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0xd4d / de4dot — Bitbucket
Supposedly the only one that can't be deobfuscated by common tools.
reverse-engineering  obfuscation  decompile  decompiler  CLR  csharp  net  windows  dotnet 
october 2013 by dza
Share windows internet connection
Windows 7 natively supports internet sharing through a virtual wifi-device
win7  windows  tether  tethering  internet  net  inet  connection  connect  native  wifi  share  sharing  via:ole 
march 2013 by dza
Change Windows share login
When you enter a login for a Windows share it gets automatically saved.

cmd -> net use \\server\sharefolder /delete
^ clears credentials.
net  use  windows  sysadmin  share  shares  smb  samba  login  credentials 
september 2010 by dza
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Eth | Linux Magazine
Do you think you have a network bottleneck that’s somehow related to your NIC’s speed or other settings? If so, ethtool might be the utility that will save the day and many painful conversations. Ethtool is a privileged user only (root), powerful system tool that allows you to query and change settings for your system’s ethernet cards. Using it, you can change almost every aspect of a supported card; from the basic to the esoteric.
network  networking  linux  eth  ethtool  ethernet  eth0  net  speed  mbit  howto  tutorial  guide 
may 2010 by dza
Learn Security Online
A site with a few good metasploit tutorials and some crackmes
tutorial  howto  guide  networking  tcp/ip  tcpip  net  video  learn  learning  hack  hacking  security  videos  crack  training  crackme  metasploit  tcp-ip  train 
february 2009 by dza
25C3 (German Conference) Conference
Looks like interesting read/view when the recordings/presentationslides will be uploaded.
dev  development  net  network  hack  hacking  crack  cracking  hardware  lan  25c3  ftp  download  downloading  freak  freaks  nerd  nerds  nerding  freaking 
december 2008 by dza
Warriors of the Net
A funny 3D animation movie about how the Internet and networks work. Used in Cisco Academy as well. there is one outright error in the video. About 5 minutes in, the statement is made "What happens when Mr. IP doesn't receive an acknowledgement, he simply sends a replacement packet." As you will find out in later chapters, this is not a function of the Layer 3 Internet Protocol, which is an "unreliable", best effort delivery protocol, but rather a function of the Transport Layer TCP Protocol.
network  net  networks  osi  layers  warriors  warrior  of  the  ip  tcp/ip  tcp  tcp-ip  guide  howto  tutorial  video  technology  documentary  learn  learning  education  school  edu  skole  packet  packets  router  firewall  gateway  internet 
september 2008 by dza

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