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SSD Alignment Calculator | techPowerUp
=== SAMSUNG 840 PRO 256GB ===

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june 2013 by dza
Hard Disk Drive Duplicator (1:1): Samurai Jr.| HDD Duplication | Ji2
The Jinja successor Data Duplicator.

Samurai Jr. is all-in-one interface hard drisk testing, wiping, duplication, analysis and forensic acquisition equipment. Interface support includes SAS, Fibre Channel, SCSI and SATA/ATA. Built on a native SAS platform with 2 ports (1:1 duplication), Samurai Jr. Y-3020 is lightweight and compact enough to be carried to any location. The base unit is shipped with SAS/SATA/ATA configuration, and customers can opt for SCSI and Fibre Channel modules separately. With maximum duplication speeds of 18 GB/minute and advanced bad sector handling, Samurai Jr. is in a league of its own compared to PC or software-based duplicators.
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june 2012 by dza
Hiren's BootCD 11.0 -
Antivirus Tools
Backup Tools
Browsers/File Managers
Editors / Viewers
FileSystems Tools
Hard Disk Tools
MBR Tools
MS DOS Tools
Network Tools
Other Tools
Password Tools
Process Tools
Recovery Tools
Registry Tools
Remote Control Tools
Security / Encryption Tools
Startup Tools
System Information Tools
Testing Tools
Tweakers ..
hiren  boot  bootcd  bootdisk  dos  recovery  rescue  datarecovery  antivirus  virus  backup  filesystem  fs  ntfs  hd  harddisk  hard  disk  mbr  network  networking  partition  tools  password  security  testing  test  startup  encryption  remote  control  registry  process  ms  filesystems  filemanager  bios  cmos 
september 2010 by dza
DeepSpar Disk Imager: Hard Drive Data Recovery Imaging Device
Drive-to-drive imaging (Bypassing BIOS/OS), Maximum imaging speed for modern drives in UDMA modes, Control sector read timeout, Config and sector map stored on destination drive, Turn off auto-relocation and SMART operations, Real-time data evaluation, Read ignoring error correction codes, Multi-pass imaging, Reboot/Repower the drive, Create/Reset HPA, Express Diagnostics, Imaging in hot-swap mode. Includes: Device, SATA adapter, 2.5" adapter, IDE and power cables, manual, 1 year warranty.
data  recovery  harddisk  harddrive  harddisc  recovering  recover  spindle  drive  diagnosis  restoration  rebuild  rebuilding  filesystem  filesystems  motor  head  stack  sata  ide  securiy  sikkerhed  datasikkerhed  datasecurity  imaging  image  clone  cloning  duplicating  dupe  duplicator 
september 2009 by dza
OpenSolaris vs Linux | TuxRadar
Linux and OpenSolaris filesystems and commandline differences compared and a short tutorial to ZFS, snapshots and zones and finally getting flash to work.
opensolaris  linux  zfs  zpool  sun  sysadmin  opensource  howto  guide  tutorial  compare  comparison  reference  solaris  filesystem  filesystems  snapshot  snapshots  zone  zones 
september 2009 by dza
ZFS vs. Linux Raid + LVM
(Old) Comparison of ZFS vs. Linux and Linux RAID and LVM.
zfs  linux  raid  lvm  comparison  compare  filesystem  fs  filesystems  opensolaris  solaris  zpool  volume  volumes  snapshot  backup 
august 2009 by dza
ZFS Self Healing at
This demo shows how ZFS's self healing features can repair silent data corruption which occurs in mirrored volumes. This is in contrast to traditional volume managers which won't notice that the corruption ever occurred. In this demo, we splat random data over one side of a mirror. Please use extreme caution if you decide to replicate this experiment. And don't try it with a traditional volume manager.
zfs  basic  basics  filesystem  tutorial  howto  guide  storage  filesystems  video  unix  presentation  slideshow  slide  slides  opensolaris  solaris  zpool  zpools  snapshot  snapshots  backup  silent  data  corrupt  corruption  checksum  checksums  selfheal  self-heal  selfhealing  self-healing  raid-z  raidz 
august 2009 by dza
Filesystems (ext3, reiser, xfs, jfs) comparison on Debian Etch
XFS won: Maximum Capacity, Quick to create/mount/unmount, Faster on large files >500MB, 2nd fastest in large number of small files and moderate-size files and directories, and also you can resize xfs partitons on the fly with grow_fs and EVMS.
filesystem  fs  filesystems  sysadmin  storage  fileserver  fileservers  server  reiserfs  reiser  xfs  jfs  ext3  reference  review 
january 2009 by dza

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