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MilGraCom — High Sierra Media Key Enabler
"You can prioritize which app you would like to control or you can go with the default behaviour which controls the running app. The app runs in the menu bar in the form of a subtle and beautiful black dot. It only works with physical buttons, won't work with the TouchBar. Won't work with headphone remote buttons.

Apple just released High Sierra and it brought good things and annoying things : they changed the behaviour of the media controller keys, they no longer control itunes, they control the video playback in safari. This pissed off a lot of people including me, so I just created a menu bar app to proxy media key events to iTunes/Spotify while Apple fixes this. It doesn't support touchbar yet, only physical buttons."
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november 2017 by ebouchut
Spark: Shortcut Manager
Spark is a powerful, and easy Shortcuts manager. With Spark you can create Hot Keys to launch applications and documents, execute AppleScript, control iTunes, and more...
You can also export and import your Hot Keys library, or save it in HTML format to print it.
Spark is free
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november 2017 by ebouchut
Doug's Apps for iTunes - Smarts - Smart Playlists Manager
"Smarts will save and store the criteria of an iTunes Smart Playlist — the smarts of a Smart Playlist — as a template so you can reload it into iTunes later."
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may 2015 by ebouchut
FoxyTunes | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
control your favorite media player without ever leaving the browser add-on
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january 2007 by ebouchut
UC Berkeley on iTunes U
ACCESS & DOWNLOAD COURSES on your computer or MP3 player
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may 2006 by ebouchut

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