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How to use event storming to achieve domain-driven design
"Event Storming identifies aggregates that accept commands and accomplish events, and begins to group aggregates together into bounded contexts. Along the way, key test scenarios, users, and goals are identified and incorporated into the model. Finally, the relationships between bounded contexts are added to create a context map. The resulting model is then challenged with code in order to validate the group learning and verify the model."
DDD  event  naming  ES  domain  aggregate  root  bounded  context  map  model  storming  name  choose  find  s4m  tech-fs-services 
june 2017 by ebouchut
Adding context to a shared git repository (Example of naming convention for git branches and commit messages)
"We've adopted two simple conventions to add extra context to the information already stored in git. These help us understand what's going on in the repository quickly, which leads to fewer mistakes when deploying, and lessens the need to interrupt other people just to find out what they've been doing."
git  naming  name  convention  branch  commit  message 
may 2013 by ebouchut
WORDOID - Creative Naming Service
"Wordoids are words that are made-up, but sound right. They follow the rules of phonetics, and if done properly, roll off the tongue. The need to have an online presence has increased the need for unique product and company names and has led to these wordoids. Yet, even with a made-up name, it’s important for the name to convey something about what the product or business actually is. "
online  generator  name  naming  identifier  domain  DNS  search  sound  word  build  find  short  tool 
february 2013 by ebouchut
Github's Styleguide - Ruby, Javascript, CSS, SASS, Shell
"Welcome to the GitHub styleguide. This is where you should look if you're interested in how to write code. We have a living CSS styleguide, JavaScript styleguide and some recommendations on how to write Ruby code."
language  javascript  scss  SASS  css  shell  convention  naming  formatting  code  guide  guildeline  style  ruby 
march 2012 by ebouchut
iNames.net: i-names
An iName is a single, unified communications address that gives you one digital identity for all your online communications and transactions.
XRI  naming  toread  i-names  identity 
april 2007 by ebouchut

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