices runni...
google  contact  app  application  android  play  store  maguy  import  export  backup  restore 
7 days ago by ebouchut
Open Source Password Management Solutions | Bitwarden
Bitwarden is a free and open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations.
password  manager  ios  app  application  browser  CLI  store  account  login  software  web  macos  mac  windows  iphone  opensource  security  password-manager  manage  tools  free 
november 2018 by ebouchut
Which events to store with event-sourcing? - Software Engineering Stack Exchange
When replaying all the events in the event store,
how to prevent side effects from being executed

Using a gateway in between the system and the external system
gives the ability to prevent external system calls only when replaying events. Thus preventing also side effects from being generated once more, ie. email send twice for instance.
event  sourcing  replay  rehydrate  external  system  gateway  side  effect  store 
june 2017 by ebouchut
Stream processing, Event sourcing, Reactive, CEP… and making sense of it all - Confluent
"Some people call it stream processing. Others call it Event Sourcing or CQRS. Some even call it Complex Event Processing. Sometimes, such self-important buzzwords are just smoke and mirrors, invented by companies who want to sell you stuff. But sometimes, they contain a kernel of wisdom which can really help us design better systems.

In this talk, we will go in search of the wisdom behind the buzzwords. We will discuss how event streams can help make your application more scalable, more reliable and more maintainable. [...]

In this presentation, I’m going to discuss some of the ideas that people have about processing event streams. The idea of structuring data as a stream of events is nothing new, but I’ve recently noticed this idea reappearing in many different places, often with different terminology and different use cases, but with the same underlying principles."
stream  processing  event  sourcing  CEP  CQRS  reactive  samza  bus  log  database  write  read  CAP  command  immutable  mutation  store  aggregate  architecture  raw  data  starred 
may 2017 by ebouchut
Vault by HashiCorp
"Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets in modern computing. Vault handles leasing, key revocation, key rolling, and auditing. Through a unified API, users can access an encrypted Key/Value store and network encryption-as-a-service, or generate AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL databases, X.509 certificates, SSH credentials, and more. "
security  API  key  store  strage  secure  lease  revocate  network  encryption  value  credential  certificate  access  control  password  secret  data  protect 
january 2017 by ebouchut
Memoization in Ruby
"Memoization can be used to initialize a variable and store it with the result of some computation that is expected to give same result if computed again. Then the variable is used to return result instead of doing the computation again when needed again."
ruby  memoization  intialize  variable  memo  memoize  initialization  pattern  store  memorize  cache 
february 2016 by ebouchut
JMS - ActiveMQ - Distributed Queue (Master/Slave Cluster, Store/Forward Network of Brokers)
"[...]any queue or topic is automatically distributed across other brokers when the brokers are configured in either a store and forward network or a master/slave cluster."
performance  configuration  distributed  cluster  broker  store  JMS  queue  master  slave  activemq  high  HA  forward  availablity 
december 2008 by ebouchut
JMS - ActiveMQ - Topology
any queue or topic is automatically distributed across other brokers when the brokers are configured in either a store and forward network or a master/slave cluster.
performance  distributed  discovery  cluster  broker  store  topology  JMS  master  slave  activemq  high  HA  forward  availablity  auto 
december 2008 by ebouchut
Amie Street - Music Lives Here - Independent Music Download Website
Amie Street is an independent music store where all songs start free and rise in price the more they are purchased.
indie  music  discovery  download  store  audio  laetitia  free 
february 2007 by ebouchut

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