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How to reduce image's file size in Previe… - Apple Community
See also this page:

Create the filters in "/Library/PDF Services" instead which does not require you to disable SIP (System Integrity Protection)
mac  macos  reduce  file  size  small  compress  image  preview  PDF  quartz  filter  decrease 
february 2019 by ebouchut
Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap
"LICEcap can capture an area of your desktop and save it directly to .GIF (for viewing in web browsers, etc) or .LCF (see below).

LICEcap is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), that is designed to be lightweight and function with high performance.

LICEcap is easy to use: view a demo (output is here).

In addition to .GIF, LICEcap supports its own native lossless .LCF file format, which allows for higher compression ratios than .GIF, higher quality (more than 256...
screen  record  video  mac  windows  capture  git  image  animated  screenshot  software 
january 2019 by ebouchut
Alfred Workflow - WebScreenshot
Take screenshots with a keyboard shortcut and upload them directly to imgur. Will produce both a sound and a visual notification when done, and copy the resulting direct link to your clipboard.
alfred  workflow  screenshot  image  capture  send  share  upload  imgur 
august 2018 by ebouchut
Find location on Google Maps - Share your Workflows - Alfred App Community Forum
59 minutes ago, vitor said: Two extra and unrelated questions. Why do you space the nodes so wildly? I have a hard time navigating that. What’s the t: ? I’ve noticed you add different letters to the start of Workflow names. What do they represent? For the spacing, I actually like spacing it out a...
alfred  workflow  google  map  googlemaps  image  generate  find  search  location  geolocation 
august 2018 by ebouchut
Witeboard is the fastest way to collaborate real-time with your team anywhere.
white  board  online  draw  image  paint  share  drawings  realtime 
august 2018 by ebouchut
🍎 🖥 🎆 A curated list of screensavers for Mac OS X
mac  macos  screensaver  screen  save  image  dynamic  background  list  from pocket
august 2018 by ebouchut
zz85/kafka-streams-viz: Kafka Streams Topology Sketch Diagram Visualization
GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
kafkastreams  kafka  stream  visualization  show  image  generate  convert  topology  generator  diagram  visualize 
march 2018 by ebouchut
Tmux: Server, Sessions, Windows and Panes
The server holds sessions and the windows and panes within them
tmux  image  server  session  window  pane  hierarchy 
february 2018 by ebouchut
Annotate - Capture and Share on the Mac App Store
Capture and Share. Download Annotate - Capture and Share for Mac OS X 10.10 or later and enjoy it on your Mac.
image  mac  screenshot  software  capture  screen  app  macos  application  video  record  screencast 
january 2018 by ebouchut
Disk images | DaisyDisk - Analyze disk usage and free up disk space on Mac
DaisyDisk is a disk analyzer tool for OS X that visualizes hard disk usage and allows to free up hard disk space
mac  sparse  image  file  bundle  container  virtual  disk 
january 2018 by ebouchut
Irvue Mac App: Display Wallpapers from Unspash
Irvue brings thousands of stunning high-resolution photos from Unsplash to your desktop. Enjoy new artistic wallpapers everyday with this small application, which lives in your menu bar.
wallpaper  mac  app  macos  desktop  background  image  photo  picture  unsplash  list  download  web 
november 2017 by ebouchut
Beautiful Free Images | Unsplash
Beautiful high quality free images and photos you can download and use for any project. No attribution required.
list  image  photo  high  resolution  directory  find  search  stock  free  starred  wallpaper 
november 2017 by ebouchut
GeekTool is a macOS application that lets you customize your desktop with great flexibility. There are four modules available that you can use for different types of informations
macos  mac  desktop  log  file  display  image  page  script  app  application  configure  configuration  settings 
october 2017 by ebouchut
Command-line Processing @ ImageMagick
"Many command-line options take a geometry argument to specify such things as the desired width and height of an image and other dimensional quantities. Because users want so many variations on the resulting dimensions, sizes, and positions of images (and because ImageMagick wants to provide them), the geometry argument can take many forms. We describe many of these in this section."
ImageMagick  geometry  size  image  resize  parameter  configuration  config  dimension  width  height  paperclip  attachment  style 
october 2017 by ebouchut
Unfurling links in messages | Slack
To prevent Slack from unfurling the links you paste into a channel (opening it to retrieve its metadata), simply remove the scheme segment from the URL, ie. "http://" or "https://".
slack  unfurl  URL  metadata  get  retrieve  search  open  gather  find  image  title  description  show  link  disable  sniff 
april 2017 by ebouchut
KELiON/cerebro: Open-source productivity booster with a brain
Search in the web with google suggestions;
Search & launch application, i.e. spotify;
Navigate in file system with file previews (i.e. ~/Dropbox/passport.pdf);
Smart converter. 15$, 150 рублей в евро, 100 eur in gbp;
search  find  file  launch  program  preview  view  show  display  image  calculator  converter  desktop  application  app  mac  macos  linux  windows 
january 2017 by ebouchut
mortenjust/droptogif: Zero-click animated Gifs
"Zero-click movie to GIF conversion. Select a folder to watch and every movie saved or moved into that folder will be converted to an animated GIF."
convert  movie  video  gif  animated  watch  folder  directory  file  change  new  modified  modification  conversion  image  macos  mac 
april 2016 by ebouchut
Hide an app's icon in the MacOS dock
defaults write /Applications/MyApp.app/Contents/Info.plist LSUIElement true
hide  icon  app  application  dock  mac  macos  show  image  kaspersky 
february 2016 by ebouchut
JohnCoates/Aerial · GitHub
"The new Apple TV arrives with an incredibly gorgeous array of screen savers, and now you can get those amazing screen savers on the Mac too. There are 35 different screen savers in total, with daytime and evening views of beautiful footage taken from flying over Hawaii, New York City, San Francisco, London, and the Great Wall of China.

From footage of cityscapes to landscapes, these screensaver are truly impressive and terrific quality, and they’ll look great on your Mac screens."
screensaver  mac  image  free  download  photo  aerial 
november 2015 by ebouchut
Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva
"Easily create beautiful designs + documents
Use Canva's drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts to design consistently stunning graphics."
design  document  graphic  image  presentation  online  create  tool 
november 2015 by ebouchut
Seashore - Gimp based image editor for MacOS
"Seashore is another image editor based on the GIMP's technology, but has an interface that fits more with Mac OS X. It also focuses on providing basic image editing tools for most users rather than acting as a full replacement for Photoshop (or other expensive image editing software). If you just need to make basic edits, it is worth a look."

Source: http://lifehacker.com/5874394/the-best-image-editing-app-for-mac-os-x
image  editor  macos  mac  apple  photo  modify  edit  gimp 
may 2015 by ebouchut
Resize and increase the canvas size of an image to 225x100 using imagemagick
How to resize an image (600x128) with imagemagick to 225x100 while keeping the aspect ratio.
Keeping the aspect ratio makes one dimension (height) smaller (225x48) than what I want to obtain.

The workaround is to resize one dimension (width) keeping the aspect ratio (225x48), then increase the canvas of the other dimension (height) to obtain the desired size (225x100) then center the image in the canvas.
imagemagick  resize  image  canvas  change  size  command  line  CLI  dimension  geometry  magick  center  height  width 
march 2015 by ebouchut
imagemagick - Rails Paperclip Plugin - Style Options for Resizing - Stack Overflow
Ignore Aspect Ratio ('!')
Only Shrink Larger ('>')
Only Enlarge Smaller ('<')
Fill Given Area ('^')
Percentage Resize ('%')
Pixel Count Limit ('@')
scale and crop the picture exactly to a given size ('#')

"#" is an argument used by Paperclip to know whether or not you expect the pic to be cropped. Using "100x100#" will scale and crop the picture exactly to that size. %@!<> are arguments in the Geometry String used by ImageMagick. One can use the following ImageMagick geometry strings for resizing images:

Ignore Aspect Ratio ('!')
Only Shrink Larger ('>')
Only Enlarge Smaller ('<')
Fill Given Area ('^')
Percentage Resize ('%')
Pixel Count Limit ('@')

According to the ImageMagick documentation for Image Geometry the geometry argument can be

scale% Height and width both scaled by specified percentage
scale-x%xscale-y% Height and width individually scaled by specified percent
width Height automagically selected to preserve aspect ratio
xheight Width automagically selected to preserve aspect ratio
widthxheight Maximum values of height and width given, ratio preserved
widthxheight^ Minimum values of width and height given, ratio preserved
widthxheight! Width and height emphatically given, ignore original ratio
widthxheight> Change only if an image dimension exceeds a specified dim.
widthxheight< Change only if both image dimensions exceed specified dim.
imagemagick  paperclip  image  resize  dimension  width  height  size  crop  enlarge  reduce  style  option  has_attachment 
january 2015 by ebouchut
Visual Representation of SQL Joins - CodeProject
"This article describes SQL Joins in a visual manner, and also the most efficient way to write the visualized Joins"

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/a/6188334/386517
SQL  join  left  outer  inner  right  visual  graphic  table  database  image 
december 2014 by ebouchut
How to see the gem dependency tree
# List depencencies of the gem XXX
bundle exec gem dependency XXX
# List reverse dependencies of the gem XXX
bundle exec gem dependency -R XXX
rails  rubyonrails  ruby  gem  dependency  tree  list  image  graph  reverse 
september 2014 by ebouchut
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