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Rails Console Magic Tricks – Luis Vasconcellos – Medium
Seven techniques to increase the developer experience during a Rails Console session. Please note that some of them will come from Ruby itself, and thus won’t be necessarily restricted to the…
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september 2018 by ebouchut
Execute SQL statement from the Rails console
ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute "SQL statement here"
rails  console  execute  SQL  statement  query  run  launch  rubyonrails  from notes
february 2018 by ebouchut
cmder - Lovely console emulator package for Windows
Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over absence of usable console emulator on Windows. It is based on ConEmu with major config overhaul, comes with a Monokai color scheme, amazing clink (further enhanced by clink-completions) and a custom prompt layout.
terminal  command  line  console  windows  software  tool  from pocket
november 2017 by ebouchut
tmux Taster- Short concise book to learn about tmux
"tmux Taster is your short, concise volume to learn about tmux, the terminal multiplexer that allows you to multiplex several virtual consoles. With tmux you can access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session, and do so much more.

Through the seven to-the-point chapters, you'll learn the fundamentals of tmux, scripting and automation, pane and window management, pair programming, and workflow management.

Increase your productivity by using a terminal multiplexer - start with tmux Taster today. "
tmux  book  terminal  multiplexer  multiple  virtual  console  session  starred 
december 2016 by ebouchut
Rails 5 console error on MacsOS when upgrading to readline 7.0
# Uninstall this incompatible version
brew uninstall readline

# Go to the local clone of homebrew-core
cd $(brew --prefix)/Homebrew/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-core

# Move to the homebrew-core revision that had 6.3.8
git checkout 35fed817726f61a9d40c8420582f6fde59eb5f14

# Re-install readline
brew reinstall readline

# Switch back to HEAD
git checkout master

# Pin readline so this can't happen again
brew pin readline
rails  rubyonrails  console  rails5  5  issue  error  macos  sierra  readline  workaround  brew 
october 2016 by ebouchut
Reload Helper from Rails Console
# Rails > 4

# Rails 4
rails  rubyonrails  console  reload  helper  method  cache  rails4  4  issue 
september 2016 by ebouchut
How to call route helpers in the rails console?

rails  rubyonrails  console  route  call  method  URL  path  helper  from notes
september 2016 by ebouchut
Hawkular - User Guide

Hawkular is a an opensource monitoring solution sponsored by Red Hat. The monitoring services provided by Hawkular are being adopted by different Red Hat projects and central to the Middleware management solution built on top (Also called Hawkular)

Hawkular provides a set of REST services that makes it easy to store metrics, display metrics, define and trigger alerts by embedding a complex rule engine (Powered by Drools) wrapped into a simple API.

"server/system monitoring, store metrics, trigger alerts and manage an inventory of resources, admin console to monitor and manage middleware servers."
monitor  monitoring  system  services  resource  administration  console  middleware  metrics  alert  manage  trigger  management 
february 2016 by ebouchut
OrgMode - Key Bindings for terminal/tty
"Because Org contains a large number of commands, by default many of Org's core commands are bound to keys that are generally not accessible on a tty, such as the cursor keys (<left>, <right>, <up>, <down>), <TAB> and <RET>, in particular when used together with modifiers like <Meta> and/or <Shift>. To access these commands on a tty when special keys are unavailable, the following alternative bindings can be used. "
emacs  org  mode  orgmode  key  binding  mapping  keyboard  combination  meta  shift  return  terminal  console  starred 
september 2015 by ebouchut
Allow pry to be disabled [Fixes #497] · pry/pry@b98f70c
# Rails 4.0
NO_PRY=true bundle exec rails c

# or in the rails console
bundle exec rails c

# Rails 4.2+
DISABLE_PRY_RAILS=1 bundle exec rails c
pry  rails  console  disable  turn  off 
august 2015 by ebouchut
Rails Console Sandbox - Code School Blog
"Perform database operations which are automatically reverted when you leave the console"
rails  rubyonrails  console  sandbox  transaction  database  read-only  change  modification 
april 2015 by ebouchut
Hide database output in Rails console
# Static in application.rb
config.log_level = :info

# Dynamic in Rails console

# Log level Info:
# Logger::INFO = 1
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::INFO

# ...

# Back to log level debug
# Logger::DEBUG = 0
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
hide  disable  prevent  log  output  SQL  rails  console  level  reduce  lower  change  message  debug  info  remove  enable  activate  deactivate  rubyonrails 
february 2014 by ebouchut
Enabling color directory listings in Mac OS X Terminal | Nomad Journey
export CLICOLOR=1
export LSCOLORS=ExFxCxDxBxegedabagacad

he color designators are as follows:

a black
b red
c green
d brown
e blue
f magenta
g cyan
h light grey
A bold black, usually shows up as dark grey
B bold red
C bold green
D bold brown, usually shows up as yellow
E bold blue
F bold magenta
G bold cyan
H bold light grey; looks like bright white
x default foreground or background
macos  directory  color  listing  ls  file  terminal  console  shell 
january 2014 by ebouchut
Pry — The Good Parts! - Conrad Irwin - RailsConf 2013
"Pry is the featureful development console for Ruby. From its humble roots as an irb replacement, Pry has grown into an indispensable tool for any Ruby or Rails programmer. Using some real-life examples, I'll explain how to use Pry effectively. We'll start from the beginning, with simple features for exploring libraries and source-code in glorious technicolor. Then we'll move up a level and discuss how to inspect, debug and even modify a program while it is still running. Finally we'll touch on some of Pry's more advanced plugins that can really help you get a feel for what your code is doing."
pry  irb  talk  video  screencast  ruby  railsconf  conference  console  learn 
june 2013 by ebouchut
Pry - Runtime invocation
"Aside from using Pry as an IRB-alternative it also has the ability to function as a developer console and lightweight debugger. To use Pry in this capacity it must be invoked at runtime in the middle of a running program. "

explorer  data  gem  debugger  console  debug  runtime  ruby 
january 2012 by ebouchut
Pry - an IRB alternative and runtime developer console
"Pry is a powerful alternative to the standard IRB shell for Ruby. It features syntax highlighting, a flexible plugin architecture, runtime invocation and source and documentation browsing. "
gem  interpreter  shell  console  irb  ruby  tool 
january 2012 by ebouchut
OpenXenManager - XenServer for Linux
"OpenXenManager is a client application to connect to the XenServer Host through the network. OpenXenManager is an opensource multiplatform clone of XenCenter (Citrix)."
xen  manager  opensource  citrix  xencenter  center  console  management  administration  virtualization  VM  software  linux 
june 2011 by ebouchut
Firebug Lite : Firebug for IE
"Firebug is an extension for Firefox, but what happens when you need to test your pages in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari?
The solution is Firebug Lite, a JavaScript file you can insert into your pages to simulate some Firebug features in browsers that are not named "Firefox"."
firebug  ie  internet  explorer  browser  console  javascript  CSS  HTML  debug  testing  ingenium  opera  safari 
april 2010 by ebouchut

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