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Lagom - Microservices Framework
An open source framework for building reactive microservice systems in Java or Scala.
Lagom's integrated development environment allows you to focus on solving business problems instead of wiring services together. A single command builds the project, starts supporting components and your microservices, as well as the Lagom infrastructure. The build hot-reloads when it detects changes to source code."
framework  microservice  start  run  build  component  reload  change  several  multiple  scala  java  akka 
24 days ago by ebouchut
resilience4j/resilience4j: Resilience4j is a fault tolerance library designed for Java8 and functional programming
Resilience4j is a lightweight fault tolerance library inspired by Netflix Hystrix, but designed for Java 8 and functional programming.
java  library  fault  tolerance  hystrix  functional  circuit  breaker 
4 weeks ago by ebouchut
Introduction · Testcontainers
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
test  library  java  database  instance  container  docker  selenium  web  browser 
november 2018 by ebouchut
Troubleshooting Java Applications With Arthas - DZone Java
"Arthas is a Java Diagnostic tool open sourced by Alibaba. Arthas can help developer trouble-shoot production issues for Java applications without modifying your code or restarting your server."
java  debug  production  application  troubleshoot  diagnosis  live  program  server  slow  speed  fast  method  call  stack 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Reactive programming with Java 8 and simple-react : The Tutorial
Overview of the rationale behind cyclops-react and some of it's features, including extended Java Collections, more powerful Sequential and Parallel Streaming,...
rxjava  java8  java  8  reactive  rx  learn  tutorial 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Guide to Java 8 Comparator.comparing() | Baeldung
A practical guide to the static functions and instance methods of the Comparable interface that were introduced in Java 8.
comparing thenComparing
java  java8  8  compare  comparator  comparable 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Choosing the Right GC - DZone Java
This comparison of the G1, Parallel, ConcMarkSweep, Serial, and Shenandoah garbage collectors tests how efficiently they manage memory for vertical scaling.
java  GC  garbage  collector  tuning  configuration  settings  configure  choose  find  G1  parallel  ConcMarkSweep  serial  shenandoah  memory  JVM  tune  manage  heap  size  compare  comparison  list 
february 2018 by ebouchut
Java 8 Friday Goodies: Lambdas and Sorting – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
At Data Geekery, we love Java. And as we're really into jOOQ's fluent API and query DSL, we're absolutely thrilled about what Java 8 will bring to our ecosystem. We have blogged a couple of times about some nice Java 8 goodies, and now we feel it's time to start a new blog series, the...…
java  java8  lambda  compare  comparison  comparator  object  8  learn 
january 2018 by ebouchut
"Siddhi CEP is a lightweight, easy-to-use Open Source Complex Event Processing Engine (CEP) released as a Java Library under Apache Software License v2.0. Siddhi CEP processes events which are generated by various event sources, analyses them and notifies appropriate complex events according to the user specified queries."
CEP  complex  event  processing  engine  process  java  transform  handle  souce  flow  workflow 
june 2017 by ebouchut
MurmurHash3 java 32 bit, 128 bit hash
"I needed a really good hash function for the distributed indexing in SolrCloud. Since it is be used for partitioning documents, it needed to be really high quality (well distributed) since we don’t want uneven shards. It also needed to be cross-platform, so a client could calculate this hash value themselves if desired, to calculate which partition a given document belongs on.

MurmurHash3 is one of the top favorite new hash function these days, being both really fast and of high quality. Unfortunately it’s written in C++, and a quick google did not yield any suitable high quality port (this was back in 2011). So I took 15 minutes (it’s small!) to port the 32 bit version, since it should be faster than the other versions for small keys like document ids. It works in 32 bit chunks and produces a 32 bit hash – more than enough for partitioning documents by hash code."
hash  java  libray  128  digest 
march 2017 by ebouchut
fastutil: type-specific maps, sets, lists and queues with a small memory footprint and fast access and insertion
fastutil extends the Java™ Collections Framework by providing type-specific maps, sets, lists and queues with a small memory footprint and fast access and insertion; provides also big (64-bit) arrays, sets and lists, and fast, practical I/O classes for binary and text files. It is free software distributed under the Apache License 2.0. It requires Java 7 or newer.

The classes implement their standard counterpart interface (e.g., Map for maps) and can be plugged into existing code. Moreover, they provide additional features (such as bidirectional iterators) that are not available in the standard classes.

Besides objects and primitive types, fastutil classes provide support for references, that is, objects that are compared using the equality operator rather than the equals() method.
java  library  performance  fast  collection  map  set  list  memory  size  small  speed  java7 
january 2017 by ebouchut
GraphJet is a real-time graph processing library.
"GraphJet is a real-time graph processing library written in Java that maintains a full graph index over a sliding time window in memory on a single server. This index supports a variety of graph algorithms including personalized recommendation algorithms based on collaborative filtering. These algorithms power a variety of real-time recommendation services within Twitter, notably content (tweets/URLs) recommendations that require collaborative filtering over a heterogeneous, rapidly evolving graph.

GraphJet is able to support rapid ingestion of edges in an evolving graph while concurrently serving lookup queries through a combination of compact edge encoding and a dynamic memory allocation scheme. Each GraphJet server can ingest up to one million graph edges per second, and in steady state, computes up to 500 recommendations per second, which translates into several million edge read operations per second."
java  library  real  ime  graph 
september 2016 by ebouchut
linkedin/URL-Detector: A Java library to detect and normalize URLs in text
"The url detector is a library created by the Linkedin Security Team to detect and extract urls in a long piece of text."
URL  detect  parse  extract  find  search  text  locate  java 
july 2016 by ebouchut
MacOS Yosemite JDK 1.6 QTJava.zip not found
/System/Library/Java/Extensions/QTJava.zip not found
QTJava.zip  file  missing  mac  macos  java  jdk  jre  yosemite  1.6 
march 2016 by ebouchut
google/flatbuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library
"FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library for games and other memory constrained apps. It allows you to directly access serialized data without unpacking/parsing it first, while still having great forwards/backwards compatibility. "
buffer  serialization  serialize  api  library  java  performance  speed  fast  memory  RAM  size  small  multi  platform  binary  google 
february 2016 by ebouchut
Additional Reading · ReactiveX/RxJava Wiki
RxJava – Reactive Extensions for the JVM – a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM.
reactive  programming  java  rx  book  list  documentation  learn  rxjava 
april 2015 by ebouchut
java enum of ISO 3166-1 country codes
"Now an implementation of country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2/alpha-3/numeric) list as Java enum is available at GitHub under Apache License version 2.0."
java  library  country  code  ISO  3166-1  2  3  locale  language  list  enumeration  enum  directory  map  mapping  convert  transform  conversion 
march 2015 by ebouchut
Free Online Tools
"I created this website to help developers by providing them with free online tools. These tools include several formatters, validators, code minifiers, string escapers, encoders and decoders, message digesters, web resources and more. "
online  tool  format  text  string  escape  java  HTML  XML  SQL  JSON  validate  validator  minify  convert  conversion  encode  decode  encoder  decoder  minifier  formatter  scape  escaper  toolbag  ldmobile 
february 2015 by ebouchut
Traits Design Pattern for Java
"There is a lot of interest currently in the ability to extend a class (or something close to class extension) without requiring recompilation or source changes, Traits offer a viable method of achieving this."
design  pattern  programming  trait  java  mixin 
january 2014 by ebouchut
SublimeText Package: DocBlockr: Generates method documentation within comments.
"DocBlockr is a package for Sublime Text 2 & 3 which makes writing documentation a breeze. DocBlockr supports Javascript, PHP, ActionScript, CoffeeScript, Java, Groovy, Objective C, C and C++."
documentation  block  generator  comment  sublime  editor  plugin  add-on  extension  package  javascript  PHP  Java  C  C++  coffeescript 
july 2013 by ebouchut
RegexPlanet - Online Regular Expression Testing
"Regular expressions are an incredibly powerful tool, but can be rather tricky to get exactly right. This is a website that I wrote so I could quickly and easily test regular expressions during development."
regex  regexp  regular  expression  test  online  java  php  perl  ruby  javascript  python 
june 2013 by ebouchut
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