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PF: Traffic Redirection (Port Forwarding)
an older version (more compatible with freebsd's pf fork?)
pf  packet  filter  firewall  firewalls  networking  security  network 
august 2017 by dza
OpenBSD PF: User's Guide
A great guide linked from FreeBSD handbook
pf  packet  filter  firewall  firewalls  networking  security  network 
august 2017 by dza
Fun with Ettercap Filters
Replace packets on-the-fly with Ettercap w/ ARM poisoning.

Not sure if this works locally, I couldn't get it to work locally (as in localhost).
ettercap  hack  hacking  security  arp  filter  capture  modify  packet  packets  etterfilter  mitm  network  networking 
march 2013 by dza
Dual WAN Example on pfSense
Have you ever wanted to bundle/bond/combine devices together to increase your available bandwidth or load balance your routing? pfSense has been able to do this since its alpha version. pfSense is in 1.0 Beta 4 now, with RC to be released very soon. pfSense also supports QoS, so you can run BitTorrent & VoIP at the same time. Kick that iptables script or vendor X's firewall/router solution aside & move to pfSense!
howto  tutorial  guide  security  network  networking  pfSense  packet  packets  firewall  packetfilter  packetfiltering  bandwidth  loadbalance  loadbalancing  QoS  router  wan 
june 2010 by dza
Its possible to hack online on PS3
Quite a newb tutorial but at least contains a good list of network sniffing programs
ps3  sony  console  consoles  game  gaming  sniffing  hack  hacking  sniff  packet  packets  wep  cain  able  commview  aircrack  give  me  too  sniffpass  ethersnoop  etherscan  analyzer  netmon  kismet  tcpdump  ettercap  dsniff 
june 2010 by dza
Warriors of the Net
A funny 3D animation movie about how the Internet and networks work. Used in Cisco Academy as well. there is one outright error in the video. About 5 minutes in, the statement is made "What happens when Mr. IP doesn't receive an acknowledgement, he simply sends a replacement packet." As you will find out in later chapters, this is not a function of the Layer 3 Internet Protocol, which is an "unreliable", best effort delivery protocol, but rather a function of the Transport Layer TCP Protocol.
network  net  networks  osi  layers  warriors  warrior  of  the  ip  tcp/ip  tcp  tcp-ip  guide  howto  tutorial  video  technology  documentary  learn  learning  education  school  edu  skole  packet  packets  router  firewall  gateway  internet 
september 2008 by dza
#!/bin/the hacker's choice - THC
A group of hackers from Germany, many cool tools and papers.
thc  hack  hacking  network  networking  tcp  tcipip  packet  packets  secure  security  sysadmin  webdev  tool  tools  hacker  hackers  backdoor  exploit  scan  scanning 
august 2008 by dza
.:[ packet storm ]:. -
Security forum, on breaking into other computers, every computerkids dream. Don't think you'll be like Kevin Mitnick the next day, so start with small tasks you idiots.
imported  Hacking  hack  hacker  hackers  security  internet  packet  ddos  denial  of  service 
april 2004 by dza

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