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Fun with "git log --grep" - gitster's journal
"Earlier I showed a somewhat advanced feature of git grep command , and hinted that a limited subset of the feature is available also in git log to look for commits that have specified strings in their commit log messages. "
git  log  grep  text  commit  message  search  find  pattern  learn 
9 weeks ago by ebouchut
Search operators you can use with Gmail - Gmail Help
You can use words or symbols called search operators to filter your Gmail search results. You can also combine operators to filter your results even more.
How to use a search operator Go to 
gmail  search  operator  help  documentation  filter  message  find  syntax 
february 2019 by ebouchut
marionebl/commitlint: 📓 Lint commit messages
📓 Lint commit messages. Contribute to marionebl/commitlint development by creating an account on GitHub.
git  commit  message  lint  convention  check  test  valid  syntax 
november 2018 by ebouchut
commitizen/cz-cli: The commitizen command line utility.
"Prompt contributors to follow commit message conventions at commit time. It also empowers project maintainers to create or use predefined commit message conventions in their repos to better communicate their expectations to potential contributors."
git  commit  message  convention  create  generate  format  cli  tools 
october 2018 by ebouchut
Workflow Git : définir les conventions d’un projet • Delicious Insights
Nous formons en Git, JavaScript, Node.js… Consultez également nos articles, assistez à nos conférences.
git  commit  CHANGELOG  convention  guideline  tools  CLI  automate  automation  generate  message  create  opensource  release  note 
october 2018 by ebouchut
Fzf Error: fzf-history-widget:fc:3: history events are in wrong order, aborted
Error on Debian: fzf-history-widget:fc:3: history events are in wrong order, aborted
Workaround: Upgrade to a zsh version more recent than 4.3.7
fzf  error  message  zsh  history  order  event 
february 2018 by ebouchut
Activate Log4j *internal* debug level
Activate debug messages for log4j


Useful to know where is the configuration log4j is using.
log  log4j  debug  enable  activate  message  trace  print  output  level  from notes
august 2017 by ebouchut
pinterest/secor: Secor is a service implementing Kafka log persistence
"Secor is a service persisting Kafka logs to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Openstack Swift"
kafka  logging  log  persist  persistence  AWS  S3  google  cloud  googlecloud  openstack  messaging  message  queue 
december 2016 by ebouchut
git completion fails when complete_aliases option is set
When (running tmux) the following error occurs:
command not found: __git-checkout_main

The workaround is to:
brew uninstall --force git && brew install git --without-completions
tmux  error  git  completion  zsh  message  alias 
december 2015 by ebouchut
mmozuras/pronto: Automated Code review styleguide, security
"Pronto runs analysis quickly by checking only the relevant changes. Created to be used on pull requests, but also works locally and integrates with GitLab. Perfect if want to find out quickly if branch introduces changes that conform to your styleguide, are DRY, don't introduce security holes and more."

gem install pronto pronto-brakeman pronto-coffeelint pronto-eslint pronto-fasterer pronto-flay pronto-jshint pronto-json pronto-haml pronto-poper pronto-rails_best_practices pronto-reek pronto-rubocop pronto-scss

Install a pre-push hook for git

ruby  github  gitlab  automation  code  review  security  analysis  styleguide  pull  request  automate  rails  rubyonrails  automatic  static  complexity  analyze  rubocop  smell  git  commit  message  duplication  find  issue  problem  style  guide  unused  variable 
december 2015 by ebouchut
topLog - alarm notification when there are problems in the log files
"topLog is an all-in-one log management solution that allows you to easily monitor how your system is performing and how the application is doing. To use it, simply send topLog logs of any type. topLog stores the logs so that you can easily search them and build real time alarms. topLog focuses on application and system level logs, and you can push your own custom application, Apache or Nginx, or similar logs."
log  alarm  notification  search  system  nginx  apache  notify  send  message  email  file  process  from pocket
may 2015 by ebouchut
Downloads · bfleischer/fuse_wait
"The first time you boot into Mac OS X after installing NTFS-3G, you'll probably be bombarded with error messages about your hard drives. Technically, this means that NTFS-3G is working correctly; you should now be able to write files onto your NTFS drives in Mac OS X. However, you'll probably want to get rid of these annoying error messages. To do that, download and install the fuse_wait patch for NTFS-3G."
macos  NTFS  error  message  workaround  issue  problem  mac  mount  filesystem  read  write 
april 2015 by ebouchut
Button Loading Animations with jQuery UJS | GoRails
disable the submit button and display a loading animation when a user submits the form

button_tag data: {disable_with: "<i class='fa fa-spinner fa-spin'></i> Saving..."}
button  javascript  rails  rubyonrails  spinner  load  asynchronous  loading  feedback  wait  message  animation  jquery  UJS 
september 2014 by ebouchut
MEMO Rails i18n
How to translate
- error messages from the model
- strings from the controller,
- view of a controller action
- simple_form in a view
rails  rubyonrails  I18N  translation  locale  file  translate  L10N  simple_form  controller  model  error  message 
september 2014 by ebouchut
Rails Colorize Logging

Tells Rails whether to use ANSI codes to colorize the logging statements. The colors make it much easier to read the logs (except on Windows) and may complicate ...
rails  rubyonrails  color  log  logging  file  message  configuration  setting  from notes
may 2014 by ebouchut
Hide database output in Rails console
# Static in application.rb
config.log_level = :info

# Dynamic in Rails console

# Log level Info:
# Logger::INFO = 1
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::INFO

# ...

# Back to log level debug
# Logger::DEBUG = 0
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
hide  disable  prevent  log  output  SQL  rails  console  level  reduce  lower  change  message  debug  info  remove  enable  activate  deactivate  rubyonrails 
february 2014 by ebouchut
OS X: About Gatekeeper
To remove the window that pops up every time you launch a non signed MacOS app:
- right click the app
- select open
- Click Ok
prevent  warning  message  launch  start  run  application  mac  macos  network  non  not  signed  gatekeeper  security 
january 2014 by ebouchut
Adding context to a shared git repository (Example of naming convention for git branches and commit messages)
"We've adopted two simple conventions to add extra context to the information already stored in git. These help us understand what's going on in the repository quickly, which leads to fewer mistakes when deploying, and lessens the need to interrupt other people just to find out what they've been doing."
git  naming  name  convention  branch  commit  message 
may 2013 by ebouchut
git-dude: Lightweight Git commit notifier for Linux and OSX - The Changelog
"Git-dude is a command line utility that monitors Git repos and provides desktop notifications using Growl on OSX or libnotify on Linux."
git  notification  message  popup  window  commit  growl  macos  linux  CLI  desktop  monitor  repository 
february 2013 by ebouchut
sidekiq - simple efficient message processing for Ruby and Rails
"sidekiq provides simple and efficient message processing for Ruby applications. It aims to be compatible with Resque where possible to leverage existing code and monitoring tools.

It is very efficient because it is multi-threaded. Instead of using 20 processes, you just have one process with 20 threads. Yes, you will see a big improvement, even with Ruby 1.9's GIL"
message  queue  messaging  ruby  rails  resque  delay  job  asynchronous  task  execution  worker 
july 2012 by ebouchut
Airbrake: The error app.
"Airbrake collects errors generated by other applications, and aggregates the results for review."
rails  log  error  message  debug  hosted  aggregator  tool 
june 2012 by ebouchut
Pro Git - Note to Self
"Wouldn’t it be nice if you could add data to a commit without changing it’s SHA? If only there existed an external mechanism to attach data to a commit without modifying the commit message itself. Happy day! It turns out there exists just such a feature in newer versions of Git!"
integrity  checksum  SHA1  annotation  message  commit  howto  tutorial  note  notes  git 
march 2012 by ebouchut
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