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Restrict SSH logins to a single command | CyberSmashup
Runs with "$SHELL -c" means that no environment is loaded, because a single cmd is executed.
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may 2016 by dza
Resize splits more quickly - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia
You can use the :resize command or its shortcut :res to change the height of the window. To change the height to 60 rows, use:

:resize 60

You can also change the height in increments. To change the height by increments of 5, use:

:res +5
:res -5

You can use :vertical resize to change the width of the current window. To change the width to 80 columns, use:

:vertical resize 80

You can also change the width in increments. To change the width by increments of 5, use:

:vertical resize +5
:vertical resize -5
howto  tutorial  guide  vim  resize  split  window  windows 
march 2016 by dza
themes - How to disable taskbar transparency in Windows 8 desktop? - Super User
Disable aero on Windows 8 without using third-party programs like ClassicShell/Start8 etc.
howto  tutorial  guide  windows  8  aero  lite  theme  themes  !installed 
august 2015 by dza
Shut Down or Reboot Your Mac Immediately with a Keyboard Command
If you need to reboot and you don't feel like shutting down your apps one by one or waiting for Mac OS to walk you through them, press Ctrl+Cmd+Eject to reboot your Mac immediately, with no alerts or warning dialogs. If you need to shut down and run out the door, press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+Eject to shut down immediately, also without alerts or warning dialogs. Be careful using these commands though: you won't be prompted to save your work or review your open apps first.

You can also press Ctrl+Eject (or press the power button) to bring up the power management menu and select whether you want to reboot, shut down, sleep, or do nothing. Before you use any of these commands though, remember you can always press Cmd+Opt+Shift+Esc to force-quit the front-most application if that's what's making you want to reboot. Photo by
howto  tutorial  guide  mac  macosx  macintosh  osx  newbie  apple  reboot  shutdown 
july 2015 by dza
How to force OS X Notes application to lose formatting when I paste text from clipboard? - Ask Different

If you would like to make this the default action when pressing ⌘V, open System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts, and select Application Shortcuts from the list on the left. Then, hit + to make a new shortcut, select from the dropdown list, enter Paste and Match Style exactly in the Menu Title box, then hit ⌘V with your cursor in the Keyboard Shortcut box. After hitting Add, you can flip back to and click on the Edit menu to see that the shortcut has been reassigned.
howto  tutorial  guide  mac  macosx  macintosh  osx  newbie  apple  notes 
july 2015 by dza
Move Everything From One Layer to Another | InDesignSecrets
ALT+Click on little color square and drag to another layer..
howto  tutorial  guide  adobe  indesign  layer  layers  move 
february 2015 by dza
How to make millimeters the default measurement unit in Adobe InDesign? - Graphic Design Stack Exchange
NOTE: You have to close all open documents first for it to work on the "New Document" menu.
howto  tutorial  guide  indesign  mm  pica  picas  p  points  point  measurement  unit  units 
february 2015 by dza
▶ 10 Redstone Builds You WILL NEED! - YouTube
Waste dispenser / Transporter
Timestamp: 4:52

Item Transport (Vertical)
Timestamp: 6:01

Big Storage System (Hoppers+Chests)
Timestamp: 7:46

Auto Furnace
Timestamp: 8:52

Daylight Sensor (Glowstone Lamp)
Timestamp: 10:48

Obsidian Generator (From String or Redstone)
Timestamp: 11:50
howto  tutorial  guide  gaming  minecraft  dispenser  waste  item  transport  vertical  hopper  hoppers  chest  storage  furnace  auto  glowstone  daylight  sensor  redstone  obsidian  string 
october 2014 by dza
Minecraft: 10 Fun Things To Do With TNT! - YouTube
Lots of nice ideas.

TNT Destroyer of Worlds (Erasing large areas)
TNT Cannon (Tiny TNT Cannon)
TNT Quarry
TNT Missile (Tomahawk)
TNT Freefall Player Cannon
TNT Tamperproof Bomb
minecraft  redstone  tnt  quarry  cannon  missile  freefall  tamperproof  bomb  howto  tutorial  guide  gaming 
october 2014 by dza
Minecraft 1.5 Update - Dropper, Hopper, Comparator and more! - YouTube
Auto-furnace w/ hopper
Minecart w/ TNT and Activator Rail
Redstone Comparator
Redstone Comparator (chest inventory free space output)
Minecart auto-fill furnace w/ coal and ore and output into dropper
minecraft  dropper  hopper  comparator  redstone  tutorial  howto  guide  trapped  chest  daylight  sensor  furnace  auto  minecart  tnt  activator  rail  nether  quartz 
october 2014 by dza
» Linuxaria – Everything about GNU/Linux and Open source Linux Terminal: An lsof Primer
# show connections
lsof -i

# show TCP connections
lsof -iTCP

# show specific port
lsof -i :22

# show connections to specific host
lsof -i@

# Find listening ports
lsof -i -sTCP:LISTEN

# Find established connections

# Show what files a user has open
lsof -u dza

# Show what all other users except you are doing
lsof -u ^dza

# Nuke all his processes
kill -9 `lsof -t -u dza`

# See files/connections for binary
lsof -c firefox

# See what a PID has open
lsof -p 10075

# PID for binary
lsof -t -c firefox

# Show interactions for dir
lsof /var/log/messages

# Show everything interacting with a given file
lsof /home/dza/lol.txt

# Show me everything dza is doing connected to
lsof -u daniel -i @

# HUP a process
kill -HUP `lsof -t -c sshd`

#lsof +L1 shows you all open files that have a link count less than 1
#This is often (but not always) indicative of an attacker trying to #hide file content by unlinking it.
lsof +L1
# Should return nothing if OK.

# Show open connections with a port range
lsof -i @
howto  tutorial  guide  lsof  !lsof 
october 2014 by dza
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