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Unix FAQ (for OS X)
Unix FAQ (for OS X)

This document is intended as a way of answering some of the questions that are frequently asked (especially by beginners) about Unix on OS X. The answers have been updated for Leopard (OS X version 10.5).
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january 2014 by eYeToEyeRob
List of User-Agents (Spiders, Robots, Browser)
searchable database of user-agents as used by browsers, search-engines spiders and crawlers, web-directories, download managers, link checkers, proxy servers, web filtering tools, harvesters, spambots, badbots. Sorted by the user-agents names with informations about their type, purpose and origin.
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october 2011 by eYeToEyeRob
Safari HTML Reference: Introduction
This document details every HTML element and property supported by WebKit and Safari on all platforms, which include Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows. You should read this if you are developing web content that will be displayed in Safari or within a WebKit-based application.
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december 2010 by eYeToEyeRob
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