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Open Source Password Management Solutions | Bitwarden
Bitwarden is a free and open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business organizations.
password  manager  ios  app  application  browser  CLI  store  account  login  software  web 
november 2018 by ebouchut
Introduction · Testcontainers
Testcontainers is a Java library that supports JUnit tests, providing lightweight, throwaway instances of common databases, Selenium web browsers, or anything else that can run in a Docker container.
test  library  java  database  instance  container  docker  selenium  web  browser 
november 2018 by ebouchut
How to View SSL Certificate Details in Chrome 56
The latest update to Google Chrome has made it harder to review key security information. Here's how to view SSL certificate details in Chrome 56.
SSL  certificate  view  show  display  opera  chrome  browser  detail 
october 2018 by ebouchut
checkly/puppeteer-recorder: Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script.
Puppeteer recorder is a Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Puppeteer script. - checkly/puppeteer-recorder
browser  chrome  plugin  extension  add-on  record  interaction  click  event  type 
august 2018 by ebouchut
Katalon Studio: Best automated testing tool for web, mobile, API
Built on the top of Selenium and Appium, Katalon Studio is a free and powerful automated testing tool for web testing, mobile testing, and API testing.
test  framework  automate  API  UI  web  mobile  free  selenium  appium  browser 
may 2018 by ebouchut
Tampermonkey extension - Opera add-ons
"Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, Dolphin Browser and Firefox.

Tampermonkey will give you much convenience in managing your userscripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a simple overview what scripts are running at a tab and a built-in editor. "
opera  extension  browser  plugin  add-on  user  script  userscript  javascript  manager  manage  install 
may 2018 by ebouchut
GoogleChrome/puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node API
Puppeteer is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control headless Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. It can also be configured to use full (non-headless) Chrome or Chromium.

What can I do?
Most things that you can do manually in the browser can be done using Puppeteer! Here are a few examples to get you started:

Generate screenshots and PDFs of pages.
Crawl a SPA and generate pre-rendered content (i.e. "SSR").
Automate form submission, UI testing, keyboard input, etc....
test  chrome  chromium  web  browser  headless  head  less  screenshot  page  simulate  library  node  nodejs  javascript  form  UI  input  key  keyboard  testing  tool 
april 2018 by ebouchut
GitHub | Packal
A Workflow for the OS X app Alfred2: Searches GitHub repos and their issues/files etc.
alfred  workflow  github  search  repository  issue  find  view  browser  open  file  code  source 
february 2018 by ebouchut
Disconnect - Opera extension
Disconnect lets you visualize and block the invisible websites that track you. Load the pages you go to 44% faster. Stop tracking by 2,000+ third-party sites."
opera  browser  extension  add-on  plugin  block  ad  track  tracking  web  site  third  party  disallow  prevent  from pocket
september 2017 by ebouchut
Apache Guacamole (incubating)
"Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.

We call it clientless because no plugins or client software are required.

Thanks to HTML5, once Guacamole is installed on a server, all you need to access your desktops is a web browser."
rdp  vnc  desktop  ssh  remote  client  HTML  HTML5  browser  gateway  access  login 
october 2016 by ebouchut
Tonic: Javascript Environment for prototyping with Node.js
Tonic is a full javascript environment for prototyping with Node.js directly in the browser, complete with access to every package on npm.
nodejs  node.js  javascript  environment  test  IDE  browser  use  try 
june 2016 by ebouchut
Un outil qui transforme une application en ligne de commande en application web - Korben
"Voici un outil plutôt sympathique qui s'appelle Gotty et qui permet d'afficher dans un navigateur tout ce qui se passe dans un terminal. Si par exemple, je veux afficher dans mon navigateur, ce qui s'affiche avec la commande "top", je n'ai qu'à taper :

gotty top"
terminal  web  browser  display  log  file  view  command  application  read  write 
august 2015 by ebouchut
Zeal - offline API documentation browser
"Zeal is a simple offline API documentation browser inspired by Dash (OS X app), available for Linux and Windows.

Quickly search documentation using Alt+Space (or customised) hotkey to display Zeal from any place in your workspace.
Search in multiple sets of documentation at once.
Don't be dependent on your internet connection.
Integrate Zeal with Emacs, Sublime Text, or Vim"
linux  windows  documentation  search  aggregator  browser  view  offline  dash 
february 2015 by ebouchut
"Phabricator includes applications for:

reviewing and auditing code;
browsing repositories;
tracking bugs;
hiding stuff from coworkers; and
also some other things.
so features; such applications;
opensource  wiki  code  review  repository  browser  audit  bug  tracker  task  conference  facebook 
march 2014 by ebouchut
Sublime Text: Package: View In Browser
"View In Browser is a Sublime Text plugin that will open whatever is in your current view/tabin a browser"
sublime  text  editor  plugin  add-on  extension  package  view  browser  select  choose 
july 2013 by ebouchut
Decaf : Ruby in the Browser
"Decaf is a modification of WebKit that runs Ruby in the browser. Use Ruby to access the DOM, work with the web standards, and even print to the inspector. Now, you can build an entire web application in Ruby instead of JavaScript."
ruby  browser  webkit  javscript  macos 
may 2013 by ebouchut
PrefixFree: Break Free From CSS Prefix Hell
"-prefix-free lets you use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere. It works behind the scenes, adding the current browser’s prefix to any CSS code, only when it’s needed."
css  prefix  javascript  css3  browser 
september 2012 by ebouchut
Safari CSS Reference: Supported CSS Properties
"Safari and WebKit implement a large subset of the CSS 2.1 Specification defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), along with portions of the CSS 3 Specification. This reference describes the supported properties and provides Safari availability information. If a property is not listed here, it is not implemented by Safari and WebKit."
browser  support  webkit  safari  css3  css 
january 2012 by ebouchut
MP3 and Apple Lossless audio codecs in Javascript
"Web browsers are becoming more and more powerful, and new APIs like the Web Audio API and Audio Data API are making the web an ever more interesting and dynamic place. At ofmlabs we are invested in improving the state of audio on the web, and with JSMad showed that decoding audio purely in JavaScript is possible thanks to these APIs and the hard work of browser makers and spec authors. And now we've done it again. Introducing alac.js, a port of the recently open sourced Apple Lossless decoder to JavaScript. Now it is possible to play MP3 and Apple Lossless even in browsers without native support. Check out the side-by-side demos below to hear JavaScript rocking out! "
player  browser  client  jsmad  alac  API  codec  audio  mp3  javascript 
december 2011 by ebouchut
Cloud9 - Your code anywhere, anytime
"Cloud9 is a state-of-the-art IDE that runs in your browser and lives in the cloud, allowing you to run, debug and deploy applications from anywhere, anytime."
editor  online  github  bitbucket  ide  browser  web  toolbag  tool 
august 2011 by ebouchut
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