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Keyboard not recognised by OSX · Issue #97 · NicoHood/HID
- Set USB Vendor ID (VID) to 0x5ac (Apple)
- Set USB Product ID (PID) to 0x021b = Internal keyboard of a MacBook Pro 2007, with European ISO French layout
keyboard  apple  disable  assistant  popup  window  onlykey  USB  french  macbookpro  layout  VID  PID 
january 2018 by ebouchut
OsX -Restore one of many minimized windows using only the keyboard
* Cmd + tab to the application icon (Continue to hold Cmd)
* Down or Up arrow

Cycle through windows for current app
* Cmd `

When the application has the focus
* For older Macs or those without a trackpad: Control+Down Arrow.
mac  macos  window  restore  unhide  hide  show  display  child  sub  popup  keyboard  shortcut  minimize  maximize 
march 2014 by ebouchut
git-dude: Lightweight Git commit notifier for Linux and OSX - The Changelog
"Git-dude is a command line utility that monitors Git repos and provides desktop notifications using Growl on OSX or libnotify on Linux."
git  notification  message  popup  window  commit  growl  macos  linux  CLI  desktop  monitor  repository 
february 2013 by ebouchut
Prevent IE from displaying javascript warning message "Stop running this script"
How to prevent IE from displaying the Javascript popup saying: "Stop running this script?
A script on this page is causing your web browser to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive. "
slow  script  speed  error  warning  popup  javascript 
january 2012 by ebouchut
git-dude - a simple git desktop notifier
"git-dude is a simple git desktop notifier. It monitors git repositories in given directory for new commits and branches and shows desktop notification if anything new arrived."
git  desktop  notify  popup  commit  monitoring  new  alert  notification  mac  linux 
october 2011 by ebouchut
jQuery Plugin - qtip - tooltip
"qTip provides you with tonnes of features like rounded corners and speech bubble tips."
jquery  plugin  tootip  bubble  tip  popup  window  javascript  webdesign  web  design 
january 2011 by ebouchut

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