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GameplayKit Programming Guide: About GameplayKit
Describes how to use the GameplayKit framework to design game architectures and develop new gameplay features.
macos  games  ios  gameplaykit 
october 2017 by dylansm
iOS ARKit Tutorial: Drawing in the Air with Bare Fingers | Toptal
Quickly learn AR app development for iOS using Apple’s new ARKit framework.
arkit  ios 
august 2017 by dylansm
Current Trends And Future Prospects Of The Mobile App Market – Smashing Magazine
The mobile app market is growing faster than a beanstalk. In this article, you'll find out what the current trends and future prospects are.
android  apps  ios  Business 
march 2017 by dylansm
Astropad Studio | Beyond a graphics tablet
Turn your iPad into a professional drawing tablet.
Design  ipad  drawing  ios  illustration 
january 2017 by dylansm
Configuring Web Applications
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html5  safari  ios  webkit 
february 2015 by dylansm
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