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▶ $cientology - The Strange Case Of Steven Fishman - YouTube
Steve Fishman has been brainwashed by Scientology to kill one of their critics and later to self-destruct.
megalomania  egomania  egomaniac  scientology  brainwashed  psychopath  documentary  timewaste 
october 2014 by dza
The Man Who Ate His Lover - YouTube
Sick story ... I wonder what forum/chatroom "Franky" (Armin Meiwes) and "Cator99" (Bernd Brandes) used.
cannibalism  documentary  youtube  cannibal  crime  timewaste 
june 2013 by dza
Netscape Mozilla Documentary 1998 - 2000 ProJect Code Rush - creative common licence - YouTube
"Mo-zil-la lives!"

"I wanna make the UNIX version, run faster than the Windows version"
netscape  mozilla  documentary  aol  timewaste  history  pavlov 
january 2013 by dza
Good programming audiobook - Stack Overflow
Revolution OS
The Code Linux
Hackers Are People Too
Hackers Wizards of the Electronic Age
Download The True Story of the Internet
Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires
Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet
programming  audiobook  video  film  films  movie  movies  howto  tutorial  guide  documentary  dev  podcast 
november 2011 by dza
Warriors of the Net
A funny 3D animation movie about how the Internet and networks work. Used in Cisco Academy as well. there is one outright error in the video. About 5 minutes in, the statement is made "What happens when Mr. IP doesn't receive an acknowledgement, he simply sends a replacement packet." As you will find out in later chapters, this is not a function of the Layer 3 Internet Protocol, which is an "unreliable", best effort delivery protocol, but rather a function of the Transport Layer TCP Protocol.
network  net  networks  osi  layers  warriors  warrior  of  the  ip  tcp/ip  tcp  tcp-ip  guide  howto  tutorial  video  technology  documentary  learn  learning  education  school  edu  skole  packet  packets  router  firewall  gateway  internet 
september 2008 by dza
En masse gratis dokumentarfilm m.m. til undervisningsbrug på skoler og biblioteker.
film  movie  danish  dk  dokumentar  documentary  tv  television  movies  entertainment  school  education  skole  bibliotek  library 
may 2008 by dza

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