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Troubleshooting Java Applications With Arthas - DZone Java
"Arthas is a Java Diagnostic tool open sourced by Alibaba. Arthas can help developer trouble-shoot production issues for Java applications without modifying your code or restarting your server."
java  debug  production  application  troubleshoot  diagnosis  live  program  server  slow  speed  fast  method  call  stack 
september 2018 by ebouchut
News API - A JSON API for live news and blog articles
Search worldwide news articles and headlines from all over the web in real-time with our free News API.
news  info  get  API  call  request  find  search  keyword  query  data  aggregator  dataset  multiple  datasource  source  several  aggregate  workflow  siri  shortcut  shortcuts 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Dark Sky API: Documentation Overview
The DarkSky API allows you to request weather forecasts and historical weather data programmatically.
weather  API  request  get  current  call  format  forecast  data  search  find  online  query  dataset  siri  shortcut  shortcuts  workflow 
september 2018 by ebouchut
Best Tools for Recording a Podcast Online: Interviews, Co-hosting & Groups
Whether you run an interview show, or have a remote co-host, you need a means to record your podcast online.
record  audio  call  skype  zoom  recording  software  phone  podcast  sound  voice  tool 
august 2018 by ebouchut
How to call route helpers in the rails console?

rails  rubyonrails  console  route  call  method  URL  path  helper  from notes
september 2016 by ebouchut
flog: Compute Cyclomatic Complexity of your Ruby code
"Flog shows you the most torturous code you wrote. The more painful the code, the higher the score. The higher the score, the harder it is to test.
Flog essentially scores an ABC metric: Assignments, Branches, Calls, with particular attention placed on calls."
ruby  cyclomatic  complexity  gem  flog  test  branch  assignment  call  method  complex  simple 
april 2016 by ebouchut
Use any C library from Ruby via Fiddle - the Ruby standard library's best kept secret.
Fiddle is a little-known module that was added to Ruby’s standard library in 1.9.x. It allow you to interact directly with C libraries from Ruby. It even lets you inspect and alter the ruby…
external  ffi  Rust  call  api  fiddle  ruby  function  interface  libffi  library  C 
july 2015 by ebouchut
ghempton/camcorder · GitHub
VCR not enough? Record arbitrary method invocations for later playback.
VCR  ruby  gem  rubyonrails  rails  test  record  replay  playback  method  call  from pocket
june 2014 by ebouchut
ruby - Block definition - difference between braces and do-end? - Stack Overflow
- {} has higher precedence.
- do/end has lower precedence.

my_method "arg" { |arg| do_something_with(arg) }
# equivalent to: my_method ("arg" { |arg| do_something_with(arg) })

my_method "arg" do |arg|
# equivalent to: my_method("arg") { |arg| do_something_with(arg) }
ruby  block  curly  brace  do  end  difference  precedence  priority  method  call  comma  csv 
march 2014 by ebouchut
How to Stub External Services in Tests
"Requests to external services during test runs can cause several issues:

Tests failing intermittently due to connectivity issues.
Dramatically slower test suites.
Hitting API rate limits on 3rd party sites (e.g. Twitter).
Service may not exist yet (only documentation for it).
Service doesn't have a sandbox or staging server.

When integrating with external services we want to make sure our test suite isn’t hitting any 3rd party services. Our tests should run in isolation."
rails  test  external  third  party  web  site  rubyonrails  testing  stub  isolate  isolation  call  API 
march 2014 by ebouchut
Module: Forwardable (Ruby 2.0.0)
"The Forwardable module provides delegation of specified methods to a designated object"
ruby  delegate  method  call  pattern  forward  object 
november 2013 by ebouchut
Kataba: Speed up dynamic method call using reflection 100x
A way of speeding up reflection 100x to almost the speed of interface calls via dynamic compilation (JVM byte code generation).
java  reflection  dynamic  call  JVM  performance  language 
july 2008 by ebouchut

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