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command line - Using ffmpeg to cut up video - Super User
You can use the -ss option to specify a start timestamp, and the -t option to specify the encoding duration. The timestamps need to be in format or in seconds.

The following would clip the first 30 seconds, and then clip everything that is 10 seconds after that:

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:30.0 -i input.wmv -c copy -t 00:00:10.0 output.wmv
ffmpeg -ss 30 -i input.wmv -c copy -t 10 output.wmv
# tp siger ss skal stå før -i pga keyframe?
ffmpeg  cut  video  duration  edit 
june 2014 by dza
▶ The Greatest Speech Ever Made - YouTube
"The Great Dictator" by Charlie Chaplin.

The greatest speech of all time :) really beautiful and more relevant than ever.
charlie  chaplin  the  great  dictator  inspiration  video  timewaste 
september 2013 by dza
Lily Allen - Fuck You - YouTube
Got to be the craziest music video?

Life of a smartphone? Lol.
timewaste  music  video 
march 2013 by dza
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler - YouTube
Great music video that won several awards ..
freestyler  bomfunk  mc  mcs  music  video  mvid 
march 2013 by dza
The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet | Wired Magazine |
Two decades after its birth, the World Wide Web is in decline, as simpler, sleeker services — think apps — are less about the searching and more about the getting. Chris Anderson explains how this new paradigm reflects the inevitable course of capitalism. And Michael Wolff explains why the new breed of media titan is forsaking the Web for more promising (and profitable) pastures.
web  statistics  trend  trends  newsgroup  newsgroups  p2p  peer-to-peer  video  email  ftp 
august 2012 by dza
K50AB K50AD K50AF K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K50IP K51AC K51AE K70 K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70IC K70ID K70IJ K70IO K60IJ K60IL K61IC P50IJ F82Q

[Maybe also X53E?]
howto  tutorial  guide  video  x53e  asus  keyboard  k50ab  k50ad  k50af  k50c  k50id  k50ie  k50ij  k50il  k50in  k50ip  k51ac  k51ae  k70  k70ab  k70ac  k70ad  k70ae  k70af  k70ic  k70id  k70ij  k70io  k60ij  k60il  k61ic  p50ij  f82q 
may 2012 by dza
Quake Live Custom Resolution
r_mode -1
r_customWidth 1366
r_customHeight 768
writeconfig autoexec
quake  live  display  custom  resolution  video  vid_restart  autoexec  3  arena  game  games  gaming  from notes
february 2012 by dza
HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

Supported Sources:

Most common multimedia files that libavformat and libavcodec support.
Any DVD or Bluray-like source which is NOT copy-protected. (removal of copy protection is not supported)
dvd  rip  ripping  linux  windows  software  video  xvid  x264  divx 
november 2011 by dza
Good programming audiobook - Stack Overflow
Revolution OS
The Code Linux
Hackers Are People Too
Hackers Wizards of the Electronic Age
Download The True Story of the Internet
Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires
Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
programming  audiobook  video  film  films  movie  movies  howto  tutorial  guide  documentary  dev  podcast 
november 2011 by dza
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software
HOWTO(s), TUTORIAL(s), GUIDE(s)w/ screen capture and fancy "Click" thing ..

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
You can create video tutorials for school or college class
You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them
howto  tutorial  guide  video  videos  presentation  screencast  click  clicking  record  recording  desktop 
september 2011 by dza
Future & Present - Gerard Trueba & Toni Bou - on Vimeo
Looks a this boy very young and very talented motocross/bike rider ..
motocross  video  entertainment  timewaste  sport  sports  mx  fun  funny  gerard  trueba  toni  bou 
december 2010 by dza
Make a thank you movie!
Make a really funny personalized movie with a picture of yourself embedded into a highly ceremonial video ;)
fun  funny  timewaste  humor  humour  cool  animation  swe  swedish  webcam  movie  movies  flash  video 
february 2010 by dza
Python Videos, Tutorials and Screencasts
ShowMeDo's Python video section contains a few interesting videos if you're feeling lazy !
python  tutorial  guide  howto  dev  programming  code  coding  django  video  videos  learn  learning  training  development  toread 
november 2009 by dza
Top 12 Linux & FLOSS advertisements & videos
Lots of different Linux/OpenSource advertisement videos.
gnu  linux  foss  floss  ibm  novell  matrix  windows  xp  redhat  red  hat  ad  ads  opensource  open-source  advertisement  video  videos 
september 2009 by dza
YouTube - The Halo 3 Hoedown
Halo 2 and 3 is a shitty game and you know it .. Halo 1 came out when it was already obsolete by other much better games like Battlefield or others.
youtube  halo  halo3  hype  hyping  game  gaming  gamer  gamers  hoedown  video  funny  timewaste 
august 2009 by dza
Yet another Linux video editor, but this is a good one.
video  edit  editing  videoedit  videoediting  opensource  gfx  movie  movies  avi  mov  mpg  mpeg  divx  xvid  mkv  editor  film  video-edit  video-editing  avidemux 
august 2009 by dza
ZFS Self Healing at
This demo shows how ZFS's self healing features can repair silent data corruption which occurs in mirrored volumes. This is in contrast to traditional volume managers which won't notice that the corruption ever occurred. In this demo, we splat random data over one side of a mirror. Please use extreme caution if you decide to replicate this experiment. And don't try it with a traditional volume manager.
zfs  basic  basics  filesystem  tutorial  howto  guide  storage  filesystems  video  unix  presentation  slideshow  slide  slides  opensolaris  solaris  zpool  zpools  snapshot  snapshots  backup  silent  data  corrupt  corruption  checksum  checksums  selfheal  self-heal  selfhealing  self-healing  raid-z  raidz 
august 2009 by dza
Django | Community
[COMMUNITY]: Lots of interesting talks from blogs from different Django developers, links to all sorts of community built stuff like mailing-lists, fan-art, wallpapers, logos, #django
django  python  framework  webdev  webframework  blog  development  community  new  news  script  scripting  code  dev  programming  blogs  talk  talks  video  djangocon  PyCon  irc  mailing-list  mailinglist  mailing-lists  #django  django-users  django-developers  subscribe  subscription  badge  badges  logo  logos  wallpaper  wallpapers  django-updates  wiki  faq  fanart  fan  fans 
july 2009 by dza
YouTube - DjangoCon 2008: Satchmo
[SATCHMO]: The new e-Commerce webshop addition to the Django framework
django  web  python  script  scripting  webdev  development  code  dev  programming  api  satchmo  ecommerce  e-commerce  business  shop  shopping  webshop  djangocon  video  chris  moffitt  bruce  kroeze  framework  webframework 
july 2009 by dza
pdaXrom-ng | Bootloader for PS3
A bootloader for PS3 supporting vfat, ext2, ext3, iso9660, udf .. By devices it supports: HD, CD, DVD, CardReader, USBpen, USB-HD, USB-CD/DVD
pdaxrom  ps3  playstation  sony  3  playstation3  cd  dvd  boot  booting  bootloader  ps3boot  otheros  otheros.bld  video  videomode  linux 
june 2009 by dza
How to Setup SPE Scaler Tool for PS3 Linux - PS3 NEWS - PlayStation 3 News
A so called "SPE Scaler" for PS3 with Linux. (Makes me wonder, do emulators lack a fullscreen mode or wtf?)
spe  scale  scaler  video  mode  zoom  zooming  2x  4x  8x  emu  emulator  snes9x  sdlmame  mednafen  xe  ps3  playstation  sony  cell  ydl  yellowdog  yellow  dog 
june 2009 by dza - H264 - åben betatest
Se DR1 og DR2 på Mac og Linux og stream over RTSP i din yndlingsafspiller (VLC, MPlayer, Xine, QuickTime eller lign.)
tv  mac  linux  video  radio  streaming  dr1  dr2  h264  h.264  danmark  stream  beta  live  dr  danmarks  danmarksradio  livetv  vlc  mp4  rtsp  quicktime  videolan 
march 2009 by dza
Learn Security Online
A site with a few good metasploit tutorials and some crackmes
tutorial  howto  guide  networking  tcp/ip  tcpip  net  video  learn  learning  hack  hacking  security  videos  crack  training  crackme  metasploit  tcp-ip  train 
february 2009 by dza
Om det er gensyn med Matador, Valomanden, TAXA, Huset på Christianshavn eller Bamse og Kylling så har Bonanza garanteret noget for din smag.. Få adgang til DR's video-arkiver her.
bonanza  dr  danmark  danmarks  radio  dr1  dr2  denmark  film  stream  streaming  tv  television  video  arkiv  archive  timewaste  fun  funny 
october 2008 by dza
VGA Cable from CAT5
You can connect your PC to your wide screen TV if either the TV has an RGB (HD-15 or 5 RCA) input or if your computer can output its signal in component. Some video cards can do this natively (some ATI) or via a "dongle" (most Radeon cards), some NVIDIA cards have component output also. Bottom line: you'll have to check the specs of your video card. If there is no RGB input on the TC or component output from the video card, you'll need to get an RGB to Component transcoder, or scan converter (really two names for the same thing).
vga2component  component  vga  audio  video  rca  s-video  hd-15  pc  tv  tutorial  guide  howto  electronic  cat5  cat5e  diagram  cable  cabling  lcd  d-sub  dsub 
october 2008 by dza
Warriors of the Net
A funny 3D animation movie about how the Internet and networks work. Used in Cisco Academy as well. there is one outright error in the video. About 5 minutes in, the statement is made "What happens when Mr. IP doesn't receive an acknowledgement, he simply sends a replacement packet." As you will find out in later chapters, this is not a function of the Layer 3 Internet Protocol, which is an "unreliable", best effort delivery protocol, but rather a function of the Transport Layer TCP Protocol.
network  net  networks  osi  layers  warriors  warrior  of  the  ip  tcp/ip  tcp  tcp-ip  guide  howto  tutorial  video  technology  documentary  learn  learning  education  school  edu  skole  packet  packets  router  firewall  gateway  internet 
september 2008 by dza
Earthship Biotecture
Using advanced architecture (biotecture) to transfer heat and energy and minimize the use of electricity to adjust the temperature and maximum use of solar panels to make sure your home has a minimal energy consumption.
biotecture  earthship  house  houses  energy  green  home  science  video  earth  diy  recycling  recycle  solar 
august 2008 by dza
Subtitles for DivX, XviD, Blu-Ray, and HD-DVD rips .. Contains alot of NORDiC SUBPACK releases.
sub  subs  dksub  dksubs  subpack  nordic  divx  xvid  dvdrip  hdrip  movie  movies  download  downloads  downloading  video  search  srt  film 
april 2008 by dza
Online Video Guide: Most Popular Videos for This Week | Veoh Video Network
The replacement, watch videos youtube-style in DivX-quality.
stage6  divx  video  stream  streaming  clip  clips  movie  movies  tv 
march 2008 by dza
Main Page - PS3 Wiki
Some information on Linux on the PS3, and a few other informations, but not anything unique.. The wiki is heavily spam-attacked.
ps3  wiki  linux  video  mode  gentoo  fedora  yellow  dog  core  psp  playstation  3  console 
january 2008 by dza
Windows Vista True Info Video
Funny ironic commercial video about all Vista's problems
vista  funny  fun  windows  microsoft  timewaste  video  commercial 
december 2007 by dza - Din guide til fladskærme
Afslører sandheden om de forbandede fladskærme og paneler. Nu vil vi ikke snydes mere!
lcd  tv  hdtv  panel  panels  television  video  monitor  hardware  display  compare  comparison  test  review  guide 
november 2007 by dza
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