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Alfred Workflow - RecentDownloads
OneUpdater is an updater you can plug with minimal configuration into workflows, to keep them up-to-date in users’ machines.

Easiest way to use it is to copy one of its OneUpdater nodes (the pink ones, with the note) to another workflow.
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august 2018 by ebouchut
Download Root Certificates - GeoTrust
Download root certificates from GeoTrust, the second largest certificate authority. GeoTrust offers Get SSL certificates, identity validation, and document security.
SSL  certificate  geotrust  root  certification  authority  CA  download  list  security 
march 2018 by ebouchut
Irvue Mac App: Display Wallpapers from Unspash
Irvue brings thousands of stunning high-resolution photos from Unsplash to your desktop. Enjoy new artistic wallpapers everyday with this small application, which lives in your menu bar.
wallpaper  mac  app  macos  desktop  background  image  photo  picture  unsplash  list  download  web 
november 2017 by ebouchut
calibre - About
Library Management
E-book conversion
Syncing to e-book reader devices
Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
Comprehensive e-book viewer
Content server for online access to your book collection
E-book editor for the major e-book formats
ebook  book  convert  conversion  view  editor  epub  mobi  pdf  word  starred  metadata  sort  library  find  search  ISBN  news  download  info  tool 
december 2016 by ebouchut
Download a single file from a git repository
# **Bitbucket**
git archive --remote=ssh://git@git.bitbucket.com/username/project.git HEAD Gemfile | tar xvf -

# Github (backup the whole *git* project, no kidding)
svn export https://github.com/username/projectname/trunk projectname
# "GitHub does not support remote git-archive at
all, not even over ssh. Part of the reason is that it maintains a
separate caching layer for grabbing zips and tarballs, which is
available at an http endpoint:"
# Source: http://git.661346.n2.nabble.com/Can-t-get-git-archive-to-work-td7643772.html
git  archive  download  single  file  get  tar  backup  exclude  directory  zip  save  export  from notes
march 2016 by ebouchut
JohnCoates/Aerial · GitHub
"The new Apple TV arrives with an incredibly gorgeous array of screen savers, and now you can get those amazing screen savers on the Mac too. There are 35 different screen savers in total, with daytime and evening views of beautiful footage taken from flying over Hawaii, New York City, San Francisco, London, and the Great Wall of China.

From footage of cityscapes to landscapes, these screensaver are truly impressive and terrific quality, and they’ll look great on your Mac screens."
screensaver  mac  image  free  download  photo  aerial 
november 2015 by ebouchut
File Downloads Done Right
"Getting your file downloads right is one of the most important parts of your File Management functionality. A poorly implemented download function can make your application painful to use, not just for downloaders, but for everyone else too."
file  download  rails  rubyonrails  header  HTTP  X-Accelredirect  X-Sendfile  nginx  apache  web  server  configuration 
march 2015 by ebouchut
Installing gems with no network / RubyGems / Knowledge Base - RubyGems.org Support
"If you have no network connection or are behind a very restrictive firewall you may find it difficult to install gems."
ruby  gem  rails  rubyonrails  installation  install  no  network  local  download  connection  disconnected 
april 2014 by ebouchut
DPD – Digital Product Delivery | Sell Downloads and Content Subscriptions | Sell Downloads and Subscriptions
"DPD's copy-and-paste shopping cart and digital delivery system makes it easy to sell downloads, keycodes, services, content subscriptions, and tangible goods through your website, blog, forum posts, Facebook, and more. Automatically generate unique, secure download URLs for every purchase and track customers. Manage your subscribers and provide them with members-only content through your own subscription area."
download  business  ecommerce  book  commerce  shopping  cart  content  delivery  purchase  digital  url 
december 2012 by ebouchut
Google Takeout
"[...] export your contacts, Google Buzz messages, Picasa Web photos and Profile data with one click."
google  data  backup  export  archive  download  privacy  liberation  front 
june 2011 by ebouchut
BitNami: Open Source. Simplified
" Run your favorite apps... Alfresco, Joomla!, Drupal, Redmine, Mediawiki, Trac, Wordpress, Roller, DokuWiki, Subversion, SugarCRM... on your favorite platform "
open  source  opensource  software  stack  free  framework  web  development  installation  cloud  amazon  application  PaaS  deployment  hosting  distribution  package  installer  drupal  joomla  download  install  WAMP  LAMP  ruby  rails  rubyonrails 
december 2010 by ebouchut
Joomla Content Editor
"An advanced, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE. Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration."
joomla  plugin  editor  download  JCE  WYSIWYG 
march 2010 by ebouchut
Download time calculator
How long does it take to download a big fat image, or mp3, or zip? This calculator will show the download time for lots of different bandwidth's.
download  time  calculator  bandwidth  speed  network  upload  file  tool 
december 2009 by ebouchut
Ninite Easy PC Setup and Multiple App Installer - Great For Win7 Upgrades
Useful when you need to (re)install a bunch of software without spending your day clicking Next, Next, Next, Install ;-).
windows  software  installer  download  free  XP  vista  windows7  automation  install  program  starred  tool 
october 2009 by ebouchut
Open Source Living
An archive of the Web's best Open Source software, applications and references for a zero-cost / top quality digital experience.
opensource  software  free  download  list  application  archive  toolbag 
december 2007 by ebouchut
20+ Places for Public Domain E-Books
"Nothing beats holding an actual book in your hand, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to download it and take it with you. Especially if it’s completely legal. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 20+ sources for e-books for your use."
book  ebook  documentation  online  web  education  free  resources  download  public  domain  toread 
november 2007 by ebouchut
Goombah lance Radio Free
Radio Free, un service qui permet aux utilisateurs d’écouter de la musique en streaming et surtout de télécharger les titres gratuitement
radio  music  free  download  laetitia 
april 2007 by ebouchut
Free desktop photo organizer software that lets you share and receive original images right from your desktop, chat about your photos with friends and create fun group albums without even using a web browser.

And, it stays automatically in sync with a
photo  image  storage  online  synchronization  sharing  social  mobile  backup  upload  download  hosting  stockage  sauvegarde 
march 2007 by ebouchut
Zooomr :: Experience the World Through Photos
Online photo storage and sharing web site, with tagging capibilities (includiung geo-tagging).
photo  image  map  tag  geo  sharing  online  mashup  upload  download  media  social  storage  search 
march 2007 by ebouchut
Amie Street - Music Lives Here - Independent Music Download Website
Amie Street is an independent music store where all songs start free and rise in price the more they are purchased.
indie  music  discovery  download  store  audio  laetitia  free 
february 2007 by ebouchut
FireFTP | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox
firefox  extension  FTP  browser  web  upload  download  add-on  client  plugin  toolbag 
january 2007 by ebouchut
Unlimited online file storage
unlimited online file storage and sharing
free  online  file  storage  backup  download  upload  fichier 
december 2006 by ebouchut
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