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PHP 5: not even close
Life has just been made much better for PHP programmers. But the real, lower level issues remain. Adding an object model doesn't fix the shortcomings that exist throughout the language.

And they still don't support real OO syntax for their built in objects like MySQL "resources".

PHP 5 isn't a BIG improvement. I wonder why it deserves a new major version number.
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october 2009 by dza
PHP in contrast to Perl
Explains some theories of why PHP is such a messy language.
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october 2009 by dza
2 gratis opslag om dagen: Engelsk-Dansk og Dansk-Engelsk. Tysk-Dansk og Dansk-Tysk. Fransk-Dansk og Dansk-Fransk. Spansk-Dansk og Dansk-Spansk. Svensk-Dansk og Dansk-Svensk. Portugisisk-Dansk og Dansk-Portugisisk. Italiensk-Dansk og Dansk-Italiensk.
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october 2009 by dza
Why Python?
Perl and Python compared. Conclusion: Tiny projects (100 lines or fewer) that uses regex = Perl .. Author: Eric Raymond.
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september 2009 by dza
Installing PyGTK on Windows at Superjazz
To run a Glade-file on Windows with a .py-file you will need to install python, gtk2-runtime, pycairo, pygobject, pygtk and convert the Glade-file with gtk-builder-convert (from GTK2-Runtime) (Windows version of Glade cannot save in GtkBuilder)
installing  pygtk  glade  pycairo  pygobject  gtk  gtk2  gtk-dev  gtkdev  gnome  py  python  code  script  scripting  dev  programming  language  languages  windows  win32 
july 2009 by dza
GTK+ and Glade3 GUI Programming Tutorial - Designing a User Interface using Glade3
One of the best tutorials there is to design GTK+ programs with Glade3 and Python or C as the programming language.
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june 2009 by dza
En god side om det danske sprog, med rigtigt mange aspekter dækket, alt ligefra komma og stavning, til bandeord og gamle slangord såsom sømandsudtryk og andet. Du kan øve dine skrivefærdigheder her.
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december 2007 by dza

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