Building the next generation of the Twitter API
"We believe developers help improve Twitter and strengthen the public conversation, and we want to help them succeed with their goals far into the future. That’s why today we’re sharing the first stage of our plan to build the next generation of the Twitter API, starting with our new Twitter Developer Labs program. We’re launching this new program so developers can test new API products early and share feedback. We know the best future version of our API will come from creating it together with the people who use it most."
twitter  apis  labs  experiment  developer 
11 hours ago
Client-Driven APIs - Speaker Deck
""Putting API clients in control of the API structure and data they want to consume will be the future of APIs. This is a basic concept behind GraphQL. This presentation discusses the evolution of APIs prior to GraphQL and lays the foundation for a demo ideas leveraging GraphQL as a description language to build custom HTTP APIs.
apis  history  design  tooling  tools 
Exec Warns APIs, ISO 20022 Incompatible |
industries take note... what got you here may not get you there
apis  standards  finance  design 
Eve (EVEnts) comes from a happening place, while Chan (CHANnels) doesn't really understand what's going on…
from twitter
3 days ago
Soft and Hard Power in Software Governance
"Soft power applies to change agents within a company who may have the responsibility of achieving technology initiative outcomes, but lack the authority over all the participants. They cannot command people to comply. Instead, they have to rely on a different set of actions: diplomacy, strategic communication, assistance, negotiation, and community building. These actions share an inclusive vision for the future that others embrace without being told.

Creating standards or processes with a soft power approach may be as simple as stating a new expectation for teams to aspire to in a public forum. Or it might be a mutual agreement between parties on how to move forward on a particular issue.

Soft power excels when the situation is new and/or evolving rapidly. During this phase of an initiative, it is beneficial to adapt to new information while experience is gathered. Needs, some of which could not have been anticipated ahead of time, can be rapidly responded to. In cases where governance does not know what the final outcome should be, where flexibility and experimentation are most important, soft power should be the preferred approach until a desirable tenable solution is discovered."
governance  power  APIs  software 
3 days ago
Weeding is Fundamental - 99% Invisible
"There are specific guidelines that come along with book weeding. McKellar, and many other librarians, at libraries all over the world, weed their shelves using the same set of guidelines. And it has an excellent acronym: MUSTY.  

M — for Misleading, or factually inaccurate.
U — for Ugly
S — for Superseded by a new edition or a much better book.
T — for Trivial and
Y for Your-collection-has-no-use-for-this-book. Because they want this acronym to work.
The T and the Y are the tricky ones. They’re not necessarily statements of fact; they’re judgments of value. What’s trivial to me might be very important to you, and vice versa. Even here, these judgment calls are made by librarians who specialize in the relevant section, and based on circulation statistics. You just have to trust that your librarians are doing their best for the public."
apis  weeding  books  libraries  library  techniques 
3 days ago
Still a few spaces available!
from twitter
4 days ago
Keys to Baking Luscious Gluten-Free Cakes - Gluten-Free Living
good tips, including using bundt/tube pans since the center gets better cooked.
"Remember, gluten-free cakes tend to contain hidden moisture due to their extra-dense cell structure. So, don’t be afraid to bake the cake a few extra minutes to drive that moisture out. Also, use a good pencil-type thermometer to check the temperature in several places. The cake will be ready when the internal temperature is around 210° F and it starts pulling away from the walls of the pan. Once fully baked, immediately remove from the pan onto parchment or a cooling screen."
baking  cakes  glutenfree 
4 days ago
Vaccines For Adults: What You Should Know : Shots - Health News : NPR
"So we're here to answer some common questions about adult vaccines. Click on each topic to go to that section.

1. Measles 2. Shingles 3. Tetanus 4. Vaccines during pregnancy 5. Before meeting a newborn baby 6. Before visiting the elderly 7. Chickenpox 8. Hepatitis B, A and C 9. HPV"
health  vaccinations  vaccines  adults 
4 days ago
Principles of Designing & Developing an API Product [Part 1 of 4]
good to hear the story of a designer struggling with API design
apis  design 
6 days ago
Twitter opens Developers Labs program to test new API products | VentureBeat
"Twitter has chosen path versioning (specify a version as part of the endpoint URL) over header versioning (make a versioned or unversioned call). The company says path versioning is widely adopted, easy to implement for developers, and it’s what Twitter already uses in its other APIs. After launch, Twitter plans to make a major version change within its Labs program. Twitter will increment to a new Labs version after it incorporates developer feedback.

As for addressing increasing complexity, Twitter plans to formalize the behavior of its endpoints and adopt a consistent specification format. Twitter will use OpenAPI specifications to define and expose behavior for each new Labs endpoint. Because OpenAPI uses JSON Schema to specify response objects and data types, Twitter will take inspiration from there as well."
twitter  apis  openapi  developers  labs 
6 days ago
REST vs GraphQL APIs, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly | Moesif Blog
"GraphQL APIs can be exciting new technology, but it is important to understand the tradeoffs before making such architectural decisions. Some APIs such as those with very few entities and relationships across entities like analytics APIs may not be suited for GraphQL. Whereas applications with many different domain objects like e-commerce where you have items, users, orders, payments, and so on may be able to leverage GraphQL much more.

In fact, GraphQL vs REST is like comparing SQL technologies vs noSQL. There are certain applications where it makes sense to model complex entities in a SQL Db. Whereas other apps that only have “messages” as in high volume chat apps or analytics APIs where the only entity is an “event” may be more suited using something like Cassandra."
apis  graphql  gql  rest  comparison 
6 days ago
RT : just announced the beta release of Teams, Audiences, and self-service SAML features for the Apig…
Developer  Apigee  from twitter
10 days ago
Transaction Authorization or why we need to re-think OAuth scopes
"Have you ever come across limitations of the way OAuth expresses the requested scope of an access token? Well, I have several times in the course of the last couple of years in the areas of open banking and remote electronic signature creation."
oauth  scopes  authentication  openid 
11 days ago
API Gateways and Service Meshes: Opening the Door to Application Modernisation
"An API Gateway decouples application composition and location from external consumers. An API gateway dynamically routes external requests from end-users, mobile apps, and third-parties to various internal applications, regardless of where they are deployed.

A service mesh decouples applications from internal consumers by providing location transparency. A service mesh dynamically routes internal service-to-service requests to various applications, regardless of where they are deployed."
mesh  service  gateways  apis  definitions 
11 days ago
API interaction types in a microservice architecture: queries, commands, and events | MuleSoft Blog
"Here’s a simple analogy going through a coffee order…

Query: “How much is it for a half-caf latte with a twist of lime?”

Command: “I would like to order a half-caf latte with a twist of lime, please” [pays]

Event: “Matt, your half-caf latte with a twist of lime is ready!”*

The protocol is abstracted in this example too. The query and command could have happened in person, or on a mobile app. The event notification could have been shouted across the cafe or buzzed on the phone. No matter how the steps are performed, they represent the consistent flow of interactions you would follow in the task of obtaining the coffee."
microservices  matt_mclarty 
11 days ago
Alan Kay - Wikipedia
IMO the most quotable of all the legends
computers  history  alan_kay 
11 days ago
Alan Kay On Messaging
I'm sorry that I long ago coined the
term "objects" for this topic because it gets many people to focus on the
lesser idea.

The big idea is "messaging"...

The key in making great and growable systems is much more to design how its
modules communicate rather than what their internal properties and
behaviors should be.
messaging  programming  smalltalk  alan_kay 
11 days ago
Chroma subsampling - Wikipedia
If you want to use a TV as a monitor, you'll want 4:4:4 chroma subsampling so the text isn't a mess
monitors  text  fonts  rendering 
11 days ago
Trying to think if I've been to a Microsoft event since the DirectX conference that followed GDC in 1996.…
from twitter
12 days ago
Tales of the Rampant Coyote: Wildest Birthday Party EVER
Details of one of the strangest tech parties I've attended...

"Microsoft rented out the basketball stadium at San Jose State University for this event, and chartered busses to take us from the CGDC venue out to the party. As we checked in, they issued us a toga, two cans of Silly String, and a bunch of game tokens minted out with the DirectX logo to be used in the "colliseum" for "the games."

And oh, my, what a party. Donning our togas over our game-conference clothes (CGDC / GDC attire is pretty much jeans-and-T-shirt), we entered "Rome."

First, we got to walk past one of two LIVE LIONS, kept in check by its trainer. Ahead and below, in the center of the stadium, was the food and alcohol. The food was modern approximation of Roman party food - big turkey drumsticks, grapes (of course!), and various other items for over-indulgence by hungry game developers. I can't comment on the alcohol, as I didn't drink any, but it seemed that over-indulgence was planned there, too."
history  directx  party 
12 days ago
That IS a clever study! (And touches on something I've wondered about—why isn't "heightism" more of a thing?)…
from twitter
4 weeks ago
Earthquake Zones of Required Investigation
nice mapping tool for understanding liquefaction, landslide risk of parcels
earthquake  sanfrancisco  bayarea  california  maps  mapping  landslide 
5 weeks ago
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