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7 Principles For Rebuilding After The Trumpocalypse
Preparing for the Trumpkin Nuremberg Trials: "7 Principles For Rebuilding After The Trumpocalypse" #NeverTrump
april 2016 by dwismar
Garry Kasparov: Donald Trump’s vile New York values - NY Daily News
RT @Kasparov63: My @NYDailyNews op-ed wasn't just to bash Trump. He's a symptom of fake values selling easy answers to angry people.
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april 2016 by dwismar
Dear Trump Fan, So You Want Someone To ‘Tell It Like It Is’? OK, Here You Go. | TheBlaze.com
This Matt Walsh piece highlights the double standards, hypocrisies and general incoherence of Trump supporters:
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february 2016 by dwismar
Everything Trump Says About Trade With China Is Wrong
RT @scottlincicome: Facts don't matter to many Trump fans, but they're still facts: Everything Trump Says Abt Trade W/ China Is Wrong:
trade  trump  china  economics 
february 2016 by dwismar
Trump’s America - WSJ
RT @JonahNRO: As expected, @charlesmurray's @WSJ essay on Trump is required reading.
murray  culture  trump 
february 2016 by dwismar
Donald Trump: Same Anti-Immigration Ideas, New Salesman
RT @seanmdav: Donald Trump's stale anti-immigration arguments have been rebutted over and over again
immigration  trump  federalist 
august 2015 by dwismar

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