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segmentio/ksuid: K-Sortable Globally Unique IDs
ksuid is a Go library that can generate and parse KSUIDs

"we can query by a single job ID, as well as sort by the time that the job was created with a single index"

"It's a way to generate globally unique IDs similar to RFC 4122 UUIDs, but contain a time component so they can be "roughly" sorted by time of creation. The remainder of the KSUID is randomly generated bytes."

"Unlike the more common choice of UUIDv4, KSUIDs contain a timestamp component that allows them to be roughly sorted by generation time. This is obviously not a strong guarantee as it depends on wall clocks, but is still incredibly useful."
UUID  sort  creation  date  go  library  create  generate  generation  parse  global  unique  ID 
june 2018 by ebouchut
Reference Git branch start commit
git merge-base -a master feature-branch

"Print [...] the best common ancestor of those two branches, i.e. where they forked apart"
git  branch  start  commit  begin  merge  ancestor  common  beginning  creation 
october 2013 by ebouchut
Advanced file creation for Sublime Text
"This plugin allows for faster file creation within a project."
file  creation  sublime  text  plugin  add-on  extension  package  directory  create  new 
july 2013 by ebouchut
Database Migration Maven Plugin - c5-db-migration
"The Carbon Five Database Migration framework and maven plugin provides a simple solution to problem of managing discrete, incremental changes to databases over time across multiple environments. Each migration is versioned and tracked when applied to the database. Sensible defaults reduce the amount of necessary configuration, though the framework can be configured and extended."
java  plugin  database  update  spring  creation  sql  migration  maven  script  carbonfive 
march 2009 by ebouchut

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