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Fun with "git log --grep" - gitster's journal
"Earlier I showed a somewhat advanced feature of git grep command , and hinted that a limited subset of the feature is available also in git log to look for commits that have specified strings in their commit log messages. "
git  log  grep  text  commit  message  search  find  pattern  learn 
10 days ago by ebouchut
OpenSSL: Check SSL Certificate Expiration Date and More - ShellHacks
OpenSSL - show certificate. How to check a website's SSL certificate expiration date and view the other information from the Linux command-line.
openssl  SSL  certificate  check  test  display  print  show  output  dump  debug  learn  command  line  CLI  expiration  expire  date 
4 weeks ago by ebouchut
A CLI Method to Check SSL Certificate Expiration Date | realguess
cho | openssl s_client -connect example.com:443 2> /dev/null | \
openssl x509 -noout -enddate
learn  openssl  expiration  date  expire  dump  display  print  show  SSL  certificate  CLI  command  line 
4 weeks ago by ebouchut
Git Hooks ou la revanche du crochet Git • Delicious Insights
Nous formons en Git, JavaScript, Node.js… Consultez également nos articles, assistez à nos conférences.
git  hook  learn  starred  schema  graph  sequence  order  workflow  flow  list  node  github  gitlab  lifecycle  life 
december 2018 by ebouchut
Git Hooks | Learn how to use pre-commit hooks, post-commit hooks, post-receive hooks, and more. | Matthew Hudson
An introductory guide and resource for Git hooks. Learn how to use pre-commit hooks, post-commit hooks, post-receive hooks, and more. Created by Matthew Hudson, a programmer experimenting with combining Git + WebHooks + Webpipes.
git  hook  list  hooks  learn  documentation 
november 2018 by ebouchut
Building a Startup is Hard, Let's Make it Easier
Purpose-built is a new resource center to bring expert advice to founders, no matter their level of technical expertise.
startup  entrepreneur  advice  tips  learn  list  link  resource  podcast  blog  post  business 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Free Online Course: Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases from Coursera | Class Central
This course is the definitive introduction to blockchain for both the developer and non-developer audience. Beyond the technology, this course will introduce you to some of the philosophy behind decentralization and why there is so much excitement around it.

During the first three modules, you'll be introduced to blockchain and the technology behind it. In module four, we'll go beyond bitcoin and delve deeper into a next-generation blockchain called Ethereum to introduce you to what modern ...
blockchain  course  online  learn 
september 2018 by ebouchut
GraphQL and Apollo Tips for success | Developers
Your starting point for learning GraphQL and Apollo
apollo  graphql  learn  tutorial 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Reactive programming with Java 8 and simple-react : The Tutorial
Overview of the rationale behind cyclops-react and some of it's features, including extended Java Collections, more powerful Sequential and Parallel Streaming,...
rxjava  java8  java  8  reactive  rx  learn  tutorial 
july 2018 by ebouchut
RxJava Operators Part 2
RxJava operators groupBy, intervalRange, just, map, mergeWith, ofType, onErrorResumeNext, onErrorReturn, publis, reduce, repeatWhen, repeatUntil, replay, retryWhen, scan, sorted, switchMap, window, and zip examples.
rxjava  operator  learn  rx  reactive  tutorial  list 
july 2018 by ebouchut
How to Test RxJava? | Baeldung
An intro to the way we can test our RxJava logic.
test  rxjava  reactive  testing  learn 
july 2018 by ebouchut
merge - What is the precise meaning of "ours" and "theirs" in git? - Stack Overflow

git checkout develop
git merge feature

* If you want to select the version in develop:
git checkout --ours README.md

* If you want to select the version in feature:
git checkout --theirs README.md


git checkout feature
git rebase develop

If you want to select the version in develop:
git checkout --ours README.md

If you want to select the version in feature:
git checkout --theirs README.md
git  merge  rebase  ours  theirs  branch  learn  other 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Default Folder X 5 : ScreenCastsOnline
Default Folder X has been completely re-written for El Capitan.

One of the truly indispensable utilities, Default Folder X adds several layers of functionality to the Finder, as well as the standard Open and Save Dialogue boxes.
defaultfolderx  mac  application  app  file  folder  finder  macos  add-on  extension  plugin  helper  open  save  dialog  menu  video  learn  screencast  presentation 
june 2018 by ebouchut
What is the deal with the Git Index? What is the Git Index? - GitGuys
The git "index" is where you place files you want committed to the git repository. Learn more about the git index and git commit by selecting this link.
git  index  cache  learn  documentation 
april 2018 by ebouchut
Rails Asset Pipeline - Everything You Should Know
- the basics of how to use the asset pipeline
- best practices for structuring where to put your assets
- how to use the precompile array to specify what files are processed by the asset pipeline
- how Sass and Coffeescript can be leveraged
- how to use Rails asset helper methods, and
- some gotchas
rails  rubyonrails  asset  pipeline  learn  compile  sass  coffeescript 
march 2018 by ebouchut
Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lambdas and Sorting – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
At Data Geekery, we love Java. And as we're really into jOOQ's fluent API and query DSL, we're absolutely thrilled about what Java 8 will bring to our ecosystem. We have blogged a couple of times about some nice Java 8 goodies, and now we feel it's time to start a new blog series, the...…
java  java8  lambda  compare  comparison  comparator  object  8  learn 
january 2018 by ebouchut
Vue Mastery - Download our free Ultimate Vue Cheat Sheet
The Vue developer's path to Mastery. Grab our free Ultimate Vue Cheatsheet.
vue.js  vue  learn  course  online  cheatsheet  vuejs 
january 2018 by ebouchut
Master TextExpander With These Helpful Tips & Tricks
If you're a TextExpander user, then you know that it can have a drastic positive impact on your productivity. But are you using TextExpander to its full ability or are you barely scraping the...
textexpander  snippet  tutorial  learn  fillin  menu  date 
december 2017 by ebouchut
12 Advanced Dropbox Features That You Should Start Using
Dropbox is simple. It's just a folder—a magical folder that syncs everything you put in it up to the cloud. Before Dropbox, file sharing and sync was geeky and confusing, so it's no wonder that it quickly became the de facto cloud-storage app after it launched in...
dropbox  feature  tip  tips  learn  starred 
november 2017 by ebouchut
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