sarah beth morgan
designer / animator / cat lady
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3 days ago
marcus.io · Home
Hello, I'm Marcus, a freelance web developer from Berlin, Germany. This is my blog. If you want to keep in touch, subscribe to my little newsletter ✌️
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4 days ago
Tims Curious Creations
Welcome to the wide weird world of Tim Holman, this is the stuff he's made, and a little about how it was done.
design  art  visualization  canvas  inspiration  portfolio  experiments 
11 days ago
Anatomy of an AI System
Anatomy of an AI System - The Amazon Echo as an anatomical map of human labor, data and planetary resources. By Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler (2018)
infrastructure  ai  anatomy  diagram  system  art  criticism 
11 days ago
Regen.fm: Klänge der Entspannung
Regen, Meeresrauschen und Katzenschnurren warten auf dich. Mische dir deinen Soundtrack zur Entspannung oder zum konzentrierten Arbeiten einfach selber!
ambient  sound  productivity 
12 days ago
Left by Rekka & Devine
A simple minimalist text editor.
mac  app  editor  markdown  opensource  free 
13 days ago
DBngin | All-in-One Database Version Management Tool
The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis & more. Install & manage multiple local database servers of various versions within a click.
mac  app  database  tool 
15 days ago
Web Design Museum
Web Design Museum exhibits over 900 unique designs from the years 1995 to 2005. Discover forgotten trends in web design.
web  design  history  inspiration  gallery  museum 
15 days ago
liuchengxu/vim-which-key: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup
:tulip: Vim plugin that shows keybindings in popup - liuchengxu/vim-which-key
dotfiles  editor  vim  cheatsheet  productivity  opensource  extension  keyboard 
15 days ago
netgusto/nodebook: Nodebook - Minimalist Node REPL with web UI
Nodebook - Minimalist Node REPL with web UI. Contribute to netgusto/nodebook development by creating an account on GitHub.
javascript  opensource  productivity  minimalism  nodejs  repl 
15 days ago
de-sk : the modular desk
A beautiful, resizable and affordable desk system. Re-arrange and move workspaces easily and quickly.
design  furniture 
15 days ago
Bananafish Software | Spillo
Software for the Mac, including Spillo for Pinboard, Disco Dancer for Last.fm and Dumper
mac  app  pinboard 
16 days ago
Andrew Weber Design
My name is Andrew Weber and I am a creative director and graphic designer
based in Berlin. Specialising in web design for seven years, I have grown
to love the role of guiding the creative process, developing visual
identities for brands and businesses of all kinds.
web  design  portfolio  inspiration 
18 days ago
The Modern Javascript Tutorial
Modern JavaScript Tutorial: simple, but detailed explanations with examples and tasks, including: closures, document and events, object oriented programming and more.
javascript  tutorial  programming  book  learning 
18 days ago
V&A · Chance and Control: Art in the Age of Computers
Celebrating 50 years and more of computer generated art
image  art  generative 
20 days ago
Cryptee | Private, Secure, Encrypted Documents & Photos
Cryptee is a zero-knowledge, cross-platform, encrypted photos, documents, notes and files app. Encrypted Notes? Encrypted Docs? Encrypted Files? You got it.
cloud  encryption  documents  backup  encrypted  online  photos  security  storage 
20 days ago
Google, but for colors.
design  search  colors  tools  tool  app 
20 days ago
Future Memories
Future Memories is a digital studio where strategic design and technology unite into products of tomorrow.
portfolio  inspiration 
20 days ago
Appscope - The best progressive web apps
Appscope is the leading directory for progressive web apps and offers a collection of the best web-based applications that are compatible with all devices.
pwa  progressive  web  app  showcase  collection  development  list  directory  gallery 
20 days ago
A selection of Progressive Web Apps
A handful of nice examples showcasing what Progressive Web Apps can look like.
pwa  progressive  web  app  showcase  collection  development  list 
20 days ago
GitHub - niw/HapticKey: A simple utility application to trigger haptic feedback when tapping Touch Bar.
A simple utility application to trigger haptic feedback when tapping Touch Bar. - niw/HapticKey
mac  macbook  touchbar  app  opensource 
22 days ago
GitHub - billziss-gh/EnergyBar: Supercharge your Mac's Touch Bar.
Supercharge your Mac's Touch Bar. Contribute to billziss-gh/EnergyBar development by creating an account on GitHub.
mac  macbook  touchbar 
22 days ago
GitHub - vas3k/btt-touchbar-presets: BetterTouchTool Touch Bar Presets
BetterTouchTool Touch Bar Presets. Contribute to vas3k/btt-touchbar-presets development by creating an account on GitHub.
mac  macbook  touchbar  apple 
22 days ago
dastergon/awesome-sre: A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.
A curated list of Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources. - dastergon/awesome-sre
sysadmin  awesome  devops  sre  code  datacenter 
23 days ago
Vanilla - hide Mac menu bar icons for free
Vanilla is a free Mac app that lets you hide icons from your menu bar.
mac  app  productivity  menubar  macos  utilities  alternative  bartender 
24 days ago
Nulana - Flexiglass
Nulana is a software company that creates great applications for Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.
mac  app  window  manager 
24 days ago
Shrink Me - Compress JPG, PNG and WEBP Images
Shrink Me enables you to easily compress JPG, PNG and WEBP images
in order to make your site / apps smaller and faster for your users.
images  performance  optimization  compression  size  online 
24 days ago
Cuckoo – A productivity timer for remote teams.
Create a timer, share it with your team and get ready for more productive meetings.
pomodoro  online  timer  timetracking  productivity  collaborative  web  team 
24 days ago
Franz – a free messaging app for Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more
Franz is a free messaging app /former emperor of Austria, that combines chat & messaging services into one application.
mac  app  chat  messenger  wrapper  electron 
24 days ago
Rambox - Boost your productivity
Rambox it's a workspace browser that allows you to manage as many appications as you want, all in one place. It is perfect for people who care about productivity and work with many applications, both business and personal
chat  opensource  wrapper  multimessenger  messenger  mac  app 
24 days ago
Firework by Startpack — Fastest access to web applications
Free application for easy access to web services. Combine apps, fasten to the taskbar and easily switch between them.
mac  app  messenger  wrapper  electron 
24 days ago
wellsjo/JSON-Splora: GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data
GUI for editing, visualizing, and manipulating JSON data - wellsjo/JSON-Splora
json  gui  jq  data  electron  app  mac 
25 days ago
Hover States / The home of alternative digital design
Bathe in the beautifully subtle repeating nav motif of Manuel Moreno
web  ui  design  ux  interaction  inspiration  collection  digital 
25 days ago
Hover States / Manuel Moreno
Bathe in the beautifully subtle repeating nav motif of Manuel Moreno
web  design  inspiration 
25 days ago
Shifty - Get more control over Night Shift
A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift. With Shifty, Night Shift becomes a power user feature! Free download
mac  app  apple  macbook  nightshift  utilities  tools  opensource 
25 days ago
Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
Easy and free screen recorder for Mac, Windows, and Chromebooks. Record your camera and screen with audio directly from your Chrome browser and share the video with your team, friends, and family.
chrome  productivity  screencast  recording  recorder  screen  video  tool 
4 weeks ago
Wattagio is powerful battery assistant. It informs you about current battery health and helps to decrease power usage. Flexible settings in application give options to customize your profile to meet your needs.
mac  app  battery 
4 weeks ago
Twitter’s open source emoji has you covered for all your project's emoji needs. With support for the latest Unicode emoji specification, featuring 2,841 emojis, and all for free.
emoji  opensource  svg  design  free  images  resources 
4 weeks ago
Laptop Key Replacement | Keyboard Keys | Keypad Keys
Missing a Laptop Key? Shop Now For Genuine Keyboard Key Replacements. We Sell Laptop Keys For All Brands At Reasonable Prices.
mac  shop  keyboard 
4 weeks ago
Trackpad-oriented window manager for macOS
mac  app  windo  manager 
4 weeks ago
Owen Williams
Owen is a freelance developer, UX writer, maker and technologist based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He's always looking for great new projects!
portfolio  inspiration 
5 weeks ago
There’s always more work to do—but you still don’t need to work long hours
Have you ever wished you could reduce your working hours, or even just limit yourself to 40 hours a week, but came up against all the work that just needs doing? There’s always more work to do, always more bugs, always some feature that’s important to someone— How can you limit yourself to 40 hours a week, let alone a shorter workweek, given all this work? The answer: by planning ahead. And planning ahead the right way.
programming  philosophy  career  work 
6 weeks ago
Polyhedra Viewer
An interactive polyhedra viewer and manipulator
graphics  mathematics  geometry  maths 
6 weeks ago
Pts is a javascript library for visualization and creative-coding.
javascript  canvas  library  animation  visualization  drawing  geometry  graphics 
6 weeks ago
Photojournalism around the world, especially focusing on a broad variety of social topics
images  art  inspiration  photography 
7 weeks ago
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