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april 2019 by ebouchut
Install rcm
curl -LO https://thoughtbot.github.io/rcm/dist/rcm-1.3.1.tar.gz && \
sha=$(shasum -a 256 rcm-1.3.1.tar.gz | cut -f1 -d' ') && \
[ "$sha" = "9c8f92dba63ab9cb8a6b3d0ccf7ed8edf3f0fb388b044584d74778145fae7f8f" ] && \
tar -xvf rcm-1.3.1.tar.gz && \
cd rcm-1.3.1 && \
./configure --prefix=$HOME/local && \
make && \
make install
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february 2018 by ebouchut
ruby on rails - Difference between rake db:migrate db:reset and db:schema:load - Stack Overflow
# bundle exec rake -T db: --all

db:create creates the database for the current env
db:create:all creates the databases for all envs

db:drop drops the database for the current env
db:drop:all drops the databases for all envs

db:schema:load loads the schema into the current env's database
db:schema:dump dumps the current env's schema (and seems to create the db as well)

db:seed runs the db/seed.rb file

db:setup runs db:create, db:schema:load, db:seed
db:reset runs db:drop db:setup

db:migrate runs migrations for the current env that have not run yet
db:migrate:up runs one specific migration
db:migrate:down rolls back one specific migration
db:migrate:status shows current migration status
db:migrate:rollback rolls back the last migration
db:migrate:redo runs (db:migrate:down db:migrate:up) or (db:migrate:rollback db:migrate:migrate) depending on the specified migration
db:migrate:reset runs db:drop db:create db:migrate
db:forward advances the current schema version to the next one

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april 2014 by ebouchut
Make Eclipse use larger fonts - Mac OS X Hints
- Edit eclipse.ini
- Remove the lines with


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january 2014 by ebouchut

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