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Logsene: ELK as a Service
"With Elasticsearch API and integrated Kibana, Logsene is the first true Hosted ELK Stack. Can’t send logs to the Cloud? Ask us about Logsene On Premises.

All your logs accessible in one place. Team support.
Hassle-free managed ELK you don’t need to maintain and scale
Use built-in Kibana or use your own Kibana or Grafana with Logsene
Inspect your logs via UI or Elasticsearch API
Correlate logs with performance metrics via SPM
Nothing to install – use any log shipper you want
Need a cheaper-than-Splunk On Premises solution? Get Logsene On Premises!
ELK  elasticsearch  kibana  online  service  cloud  hosting  elastic  search  stack 
april 2017 by ebouchut
Apache Mesos: A distributed systems kernel
"A distributed systems kernel

Program against your datacenter like it’s a single pool of resources

Apache Mesos abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other compute resources away from machines (physical or virtual), enabling fault-tolerant and elastic distributed systems to easily be built and run effectively.
Mesos is built using the same principles as the Linux kernel, only at a different level of abstraction. The Mesos
kernel runs on every machine and provides applications (e.g., Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch) with API’s for
resource management and scheduling across entire datacenter and cloud environments. "
cloud  cluster  distributed  apache  hadoop  spark  kafka  elasticsearch  linux  kernel  manage  management  schedule  abstract  scalability  cross  platform  CPU  memory  storage  machinve  virtual  resource  share  API  UI 
january 2017 by ebouchut
pinterest/secor: Secor is a service implementing Kafka log persistence
"Secor is a service persisting Kafka logs to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Openstack Swift"
kafka  logging  log  persist  persistence  AWS  S3  google  cloud  googlecloud  openstack  messaging  message  queue 
december 2016 by ebouchut
fog - The Ruby cloud services library
"Whether you need compute, dns, storage, or a multitude of other services, fog provides an accessible entry point and facilitates cross service compatibility."

Just getting started working with cloud resources? You are not alone, and having so many complicated options makes it hard to know where to start. fog delivers the knowledge of cloud experts to you, helping you to bootstrap your cloud usage and guiding you as your own expertise develops.

By coding with fog from the start you avoid vendor lock-in and give yourself more flexibility to provide value. Whether you are writing a library, designing a software as a service product or just hacking on the weekend this flexibility is a huge boon.
ruby  cloud  service  library  amazon  aws  google  portable  access  read  write  storage  uniform  api  common  single  compute  DNS  dnsimple  rackspace  EC2  cloudfront  CDN  provider  digitalocean  digital-ocean  open-stack  openstack  S3 
february 2016 by ebouchut
AWS Device Farm: Test your app on real devices in the AWS Cloud
"Test your app on real devices in the AWS Cloud

Improve the quality of your Android and Fire OS apps by testing them
against real smartphones and tablets in the AWS Cloud"
amazon  test  phone  device  cloud  android  fireos  AWS  testing 
july 2015 by ebouchut
Sovereign: Ansible playbooks to build your own cloud
"Sovereign is a set of Ansible playbooks that you can use to build and maintain your own personal cloud (I know I know). It’s based entirely on open source software, so you’re in control."
cloud  build  personal  opensource  ansible  script 
august 2013 by ebouchut
BerkeleyX: CS169.2x - Software as a Service Online Course (Spring 2013) | edX
"Software as a Service
CS169.2x teaches sophisticated SaaS+Agile skills, such as working with legacy code, building on basics from CS 169.1x.

CS 169.2x is the second half of University of California, Berkeley's semester long course on Software as a Service. In the first half of the course, CS 169.1x, students use Agile development methods to deploy a simple SaaS app in the cloud. In the second half, CS 169.2x, students create more sophisticated apps by adding relationships between models in apps and by enhancing their apps with JavaScript. They also learn about what happens after the apps are deployed to real users, including how to monitor performance, identify and fix common performance problems, and avoid compromising customer data. Finally, students learn how to apply Agile techniques to enhance and refactor legacy code, a critical skill for professional programmers.

Other topics covered in CS 169.2x include:

How to form, organize and manage small programming teams
Introduction to design patterns: what they are and how to recognize opportunities to apply them
Using Rails for more advanced features like third-party authentication and elegantly expressing design patterns that arise frequently in SaaS

There will be three homework assignments: two programming assignments and one assignment about operations/deployment. There will also be several short quizzes.

Note: Unlike CS 169.1x, which has been offered multiple times both online and on-campus, CS 169.2x is fresh, new material. Although versions of it have been taught at UC Berkeley, it has evolved significantly between offerings, and this online version is essentially new. This is, therefore, an "alpha" version. A more polished version will offered at a later date."
SaaS  course  online  university  berkey  UCB  software  service  agile  javascript  cloud  refactor  legacy  code  design  pattern  model  relationship  application  programming  monitor  performance  speed  improve  response  time  rubyonrails  rails  deployment  deploy  IaaS  PaaS  learn 
june 2013 by ebouchut
Continuous Integration made easy - CircleCI
"CircleCI gives web developers powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment with easy setup and maintenance.
continuous  integration  test  online  CI  cloud 
february 2013 by ebouchut
OpenStack: Open source software for building private and public clouds.
"OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface."
cloud  virtualization  public  private  opensource  software 
february 2013 by ebouchut
EUobserver.com / Justice & Home Affairs / US free to grab EU data on American clouds
"An obscure section in a US law is said to entitle authorities to access, without a warrant, data stored by any EU citizen on clouds run by American companies."
law  data  storage  cloud  legal  FISAAA  intelligence  USA  EU  privacy  security  cyber  surveillance  espionage 
january 2013 by ebouchut
" One home for all your apps
Deploy, manage and scale any web app

Build your ideal application stack by combining powerful cloud services. Experiment for free, then go live and only pay for what you need. Live apps start at $4.32/month."
web  cloud  hosting  scalability  franch  from pocket
november 2012 by ebouchut
Don't let your webserver go to sleep!
"Maintain swift response from your website, even during low traffic hours. We send requests to your website so your webserver does not go to sleep."
heroku  web  server  ping  wake  up  cloud  host  response  time  speed 
july 2012 by ebouchut
MongoLab - MongoDB Hosting | Cloud Hosted MongoDB
"MongoLab is a cloud-based database provider that hosts MongoDB databases on various cloud providers such as Amazon EC2 and the Rackspace Cloud."
mongodb  cloud  hosting  amazon  ec2  rackspace  database  nosql 
july 2012 by ebouchut
BitNami: Open Source. Simplified
" Run your favorite apps... Alfresco, Joomla!, Drupal, Redmine, Mediawiki, Trac, Wordpress, Roller, DokuWiki, Subversion, SugarCRM... on your favorite platform "
open  source  opensource  software  stack  free  framework  web  development  installation  cloud  amazon  application  PaaS  deployment  hosting  distribution  package  installer  drupal  joomla  download  install  WAMP  LAMP  ruby  rails  rubyonrails 
december 2010 by ebouchut
SimpleCloudAPI - PHP interface to common cloud services
"Simple Cloud API is an open source project that aims to create a common PHP interface for using cloud services."
As of today the following services are supported:
* Amazon S3
* Windows Azure Blob Storage
* Nirvanix
* Local
PHP  API  cloud  service  web  remote  amazon  S3  nirvanix  windows  azure  blob  storage 
january 2010 by ebouchut

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