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macos - What does "@" signify in unix file permissions? - Ask Different
# List FILE's extended attributes
ls -@l FILE

# Remove some ext. attributes
sudo xattr -d com.apple.quarantine FILE
sudo xattr -d com.apple.metadata:kMDItemWhereFroms FILE
mac  macos  ACL  chmod  file  mode  filemode  read  write  execute  permission  change  remove  modify  set  list  at  @  sign  attribute  extended 
july 2018 by ebouchut
Rails 4’s Awesome enums | Daniel P. Clark
In Rails 4 enum was introduced to support a feature that people were building by hand or by gem.  What enum does for you is it associates a symbol list for you…
rubyonrails  value  enumeration  rails  list  enum  attribute  model 
april 2015 by ebouchut
Use pluck in ActiveRecord: Select only a subset of attributes from a table
"Use pluck as a shortcut to select one or more attributes without loading a bunch of records just to grab the attributes you want."
rails  rubyonrails  select  attribute  record  database  active  find  get 
january 2014 by ebouchut
.gitattributes templates
"Similarly to the .gitignore Templates, we're trying to build templates for .gitattributes."
git  attribute  crlf  text  binary  conversion  safecrlf  autocrlf  configuration 
september 2012 by ebouchut
jQuery plugin - CSS3-Finalize - Add -moz-, -webkit-, -moz- ... prefix automagically to your CSS attributes
"Some css3 attributes needs to have a prefix in front in order to work in different browser. The plugin takes care of that so you only need to write without the prefix.

For example the css3 attribute box-sizing need to have the prefix

* -moz- in Firefox
* -ms- in Internet explorer
* -webkit- in Chrome, Safari
* -o- in Opera

If you write without the prefix it won't work in those browser, you need the write each of them. Here is where this jquery plugin comes in. You only need to write it without the prefix and the plugin will automatically add the prefix. With this you will save time and the pain of rewriting same attribute many times."
jquery  plugin  CSS  css3  attribute  javascript  prefix  moz  webkit  opera  firefox  internet  explorer  ie  web  design  browser 
november 2010 by ebouchut

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