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Sitecore Flow - the Benefits of Versioning Your Sitecore Environments | Code à la Mode Blog
Using git as part of the sitecore devops routine, local only, not ever pushed anywhere else.
sitecore  devops  git 
10 weeks ago by dwntrdr
Function for generating adaptive image urls in Sitecore
sitecore  image  webdev 
november 2017 by dwntrdr
Sitecore Sidekick | Bending Sitecore
Mechanism for loading angular apps within Sitecore Desktop, Content Editor or Experience Editor.
sitecore  angular  webdev 
february 2017 by dwntrdr
Home · mitikov/KeepSitecoreSimple Wiki · GitHub
Lots of low level sitecore stuff including generating and analysing memory dumps, general trouble shooting and how some bits like event queues work.
sitecore  debugging  memorydump 
january 2017 by dwntrdr
Getting multilist from SQL
List a section of the site in SQL, especially when using multilist
ifttt  delicious  sitecore  sql  query 
february 2016 by dwntrdr
Accessing Private Methods and Properties in Sitecore using Reflection | jammykam
Using private methods and properties in Sitecore [without having to copy+paste]
sitecore  reflection  private  webdev  c# 
september 2015 by dwntrdr
hermanussen/sitecore.codegenerator · GitHub
Generating glass mapper interfaces using t4 templates without using TDS
sitecore  glassmapper  glass  codegen  unicorn 
may 2015 by dwntrdr
efocus-nl/efocus.sitecore.conditionalconfigs · GitHub
Conditional configuration files and settings for Sitecore
sitecore  config 
may 2015 by dwntrdr
sergeyshushlyapin/Sitecore.FakeDb · GitHub
Looks like a very nice tool for unit testing sitecore by faking the sitecore db. Tests can be run completely in memory with no connection to Sitecore
sitecore  unittesting  fakes 
may 2015 by dwntrdr
Url Rewriter for Sitecore, rules are items within Sitecore tree
sitecore  url  shorturl  rewrite 
january 2015 by dwntrdr
2014 Sitecore Users Virtual Summit - YouTube
All videos from the Sitecore virtual summit in 2014.
january 2015 by dwntrdr
Luke.Net - Home
luke (lucene index viewer) built for .net
lucene  luke  tool  sitecore  from delicious
august 2014 by dwntrdr
CopySauce - made by igloo
Watches directories for updated files and then copies them to another destination. Useful when working outside the siteroot for files that don't need compiling (HTML/CSS/JS etc)
sitecore  webdev  tool  from delicious
august 2014 by dwntrdr
kamsar/Dianoga · GitHub
Automatic image optimisation for Sitecore 7+ sites.
sitecore  image  optimisation  opensource  from delicious
august 2014 by dwntrdr
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