Ken Ringle writes so well!
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4 days ago
RT : Join us at on Feb. 20 for Community Day at . We are holding office hours for every level…
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6 days ago
The Maine Reader: The Down East Experience from 1614 to the Present - Charles E. Shain - Google Books
In which Hawthorne describes "Gardiner's Folly":
… which short of house excites the most contemptuous feelings in the beholder — such a mansion as Mr. Gardiner's, all circumstances considered, or the board-built and turf-buttressed hovels of those wild Irish, scattered about as if they had sprung up like mushrooms in the dells and gorges, and along the banks of the river. Mushrooms, by the bye, spring up where the roots of an old tree are hidden under the ground.
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7 days ago
Veto Pro Pac Tool Bag | Cool Tools
Heavy-duty tool portability
This is by far the best tool bag I have ever owned. I am an Espresso machine field service technician and I use this bag every day. I purchased the LC version about a year ago and it doesn’t show a single sign of wear yet. In the previous 6 years I had completely worn out 2 different other tool cases.

The Veto just feels right in your hand or over your shoulder. The quality of construction is simply amazing. A molded polypropylene tray forms the bottom, the sides are 1800 denier nylon which is doubled up in many places and secured with double stitching. The bottom and handle are attached with rows of rivets, and the the zippers are massive. The large handle is attached directly to the center divider so that all the weight is carried by the center divider and end panels. There is no weight carried by the side panels and zippers. The bag comes with a wide padded shoulder strap attached with rugged metal swivels. The Veto bag is divided into two identical half’s. I keep my tools in one side and my electrical meters and plumbing hookup parts in the other. I like that this bag completely zippers closed. I don’t like the new trend for bags that are covered with external pockets, I want to know my tools are safe and secure.

Veto make two other sizes, an overall larger bag and a low-riding long one to hold carpenters tools.
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10 days ago
Larry Tesler quote: Every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The...
"Every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The only question is who will have to deal with it, the user or the developer (programmer or engineer).

Larry Tesler"
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13 days ago
If you want to build a service, don't format the machines, add operating systems, and install applications. Instead…
from twitter
13 days ago
Latency numbers every programmer should know
Latency numbers every programmer should know
L1 cache reference ......................... 0.5 ns
Branch mispredict ............................ 5 ns
L2 cache reference ........................... 7 ns
Mutex lock/unlock ........................... 25 ns
Main memory reference ...................... 100 ns
Compress 1K bytes with Zippy ............. 3,000 ns = 3 µs
Send 2K bytes over 1 Gbps network ....... 20,000 ns = 20 µs
SSD random read ........................ 150,000 ns = 150 µs
Read 1 MB sequentially from memory ..... 250,000 ns = 250 µs
Round trip within same datacenter ...... 500,000 ns = 0.5 ms
Read 1 MB sequentially from SSD* ..... 1,000,000 ns = 1 ms
Disk seek ........................... 10,000,000 ns = 10 ms
Read 1 MB sequentially from disk .... 20,000,000 ns = 20 ms
Send packet CA->Netherlands->CA .... 150,000,000 ns = 150 ms
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14 days ago
Furniture Clinic: Quick DIY Glides for Sofa, Chair or Table
alternative, use scrap leather, cut to size, glued with contact cement.
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16 days ago
Hypermedia vs CRUD: An exaggerated comparison of API design strategies – Writing about things.
"As I have been ramping up my evangelizing of hypermedia APIs through various channels, I have noticed a common argument being thrown out against hypermedia.  It’s taken a few forms, but the crux of the argument has been something like ‘hypermedia APIs just move the hard coded binding from URLs to link names but they don’t actually solve any problems’.  In most of these discussions, the flexibility and maintainability benefits of hypermedia APIs have already been brushed aside as unimportant and irrelevant.  Now I clearly have some things to say about those points, but as the people I’ve had this recurring conversation with had little interest in those properties I’ve decided to instead address the direct and immediate benefits of a hypermedia over CRUD APIs.  Namely, these are the greatly enhanced usability and proper hiding of service implementation details.  To accomplish this, I have put together a portion of an API description in the crud pattern which is intentionally not optimized to exaggerate the point I’m making, namely that crud APIs are less usable and require the consumer to know too much about the internal implementation details of a service to consume it.  I will also list and describe the usability and proper hiding of implementation details of a hypermedia API using my hypermedia API design guidelines."

nice (absurd) example of a movie theater API
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19 days ago
Swagger Inspector
Postman-like web-based tool for turning requests into specs.
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19 days ago
Moving Beyond A Single API Developer Portal
An API portal is becoming something that can reflect a specific project, or group, and isn’t something that always has a public URL. Here are just a few of the ways in which I’m seeing portals being wielded as part of API operations.

Individual Portals - Considering how developers and business users can be leverage portals to push forward conversations around the APIs they own and are moving forward.
Team Portals - Thinking about how different groups and teams can have their own portals which aggregate APIs and other portals from across their project.
Partner Portals - Leveraging a single, or even partner specific portals that are public or private for engaging in API projects with trusted partners.
Public Portal - Begin the process of establishing a single Mutual of Omaha developer portal to provide a single point of entry for all public API efforts across the organization.
Pipeline Integration - How can BitBucket be leverage for deploying of individual, team, partner, and even the public portal, making portals another aspect of the continuous deployment pipeline.
One of the most interesting shifts that I am seeing is the deployment of portals as part of continuous deployment and integration pipelines. Since you can host a portal on Github, why not be deploying it, managing and evolving it as its own pipeline, or as part of individual projects, and partner integrations. This is something that static CMSs have have a profound effect on, as well as the integration of YAML, JSON, and CSV static data formats, which can be used to deliver data, content, and configurations that can be used throughout project pipelines.
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4 weeks ago
Commit to API Contracts – APIs You Won’t Hate
In my experience, fear and uncertainty lead to whole new endpoints being developed for this client, when it easily could have used the existing endpoint. This double the surface area for bugs, security issues, performance problems, and just doubles, triples, and quadruples work for no reason.

Don’t create a boatload of extra work for everyone who ever goes near this API. This pain is passed onto the frontend and the backend, and your whole team suffer, just because you’re “too busy” to write down the contract and maintain it."
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4 weeks ago
Computer Randomly Plays Classical Music
During normal operation or in Safe mode, your computer may play "Fur Elise" or "It's a Small, Small World" seemingly at random. This is an indication sent to the PC speaker from the computer's BIOS that the CPU fan is failing or has failed, or that the power supply voltages have drifted out of tolerance. This is a design feature of a detection circuit and system BIOSes developed by Award/Unicore from 1997 on."
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4 weeks ago
The Case for a Great Developer Experience - Caseysoftware
Via Keith
"Who does Developer Experience help?
A great developer experience – including but not limited to great documentation, simple SDKs, and relevant examples – lets all developers move quickly:

A solo developer can evaluate an idea in an evening;
A Fortune 500 developer can play with that idea between sprints;
A prospect can try your product on their own and sell themselves on the solution;
A sales engineer can demonstrate a concept in a demo and hand it to a prospect;
A savvy product manger can explore that idea before it becomes a requirement.
From a business perspective, a great developer experience serves two purposes:

It places a long bet that there are future-whales looking for your service that you can catch early.
It solves a problem today by getting existing/potential customers started, prototyped, and deployed as quickly and painlessly as possible.
A great developer experience is vital because real-live production systems are built by busy people who want to do useful work and go home.

If you can make either easier, you win because they’ve won.

developer  experience  justification  roi  investment 
4 weeks ago
SchemaType • Defining the Data Web
"A data type definition language for YAML, JSON, CSV and more."
from the guy behind YAML.
json  modeling  yaml  schemas 
5 weeks ago
API Access Management | Okta Developer
"API Access Management, or OAuth as a Service, extends Okta’s security policies, Universal Directory, and user provisioning into APIs, while providing well-defined OAuth interfaces for developers. Further, while many of our customers use dedicated API gateways such as Apigee or Mulesoft, API Access Management can be used equally well with or without a gateway.

This document represents our recommendations for proper usage based on the OAuth 2.0 specifications, our design decisions, security best practices, and successful customer deployments. Your requirements and constraints may be different, so not every recommendation fits every situation. However, most recommendations fit most scenarios."
oauth  apis  okta 
5 weeks ago
Docusaurus · Easy to Maintain Open Source Documentation Websites
facebook made a thing. It's for documenting oss projects. React-based, of course.
facebook  markdown  react  documentation  docs  opensource 
5 weeks ago
Xero’s OpenAPI story – Xero Developer
Nice overview of Xero's journey.

"Our OpenAPI experience started when we used the Swagger tools for some new internal services. At Xero we’ve historically used Apiary but decided to give Swagger a try too.

Starting out that way was great because it quickly taught us two important things:

Constantly up-to-date Swagger descriptions were super useful for automating a bunch of things (docs, mocks, client generation etc.). We could easily see how this would be valuable for the thousands of devs that consume our public API too.
Swagger isn’t a magic solution that means you get great docs “for free”. It still takes committed thought and effort to make sure you get high quality results at the end.
Some teams really embraced Swagger for their API work and made it part of their “definition of done”, others found it a hassle and went back to Apiary and whiteboarding."
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6 weeks ago
Raneto - A free, open, simple Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs
"Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs
Raneto is an open source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase."
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6 weeks ago
MetaFilter founder Matt Haughey says online communities chasing page views are inviting 'mob rule' - Recode
"“Once a year some VC guy will see my name and email me and be like, ‘We should talk. Oh my God, you’re an underutilized business, I could flip this. This should be 10X, this, that.’ But no one can answer the question: if you gave me $5 million to invest in MetaFilter, what would you do with it to make it better or worth more? Communities don’t respond well to rapid growth.”"
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6 weeks ago
A Response to REST is the new SOAP | Phil Sturgeon
a worthy response to the driveling claim of another
apis  design  rest  SOAP 
6 weeks ago
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