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Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus - BIG IDEA DESIGN LLC
Pen Name/ Refill Name
•Avant Pen Refills (0.5mm)
•Bic Velocity Gel 0.7mm (Medium)
•Cross Gel Rolling Ball Refill 0.7mm
•Dong-A Fine Tech RT Pen (GRC-43 refill)
•Duke Rollerball Refill (Medium)
•Faber-Castell Ceramic Rollerball Refill 0.5mm
•Foray (Office Depot’s Brand-USA) Replacement Refills
•Mont Blanc Fineliner Refills
•Mont Blanc 163 Rollerball Pen Refills  (M) & (F)
•Monteverde Rollerball Refill (Mont Blanc Style Replacements)
•MUJI 0.5mm Refill
•Ohto Ceramic Rollerball Refill (C-305P, C-307P)
•Pentel ENERGEL BLN105 pen (LRN5 & LRN7)
•Pentel HyperG Retractable KL257 Series (LR7 & KLR7)
•Pilot B2P Bottle to Pen Gel Ink Pen Refill – 0.7 mm
•Pilot Frixion Ball pen BLS-FR5 (LFBK-23EF-B refill)
•Pilot G2 (America’s #1 selling ink gel pen, 0.38, 0.5, 0.7, &1.0mm)
•Pilot G2 Pro
•Pilot G6
•Pilot Hi-Tec-C Cavalier (Same performance as Hi-Tec-C, but with more ink)
•Pilot Juice Gel Ink Refill (LP2RF, .05mm)
•Pilot Precise V5 RT/V7 RT, named Hi-tecpoint V5 RT/V7 RT in Europe
•Pilot Q7 Needle Point Refill 0.7mm (BLS-GCK-7 / LHKRF-8C7)
•Pilot V ball RT (BLS-VB5RT)
•Pelikan Roller Refill 338 Rollerball
•Schmidt Safety ceramic roller 888 Fine
•Schneider Topball 850
•Staples Classic Grip Pen 0.7mm Gel (#31581)
•TUL GL1 Gel Pen Retractable Needle Point Fine 0.5mm
•Uniball Impact RT 1.0mm Bold (Signo UMR-80)
•Uniball Signo RT Gel 0.38mm & 0.5mm (UMN-138)
•Uniball Signo (UMN-152)
•Uniball Signo 207 Gel Refill 0.7mm (UMR-87, UMR-85)
•Uniball Jetstream 0.7mm (SXR-7) & 1mm (SXR-C1)
•Visconti Rolling Ceramic 0.7mm (AA40)
•Waterman Rollerball Refill
•Zebra Sarasa Clip Pen Refill
•Zebra JF Gel Ink (JJ2; JJ15; JJZ15; JJ21; RJF5 pens)
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september 2015 by eYeToEyeRob
Schneider Slider 755 Pen Refill Medium | Cult Pens
Metal giant refill in 'Parker-style' G2 format with Schneider's revolutionary ViscoGlide ink, for an ultra-smooth, fast-drying writing experience. Wear-resistant stainless-steel tip guarantees clean and complete use of ink. Black ink is waterproof according to ISO 12757-2.
Medium point writes approx 0.4mm line.
PensPencilsWriting  pens  parkerStyle  2015b  sep  refills 
september 2015 by eYeToEyeRob
OHTO Needlepoint Ballpoint Pen Refill P80-07NP | Cult Pens
Needlepoint ballpoint refill for OHTO Tasche ballpoint. The P80-07NP refill is a Parker-style refill which will fit a wide range of ballpoint pens - giving you the option of a 0.7mm needle tip, writing a fine 0.35mm line.
Available with Black ink only.
2015b  pens  refills  parkerStyle  sep  PensPencilsWriting 
september 2015 by eYeToEyeRob
Monteverde Soft Roll P13 for Parker Ballpoint Pens Pack of 2 | Cult Pens
Monteverde P13 Ballpoint refill for most Parker® ballpoint pens.
Soft Roll™ ink technology - low viscosity free-flowing ink for the smoothest writing experience possible.
PensPencilsWriting  pens  refills  sep  2015b  parkerStyle 
september 2015 by eYeToEyeRob
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