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btvs Captive by Skargasm
Held captive, Spike isn't sure whether to be afraid or turned on..... PWP with an edge. A hyena fic. **Note** The author warns for dubcon, so I put that in the tags, but don't consider it so.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  slash  nc17  pwp  bondage  bottomspike  dom/sub  firsttime  hyenaxander  dubiousconsent  willowmadethemdoit  author-skargasm  1k-4kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Love's Bitch by Sorrel
WishVerse fic - Spike shows up in Sunnydale, and runs into Xander at the Bronze. They find they have things in common - like women who like to wander... As much a character study of Spike as anything else - from his POV.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  r  wishverse  author-sorrel  1k-4kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Plaything by Lady Cat
"Xander likes his own toy much better than Willow's Puppy." Takes place in the "WishVerse," so Xander's a vampire, and Spike is his Toy. Dom/sub, Slave!Spike. PWP.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  slash  nc17  wishverse  slavefic  slavespike  Dom/sub  pwp  vampxander  author-ladycat  1k-4kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Second Chance by Denied Heaven
Spike thinks he and Xander are perfect together, until fate takes his Xander away from him. But Willow does her best to give them a second chance, no matter how unusual it seems. **Note** Three Hanky Alert for High Angst! **Note** This story has an Underage sex tag, and a Character Death tag, but when you understand the circumstances, it's not exactly what it seems. (Sorry, but I'm trying to not spoil the the big reveal in chapter three.)
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  nc17  underage  underage!xander  angst  amnesiaxander  au  souledspike  futurefic  phonesex  author-deniedheaven  8k-20kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
ats/btvs Every Claim You Stake by Electricalgwen
Takes place in Angel, Season Five, an AU where Xander joined the Wolfram & Hart crew after Sunnydale's collapse. He's bored silly, until he finds out Spike is haunting the premises, and watching him, even in his most intimate moments.
*  btvs/ats  btvs  ats  xander  spike  spike/xander  slash  nc17  btvs/ats-crossover  postchosen  firsttime  exhibitionism  voyeurism  ghostspike  masturbation  smutfic  workingforangel  workingforwolfram&hart  author-electricalgwen  1k-4kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs The More Things Change by Sorrel
"The more things change, the more they stay the same. Xander's still a demon magnet." Xander finds himself in love with Spike, and he has no idea how that happened. First Person POV: Xander. There is mention of canon Spike/Buffy relationship (non-graphic.)
btvs  xander  spike  slash  nc17  spike/buffy  het  angst  firstpersonpov  firsttime  author-sorrel  postgift  4k-8kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Low Tide by Herself (aka Herself_nyc)
Xander hates Spike, but sometimes it seems like he hates himself even more. Short monologue-style fic from Xander's POV. Full of anger and angst and sex. Takes place after The Gift. **Note** For those who don't like betrayal fic, this is one, but it's very, very slightly mentioned, and since Xander is such a hot mess, it's very in keeping with the story. Ouch.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  slash  nc17  angst  angrysex  postgift  partnerbetrayal  author-herself  100-1kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Hellbound by Sorrel
Xander returns after disappearing for three years to lend a hand with the First, but he's a very different person. Something dark plagues this new Xander, and Spike finds himself not only wanting to help Xander, but also wanting Xander himself. **Note** Unfinished, sadly. I really liked the OCs, and I badly wanted to discover more about how Xander learned to deal with his new powers. But it looks like it will never be finished. **Note** I didn't tag this for the het pairings, which never got beyond a swift smack-on-the-lips kiss, since there was so little of their relationships shown. But so you know, there is some het in the story.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  r  slash  nothuman  superxander  au  abandoned  author-sorrel  8k-20kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Croatoan and Catharsis by Off Suit
Xander is cursed by a woman in Africa, and stops aging. He doesn't realize how much of a curse it is until his friends start dying. **Note** Warning for unsuccessful suicide attempts.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  nc17  angst  characterdeath  nothuman  postchosen  author-offsuit  1k-4kwords  firsttime 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Mastering a Desire by Markedxup
So it seems that Xander was adopted, and of course it turns out that he's not quite what everyone thought he was. He's actually a demon. But not just any demon, and that's where the problem lies.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  slash  nc17  firsttime  nothuman  superxander  D/s  author-markedxup  8k-20kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs Bespelled, Besotted by LitGal
Willow is trying to find a spell, and accidentally gets herself and the objects of her lust involved in a real mess. Threesome with het/slash. Hot sex.
btvs  xander  willow  angel  angel/willow/xander  slash  het  nc17  firsttime  willowmadethemdoit  undertheinfluence  3some  underage!xander  highschoolfic  pwp  author-litgal  4k-8kwords 
august 2014 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Expecting by EntreNous
Warning: M-Preg. Spike and Xander deliver a package to Angel, and can't help but look inside. Big mistake. I can't believe I read M-preg. And it was cute. :::headdesk::: **Note** Posted on the author's journal - this link leads to her "Expecting" tag, which means you should start at the bottom for the first part. The story was originally untitled, so don't be alarmed that the subject of the post reads: "mpreg. no really. s/x, 1/14, untitled, unbeta'd, unpossible." **Note 2** The top-most entry in the Expecting tag is a post with two drabbles, one of which is in the Expecting Universe and is called "Crusts and Fillings." (It should be read after the main story, as it is very spoilerish.) I'm not listing it separately, as it's in the same tag, so you can easily find it there.
btvs  spike  spike/xander  xander  slash  nc17  firsttime  fluff  demonsmadethemdoit  mpreg  humor  h/c  author-entrenous  novella 
september 2011 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Dang Me by Skuzzbopper
With no power in the apartment, Spike and Xander find themselves with a candle for light and a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels for entertainment. Spike learns a few things about Xander that surprise him, and make him realize there's more to "Droopy" Harris than he ever suspected. The story doesn't take things past a kiss or two, but the story is surprisingly good. I got more than I was expecting, too.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pg13  angst  undertheinfluence  author-skuzzbopper  mediumstory 
april 2011 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Hearts in the Balance by Tisienne Blue (TisToo)
Season 7 AU - Sliders. Xander falls asleep on a book during a research session, and wakes up to discover that the entire world is different, and he's the only one that remembers the world the way it used to be. When they realize that Giles and Willow are considering a spell that could eradicate his memories (and maybe take his mind/soul along with it, if it turns out it's them that's wrong, not him), he and Spike take off to seek help from the other side of Xander's family (the LaVelles.) Great original characters. I like that Spike thinks Xander's world is way better than the one he knows, and I love the way he slowly becomes convinced that Xander's world makes a lot more sense than the one he remembers.
btvs  spike/xander  spike  xander  nc17  slash  amnesiafic  au  souledspike  sliders  author-tisienneblue  novel 
march 2011 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Andumbulu by Vinniebatman
Xander disappears while searching for a new Slayer in Africa, but despite the fact that they find his dead body, things are not as they appear to be. **Note** Don't let the fact that this story does contain a major character death stop you from reading it: Xander's death does not turn out to be permanent. **Note Two** The author explains in comments that Xander's hyena possession was part of the reason for his rebirth, so despite the fact that I don't think that's particularly clear in the story, I decided to use a hyena!Xander tag. You might could call him more feral than hyena, but in either event, I think the tag is appropriate.
btvs  spike/xander  spike  xander  nc17  slash  firsttime  africafic  amnesiaxander  characterdeath  hyenaxander  postchosen  superxander  author-vinniebatman  mediumstory 
march 2011 by dusty_ryder
btvs - The Seduction by Sexy Mermaid
Angelus is bored, and looking for some excitement when he runs across a young boy who strikes his fancy. The problem is, the more he gets to know the boy, the harder it is for him to keep his distance. An early season one AU, with an underage Xander. Angelus feels a bit OOC to me, but I really enjoy the way he struggles to understand Xander, and how easy it is for Xander to wrap Angelus around his finger. **Note** SexyMermaid has removed her fic from the internet, so the Titanium Whip Awards is one of the few places you can find this (or any other SexyMermaid) story. Since the stories were kept anonymous until after the awards were handed out, her name is not on this particular page, but if you go looking, you can find the names of the nominees listed with the titles of their stories on the main list of nominated stories.
btvs  angelus/xander  angelus  xander  nc17  smutfic  slash  adult/minor  au  bdsm  bondage  daddykink  dirtytalk  Dom/sub  earlybuffyau  firsttime  humor  dubiousconsent  rarepairing  seduction  spanking  underage!xander  xanderabuse  author-sexymermaid  novel 
march 2011 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Room with a View by Seven Deadly Fun
PWP - Very hot bit of voyeurism - Spike watches Buffy, and Xander happens along to complicate things. **Note** Originally written as part of "Road Covered with Blood," but taken out for plot reasons. It works well on its own, but can be read as an outtake of the story, so I'm adding a series tag.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  buffy  pwp  nc17  slash  firsttime  series  au  masturbation  voyeurism  aroadcoveredwithbloodseries  author-sevendeadlyfun  vshortstory 
january 2010 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Sidelines Season 5 by Anna S
Sequel to Sidelines. Consists of two "Episodes" that carry on into Season Five. In "The Other Half Lives" Buffy is subpoenaed to appear at The Tribunal (an otherworldly court of justice), for slaying a vampire. In "House of Many Hearts," the manor house Giles has just purchased for a training facility for watchers, witches and other magic users turns out to be haunted by a demon that Giles badly underestimates. **Note** Anna S wrote only two stories in what was intended to be a longer series. They are fairly complete in themselves, however, the Spike/Xander relationship is very rocky in both episodes, and does not end in a very happy place. So if you're just in it for the Spander, you're likely to be disappointed. There is some hot sex, though... **Note Two** You can find "Sidelines" at the "sidelinesseries" link.
btvs  spike/xander  spike  xander  xander/omc  omc  slash  establishedrelationship  roughsex  nc17  rewrite  angst  au  abandoned  series  sidelinesseries  novella  author-anna_s 
november 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Xander Xtreme - Archive
Buffy Archive centering around Xander - slash, although there are a few het pairings mixed into some of the stories. There are two sides to the archive: Xander Dom and Xander Sub. You can pick a side and explore, pick an author, or use the search engine.
btvs  xander  archive-btvs  slash 
october 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Trickster Verse Ficlet by Lit Gal
Takes Place in the Trickster Verse, after Trickster 2: Janus' Shadow. Quentin Travers wants to come to the Hellmouth to visit Xander and get the story on Xan, Childe of Nusa, but Xander isn't interested in talking... **Note** A ficlet in the trickster series, you can find the other parts at my "tricksterseries" tag.
btvs  xander  spike  spike/xander  pg13  slash  series  angst  establishedrelationship  tricksterseries  author-litgal  shortstory 
august 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - The Viking Hunter by Jameschick
There's an ancient, deadly vampire in town, looking for an opponent worthy of his time. He's chosen Spike for his next hunt, and in the meantime, he runs across a young man that he decides will make the perfect new Childe. It's only when Xander wakes up dead that he realizes that something is wrong - he's not quite the mindless monster he always thought he'd be if he were ever turned. **Note** This story is in desperate need of a good beta, and more character and plot development wouldn't have gone astray, either. Everything falls into place far too quickly and easily to be believable. But despite all that, I expect I'll probably be reading it again, so it's definitely worth the effort.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  vampxander  characterdeath  consort/matefic  author-jameschick  novella 
june 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Xander Harris vs Destiny by Cordelianne, Reremouse and Savoytruffle
Post Chosen Fic. Spike is a vampire on a mission to find out why Xander is making the rounds of Slayers who refused to join the Council. The two spend their spare time playing sex tag across the country, while Spike tries to figure out what Xander's doing with a shrunken head named Beetlejuice, and just why he's being followed by an insane and insanely strong creature Xander likes to call the Slayernator. **Note** Although it's never mentioned, I gave this story the tag "postnfa", because it's obviously past at least the beginning of Season Five of Angel the Series, since Spike is around and corporeal. If we're going by canon of AtS, that means it must be post Not Fade Away, since Spike was around through the end of NFA. No proof that the authors intended to follow canon, but it made sense to me, so that's what I did.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  nc17  smutfic  firsttime  humor  postchosen  postnfa  souledspike  futurefic  author-reremouse  author-savoytruffle  author-cordelianne  authors-cordelianne/reremouse/savoytruffle  longstory 
june 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Nothing the Same Book 3 by Orchid Luv
AU retelling of Season Four. Things are moving along nicely with Xander: he loves his construction job, the demons who've arranged to patrol with Buffy are giving her the time she needs to go to college, and he and Spike are closer than ever. The one dark spot is that for some reason, demons have started disappearing, new human hunters in Army camouflage have been seen in town, and Xander knows he'll never convince Spike to be careful. **Note** There is a fourth book, but I haven't read it yet, so I'm leaving a link to it here, until I read it and then I'll give it its own entry. http://www.livejournal.com/tools/memories.bml?user=orchidluv&keyword=NTS+Book+4&filter=all **Note 2** You can find Books One and Two of this series at my "nothingthesameseries" tag at the bottom of this entry.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  establishedrelationship  nc17  au  series  smutfic  earlybuffyau  rewrite  bigbadspike  angst  h/c  violence  consort/matefic  initiativefic  nothingthesameseries  author-orchidluv  longnovel 
june 2009 by dusty_ryder
hbo's oz - Knotty by Trillingstar
Cyril has a problem, and since Ryan is no where around, Keller decides to help him out. And if Keller manages to get a little something out of the arrangement, so much the better, right? This story is sick and twisted, and I love it. **Note ** This is getting a dub con tag, because Cyril is mentally incapable of making sexual decisions on his own. Not that he is aware of what Keller is up to, Keller is too smooth for that, but he's definitely taking advantage of the mentally handicapped. What a sick fuck he is...and I love him for it! **Note 2** I gave the fic an NC17 rating for subject matter, despite the fact that there is very little description of a graphic nature.
*  hbo'sOz  keller  cyril  keller/cyril  nc17  slash  pwp  kink  darkish  dubiousconsent  seduction  adult/minor  masturbation  sickandtwisted  author-trillingstar  shortstory 
june 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Family Bonds by Kimalis
After his relationship with Anya fizzles out, Xander and Spike become lovers . When Tara discovers that a bonding spell has been placed on Xander by an unknown demon, they begin to uncover secrets from Xander’s past that change his life dramatically. Very long, involved story that entertained me a great deal. Great original characters and a unique explanation for Tony Harris being such a bad father.
**  btvs  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  smutfic  angst  h/c  bloodplay  consort/matefic  superxander  demonsmadethemdoit  characterbashing  bitchbuffy  author-kismalis  longnovel 
may 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Play Pretend by Lady Cat
Xander comes to L.A. on a Halloween night to enjoy a change of scenery. He gets caught up in the music and the dancing, and ends up in the alley with a guy with tits, who just happens to be...Spike? PWP, of course. **Note** I tagged this fic with both sexchange and girlspike tags, even though he's still got a dick.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  bottomspike  genderswap  girlspike  hermaphrodite  author-ladycat  shortstory 
may 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Childe of my Heart by Shanyah
When Glory comes back from the dead looking for her key, Buffy decides the best way to keep her sister and the world safe is to send Dawn to another dimension, where Glory can't touch her. She sends Spike and Xander along to keep her safe, and Angel sends Fred with them, as the only experienced dimensional traveler, and the one who can open the port back once they've defeated Glory. But of course things don't go as planned, and they find themselves trapped in a mountain city with an insane ruler who allows no one out. Spike has to step up to the plate, and lead this group to safety and ultimately get them back home again. Long, involved tale in an interesting new world with involved rules that govern every aspect, a fascinating caste system and interesting original characters. Xander and Spike's relationship is rocky and tempestuous, and it's difficult to see how it can ever resolve itself, especially after Xander catches the eye of one of the ruler's lecherous advisers.
**  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  xander/omc  slash  firsttime  nc17  au  angst  smutfic  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  slutxander  bondage  dubiousconsent  bdsm  torture  violence  consort/matefic  slavefic  demonsmadethemdoit  spanking  abusiveparent  xanderabuse  slavexander  omc  spikeabuse  stranded  author-shanyah  longnovel 
may 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Hunt-Brother by Lady Cat
Xander has some deep secrets, and when Spike ends up in his basement, he quickly learns that he can take advantage of the scars he finds in Xander's psyche to make own his unlife a little easier. But what starts out as coercement quickly develops into something more. Hyena!Xander! **Note** This story to start out as dub-con/non-con, as Xander is not able to make a rational decision concerning his sexual situation with Spike. But it does resolve into a consensual relationship, despite the strong Dom/sub dynamic. Also, there is an element of child abuse, incest and torture, some of which is graphic in nature. **Note 2** This fic is abandoned, and many issues remain unresolved. The end of Chapter 14 works as a half-way decent spot to quit, but if you're like me, you have to read that last chapter anyway, despite knowing that Chapter 15 raises new issues and introduces new characters, as well as reminding you of unresolved plot points. Frustrating, but worth it.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  angst  h/c  kink  darkish  dubiousconsent  bdsm  basementfic  hyenaxander  xanderabuse  torture  incest  abusiveparent  abandoned  author-ladycat  novel 
may 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Dropping By by TwoLadiesofQuality/riani1
PWP - Willow drops by Xander's place, only to find him in bed with Spike. She gets distracted by all the eye candy, and ends up in bed with them. And the fun continues...
btvs  spike  xander  willow  spike/xander  spike/willow/xander  slash  het  3some  nc17  firsttime  pwp  establishedrelationship  humor  seduction  voyeurism  exhibitionism  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  mediumstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Touch by TwoLadiesofQuality/riani1
Sequel to Steam. Xander wanders the Hellmouth drunk in the aftermath of his argument with Buffy. He runs across Spike standing outside Buffy's house, contemplating a grave mistake. As strange as it may seem, in the end, the two find solace in each other. **Note** I call it a PWP, but if you read Steam and Touch together, you might actually find a bit of plot in there. (Shhh, don't tell anyone!) **Note Two** You can find the first part: Steam at my steamseries tag.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  pwp  au  series  angst  steamseries  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  longstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Career Advancement 2: Downsizing by TwoLadiesofQuality/Riani1
AU. Part Two of the sequel to Career Change. Quentin Travers and The Watcher's Council's elite attack squad turn out to be only one of the problems brewing on the Hellmouth. Aurelian Family politics draw Angel and his crew into the deadly mix when one of the potential heads of the order decides that taking out Angelus and his descendants will help ease her way into the position. **Note** The PreSlash in this story is the possible future Spike/Xander relationship. **Note Two** This is part two of the sequel to Career Change - however, Career Advancement is a WIP which hasn't been updated in over a year. IMO it's worth reading in any event, but there are a number of strings left untied at the end of Part Two. You can find the only entry of Part Three of Career Advancement: Liquidation at my careerchangeseries tag. **Note Three** Despite the fact that this is a WIP, I gave it a star. If the author ever finishes is, it will probably get more.
*  btvs/ats  btvs  ats  spike  giles  xander  spike/drusilla/giles  giles/drusilla  spike/xander  slash  het  nc17  au  series  angst  establishedrelationship  firsttime  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  rarepairing  darkish  preslash  3some  characterdeath  violence  torture  evilwillow  characterbashing  badgiles  wip  careerchangeseries  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  novel 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Career Advancement 1: Reorganization by TwoLadiesofQuality/Riani1
AU. Part One of the sequel to Career Change. Buffy and crew have left Spike and Giles alone all summer, despite knowing that they are both still killing, unsure how to deal with Giles and the fact that Spike is keeping the Hellmouth under tight control. When Quentin Travers of The Watcher's Council shows up with a elite attack squad, Buffy realizes their fragile peace is about to be shattered. **Note** The PreSlash in this story is the possible future Spike/Xander relationship. **Note Two** This is part one of the sequel to Career Change - however, Career Advancement is a WIP which hasn't been updated in over a year. IMO it's worth reading in any event, but there are a number of strings left untied at the end of Part Two. You can find Part Two of Career Advancement: Downsizing at my careerchangeseries tag. **Note Three** Despite the fact that this is a WIP, I gave it a star. If the author ever finishes is, it will probably get more.
*  btvs/ats  btvs  ats  spike  giles  xander  spike/xander  slash  het  nc17  au  series  angst  establishedrelationship  firsttime  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  rarepairing  darkish  preslash  3some  violence  torture  evilwillow  characterbashing  badgiles  wip  careerchangeseries  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  novella 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Career Change by TwoLadiesofQuality/Riani1
AU. When Drusilla leaves town after Spike has tried to kill her to impress Buffy (Episode: Crush), she leaves a gift for Spike in his crypt: the newly turned body of Giles. Spike takes advantage of the situation, and the two strike up an unusual alliance that is threatened by the Hellgod Glory. The two offer their services to Buffy to help her defeat Glory. **Note** My first Spike/Giles rec. I can't usually see this pairing, but under these circumstances it works, since the sex doesn't define the relationship between them - it's just part of who they are as vampires. **Note Two** This is the first part of a series, but this story is complete. The sequel is a WIP. It's worth reading in any event, but there are a number of strings left untied. You can find the link to the sequel at my careerchangeseries tag. **Note Three** This link goes to the Career Change Series Index, however, since the sequel is a WIP, I separated the entries.
***  btvs  spike  giles  spike/giles  slash  firsttime  nc17  giles/ofc  het  au  series  angst  h/c  rarepairing  darkish  characterdeath  violence  characterbashing  badgiles  careerchangeseries  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  novel 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - The Key of the Dragon Witch by Kirasmommy
CrackFic. Total CrackFic. It turns out Xander has been hiding his demonic family tree, but when Willow screws up a spell, Xander and Spike get caught in the backlash, and Xander's secret comes out. Even worse, Spike is suddenly bonded not only to the Hellmouth, but to Xander as well. I like seeing Anya get the slayer in the end. Awwww.... The fic could have used a beta - but it's a funny story line and totally silly. I can't decide if I want to groan at the stupidity or laugh out loud...maybe I'll do both. **Note** Angel and Cordelia show up at the last minute, but since 95% of this fic is Buffy, I decided to not include this as a crossover.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  au  crackfic  humor  bloodplay  consort/matefic  demonxander  dirtylittlesecret  author-kirasmommy  longstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Gemelli by Devo79
AU. When Xander is split in two by Toth's wand, Alex and Xander decide they like it that way, so they run off to L.A. where they can be themselves. But when Angel and Spike hunt them down, things don't go quite how anyone expects. Kinda silly, but worth reading. You can't help but love Xander, even as you consider smacking him up the side of the head!
btvs/ats  btvs  ats  spike  xander  angel  spike/xander  angel/xander  xander/xander  slash  r  firsttime  au  humor  btvs/ats-crossover  rarepairing  voyeurism  multixander  author-devo79  longstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Home by Devo79
AU. Xander seems to be hiding things from Buffy and the Scoobies, and Spike is determined to find out why Xander was so willing to save the life of a fledge. His investigation turns up more than he expected. **Note** The warning for character death is kind of confusing - there is character death, but it's only temporary, and no - no one gets turned...you'll just have to read it and find out for yourself. **Note Number Two** I linked to the Index page - there is a drabble and a ficlet in the same 'verse listed, in case you want to read a bit of humor/sex/silliness after the story is over.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  r  slash  firsttime  au  angst  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  darkish  characterdeath  hyenaxander  characterbashing  bitchbuffy  sirexander  author-devo79  novella 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Feral!verse by Devo79
AU Series. The Initiative captured Xander and experimented on him trying to release his "inner hyena" They mixed DNA from Xander and a vampire to impregnate a young human woman, creating a hybrid child. Xander comes to Angel (and Spike) three years later looking for help when his child is kidnapped by demons. It's only later that they realize Spike is the vampire whose DNA the scientists used. **Note** This link goes to the Feral!Verse Index page. **Note Two** It's a kid!fic, which I usually try to avoid, but this series works for me anyway.
*  spike  xander  spike/xander  angel  xander/spike/xander  preslash  slash  r  nc17  g  series  au  angst  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  3some  multixander  noncon  dubiousconsent  violence  hyenaxander  xanderabuse  torture  initiativefic  workingforangel  abusiveparent  characterbashing  evilwillow  demonxander  jessicafic  kidfic  author-devo79  drabble  vshortstory  mediumstory  longstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Afterwards, and What Went On Before by Two Ladies of Quality/Riani1
Excellent series that covers the end of S7 of Buffy through post-Not Fade Away. It starts with Giles trying to save Potentials while the Watcher's Council forms a committee. He runs into Ethan Rayne, who is reluctantly on the side of "good" in the fight with the First. The series ranges from England to Shanghai to LA to Africa and back to London as Buffy and crew fight the First Evil, Angel and his crew fight Wolfram and Hart, Giles fights what's left of the stodgy Watcher's Council, and Spike fights the Senior Partners. And somewhere in there, Giles and Ethan find time for a bit of romance, as do Spike and Xander. Yay! **Note** Each story can be read independently, but there are several small character pieces that are worth reading in her LJ memories, you can find a link to those at my afterwardsseries tag. You can also find the beginning of a new (as of June, '10) story in the series called The Smell of Ancient Dust in the same place.
**  btvs/ats  btvs  ats  giles  ethan  spike  xander  andrew  angel  giles/ethan  spike/xander  r  slash  firsttime  series  au  angst  establishedrelationship  h/c  humor  postchosen  postnfa  souledspike  btvs/ats-crossover  futurefic  preslash  afterwardsseries  workingforthecouncil  author-twoladiesofquality/riani1  vshortstory  shortstory  mediumstory  longstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Hero by Tabaqui
Human AU. Xander is having these dreams of another reality, one filled with horror story characters like Vampires and Werewolves and Demons and Witches, and the problem is he can't seem to tell which reality he actually belongs in. Fortunately there are people around him that care, and are willing to stick by him and help him deal with his confusion. **Note** I don't usually like Human AUs, so I just kept putting off reading this story, just knowing I wasn't going to like it. Silly me. It's by Tabaqui, after all. I should have realized it would be worth reading. And is is, of course. I even gave it a star. I think this is the only Human AU that's ever gotten a star from me.
*  btvs  spike  xander  slash  firsttime  r  au  angst  h/c  sliders  xanderabuse  humanspike  humanau  stranded  author-tabaqui  novella 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Half the Battle
Set after Entropy (when Spike and Anya have sex in the Magic Box), Spike is sent to find Xander, who's been on a two week bender. Xander wants to figure out what it is about Spike that makes everyone want him, and Spike shows him. Nice piece...it moves from rough sex, to having sex to making love in three steps.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  smutfic  roughsex  bottomspike  author-yin  mediumstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Kept Boy by That Other Perv
Human AU. A hot little PWP - Xander knows his place, and he loves what Spike does for him. And that doesn't mean just the money, and the apartment, and the car and the vacations...or even the fantastic sex. A little light Daddy Kink.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  au  kink  daddykink  humanspike  humanau  alternateincarnation  author-thatotherperv  shortstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Festival!Verse by ThatOtherPerv
Human AU. Xander goes to a week long music festival to celebrate his 16th birthday. While there, he meets "older man" Spike (he's 24) and his friends, who take him into their circle and treat him right. If by "right" you mean lots and lots of sex. I mean lots of sex. Very hot coming of age fic that covers a lot of bases and a number of pairings including Spike/Xander, Spike/Xander/Faith and Spike/Xander/Angel as well as other minor pairings including the other characters: Oz, Willow, Cordelia, Darla and Lindsey. **Note** I don't usually like Human AU's - the whole cool thing about Buffy is the Vampires and Demons and Hellmouthy stuff, so taking those out of the equation usually mean boring for me. But there are a few authors I'll make an exception for. ThatOtherPerv is one of them. **Second Note** This is a series, but all parts are linked to the next. 10 parts - short or medium story length each.
**  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  nc17  faith  angel  spike/xander/faith  spike/xander/angel  firsttime  het  pwp  series  au  smutfic  rarepairing  underage!xander  voyeurism  adult/minor  3some  humanspike  humanau  exhibitionism  author-thatotherperv  shortstory  mediumstory 
april 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Fisi-Verse by frk_werewolf
A "guilty secret" fic. Xander is injured by a demon that releases his inner hyena, and he is forced to blend with her in order to keep his sanity. And he sets his sites on Spike when he goes looking for a submissive mate. **Note** I like the idea a good deal, it's the execution I'm not happy with. Very, very badly in need of a talented beta - it's worse at the beginning, and improves as the first story develops, but there are points throughout the series that are painful to read. Also, there is a fair amount of OOC going on, especially in the third story, which also involves an Oz/Tara subplot. I actually like the pairing, but I have real trouble accepting that Tara would have first-time sex with a guy she barely knows less than 24 hours after she's been brutally gang-raped. But I'll probably read it again at some point, because I truly love Hyena!Xander fic. **Other Note** A series, but all parts are linked through the Index.
btvs/ats  btvs  ats  spike  xander  oz  tara  spike/xander  oz/tara  slash  het  firsttime  nc17  series  au  angst  establishedrelationship  h/c  smutfic  souledspike  btvs/ats-crossover  rarepairing  noncon  seduction  roughsex  bottomspike  basementfic  bloodplay  consort/matefic  violence  hyenaxander  xanderabuse  initiativefic  bitchbuffy  characterbashing  evilwillow  dirtylittlesecret  author-frk_werewolf  shortstory  longstory  novella 
march 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Facing Fear by Suki Blue
Xander is hurt, and Spike realizes just exactly how much that worries him. But when he finds out Xander was bit by a spider, he panics. That's right, the Big Bad is afraid of spiders, and now he has to fight a huge demonic spider to get the antidote for Xander's spider bite. Humor. Somewhat Out of Character, perhaps, but then it's humor...some OOCness is allowed, I think.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  r  h/c  humor  author-suki_blue  longstory 
march 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Bad Boy by Spiked Luv
PWP - Xander has once again jumped into danger and gotten himself into trouble. So Spike has to punish him for being such a bad boy. Daddy/boy fic.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  establishedrelationship  h/c  kink  basementfic  spanking  daddykink  author-spikedluv  shortstory 
march 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - The Hour Series by Yin Again
In the last days of Sunnydale, Spike seeks forgiveness from each of the Scoobies in turn. He offers Xander one hour to do as he wishes, and gets a very odd request in response. The first three stories detail their growing closeness as things fall apart at the end of Chosen. The fourth story (Anchors and Holds) goes AU and covers what happens when Xander moves to LA after Spike uses the amulet and Sunnydale disappears. **Note** Shanshued Spike in Anchors and Holds. **Note#2** Although the last story takes place in LA with some of the AtS crew present, I don't really consider the story a crossover. **Note #3** The link leads to the index for all four stories. Each is Medium or Long Story Length.
btvs  ats  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  series  au  angst  establishedrelationship  h/c  smutfic  chosenfic  onehourfic  postchosen  souledspike  kink  bondage  bdsm  characterdeath  shanshuspike  rimming  whipsandfloggers  longstory  mediumstory  author-yin 
march 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Pecularities of Taste and Sentiments by Miriam Heddy
Post-NFA. Spike is living in London and working with the council when he gets saddled with a Xander, fresh from Africa. Turns out Xander's a bit of a fixer-uper, but Spike turns out to be capable of the job. He's just not sure exactly where to start. Lovely Spike POV, and a very enjoyable read.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  postchosen  postnfa  souledspike  futurefic  author-miriam_heddy  longstory  workingforthecouncil 
february 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Bathtime by LadyCat
PWP - Spike has to rely on Xander to help clean the gunk out of the wounded vampire's hair. But Spike's hair isn't the only thing that gets cleaned... Short, sweet and hot.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  nc17  firsttime  pwp  h/c  author-ladycat  vshortstory 
january 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Quantum Xander 2: In the Wake of the Curse by JamesChick
Sequel to Quantum Xander. Xander struggles to keep himself together in the wake of the curse that changed his life. He tries to find a way to bring his lost Spike back to him, and takes in a slightly mad, newly-souled Spike as well. Takes place during the last of Season Seven - a re-write of those episodes, with Super!Xander coming to the rescue in the end. **Note** Don't like this one nearly as much as the first one, but if you make it through Quantum Xander, you'll probably want to read it anyway. For me, it's too far over the top - Xander is suddenly a talented warlock who can bring a dusted vampire back to life, turn a bar full of demons into kittens, and remove Spike's chip with absolutely no training...just through the power of his mind? Too much and far too out of the blue for me. I like the idea of two Spikes, though - one with a soul and one without.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  angel/spike/xander  spike/xander/spike  slash  nc17  series  au  angst  firsttime  establishedrelationship  h/c  smutfic  souledspike  kink  bondage  3some  superxander  consort/matefic  quantumxanderseries  toys  groupsex  chosenfic  multispike  crazyspike  author-jameschick  novel 
january 2009 by dusty_ryder
sg-1 - Follow Through by Paian (Komos)
In order to establish the chain of command in their team, Daniel is forced to perform a "ritual of submission" in front of a crowd of aliens to convince them to let SG-1 leave the planet. An absolutely wonderful Aliens Made Them Do It fic from one of my favorite authors in any fandom. Paian is incredibly gifted, and if you haven't read her fic, you really, really should.
**  sg1  jacko'neill  daniel  jack/daniel  slash  nc17  firsttime  angst  smutfic  dubiousconsent  voyeurism  aliensmadethemdoit  exhibitionism  author-komos  mediumstory 
january 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - SNAFU by Nash and Virtual Personal
The Xander from an Alternative Reality gets pulled into this different one and despite their similarities, there are some major differences, too. The new Xander is gay, and falls in love with this world's Spike. The problem is, what does he do when they finally figure out how to get him back to his own world?
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  nc17  au  smutfic  workingforthecouncil  postchosen  souledspike  futurefic  multixander  abusiveparent  sliders  authors-nash/virtualpersonal  novella 
january 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Theories by Jenny
Xander and Anya have parted company, and Xander decides to take the opportunity to try the other side of the sexual equation (the gay side), but at the moment, it's all just in theory. He needs to test his hypothesis. Then he meets Riley's friend Forrest. But for some reason, he finds his thoughts tangled up in his roommate Spike, instead.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  forrest  xander/forrest  nc17  slash  firsttime  au  smutfic  h/c  consort/matefic  author-jenny  novella 
january 2009 by dusty_ryder
btvs - The Lamest Spell by Nomelon
Dawn accidentally puts a spell on Spike, and Xander gets caught in the crossfire. Nice, very hot PWP.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  basementfic  undertheinfluence  author-nomelon  longstory 
december 2008 by dusty_ryder
petshopofhorrors - Desperate by Nym
Leon hadn't had sex in three days, and he was getting desperate for a taste of D. Quote: "He was running on caffeine and stubborn and overtime; he had had one feeling left, and it was hanging between his legs and telling him to get a goddamned fuck." Pure hot as hell PWP. **Note** Hermaphrodite warning...
petshopofhorrors  leon  countD  leon/countD  nc17  pwp  slash  het  hermaphrodite  establishedrelationship  dirtytalk  author-nym  mediumstory 
december 2008 by dusty_ryder
petshopofhorrors - Decision by Telanu
Leon avoids making a decision as long as he can, but eventually he has no choice. He wants D and he'll do whatever he needs to do to get him. What he's not prepared for is the fact that D is not human, and that he might have a surprise or two under those strange outfits he wears. **Note** Never seen the Manga, but the other half of my brain suggested I read this story, and damn is it hot as hell. **Note #2** Be warned: D is a hermaphrodite in this story, that means he's got both male and female genitalia. Works for me, but may not be to everyone's tastes.
petshopofhorrors  leon  countD  leon/countD  pwp  nc17  firsttime  slash  het  hermaphrodite  seduction  rarefandoms  author-telanu  longstory 
december 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs/fastandfurious - Short Time by LitGal
Dom is down to months left on his prison sentence when he gets a new cellmate - a one-eyed crackpot by the name of Xander Harris, who tells all sorts of really weird stories. At least Dom *thinks* they're stories. **Note** I have no knowledge of The Fast and The Furious, but I managed this story just fine. The characters are well-rounded and fascinating, and the story explains itself well enough that it doesn't matter that I have no knowledge of the canon, and the sex is hot as usual with LitGal. Well worth reading.
btvs/fastandfurious  btvs  fastandfurious  xander  dom  brian  xander/dom  dom/brian  slash  nc17  firsttime  smutfic  postchosen  crossover  rarepairing  futurefic  workingforthecouncil  rarefandoms  D/s  author-litgal  longstory 
december 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Comfort of Fiends by Cobalt_Myst
Author's quote: "Xander’s nightmares have piqued the curiosity of our favourite insanely jealous and protective peroxide vamp… the story he uncovers is disturbing, even to a Childe of Angelus." **Note** What I *like* about this story is the direction the author takes Jessie's character. He's not exactly the villain of the story, but he's definitely done his share of wrong to Xander. What I *don't* like about this story is the way that once Xander has admitted his trauma to Spike, the story turns rapidly into a fluff fic. It just turns too sweet too quickly for me. No exploring as they work towards each other. It just happens - boom! I would have liked to seen more development of the relationship. That said, it's still worth reading. **Second Note** The link leads to Live Journal Tags, so start the fic at the bottom of the page, and work your way up.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  xander/jessie  slash  firsttime  nc17  angst  h/c  smutfic  establishedrelationship  rarepairing  darkish  noncon  underage!xander  dubiousconsent  roughsex  basementfic  underage  adult/minor  xanderabuse  incest  abusiveparent  author-cobalt_myst  longstory 
november 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Headful of Ghosts by WesleysGirl
Post-Apocafic. When the world goes to hell, Spike is left caring for an insane Angel, wondering how the hell things could possibly get worse. Then Xander shows up at the Hyperion, and things just go down hill from there. **Note** Bleak. Not a happy fic - noncon, dubious consent, violence, character death, you name it. But still worth reading.
btvs/ats  btvs  ats  spike  xander  angel  doyle  spike/xander  post-apocafic  slash  angst  firsttime  nc17  establishedrelationship  h/c  smutfic  postchosen  postnfa  btvs/ats-crossover  souledspike  darkish  noncon  dubiousconsent  roughsex  characterdeath  violence  xanderabuse  author-wesleysgirl  longstory 
november 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Mission Implausible by SpikedLvu
Giles talks Xander and Spike into going undercover for him to retrieve a book. What he doesn't mention is that as part of their cover they'll be going to a Human/Demon Gay Bar, where they end up posing as lovers to avoid the amorous demons attracted to Xander's Demon Magnetism. Humorous Demons-Almost-Make-Them-Do-It Cliche Fic that keeps you chuckling.
btvs  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  humor  fluff  author-spikedluv  longstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Apocalypse Laterish - Metaforgirl
Post Apocafic. A seventy-something year old Xander suddenly finds himself back in a teenage body, hundreds of years in the future - a post-apocalyptic future where the sun is hidden by roiling clouds and demons battle with the few remaining humans for control over what's left of the earth. These humans have two demon protectors - two souled vampires fighting against insurmountable odds to keep them alive. Of course it's just Xander's luck that Spike and Angel remember him just as fondly as he does them. Good fic. Great original characters, and although it's long, it keeps your attention the whole time. **Notes** Spike/Angel for the first two chapters, then Spike/Xander. Major character death.
**  btvs/ats  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  angel  spike/angel  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  establishedrelationship  au  angst  h/c  adventure  giles  btvs/ats-crossover  souledspike  dubiousconsent  vampxander  characterdeath  dark  violence  consort/matefic  spanking  post-apocafic  timetravel  author-metaforgirl  novel  ats 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Remote Control by Julia the Younger
Spike gets caught by the evil Troika who mess with his chip, and it's up to Xander to find a way to free Spike from their evil clutches. Funny and kinda angsty, too. Not really a true Spike/Xander fic, but they do share one hell of a kiss...
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  warren  spike/warren  slash  firsttime  angst  humor  noncon  voyeurism  slavefic  slavespike  badguysmadethemdoit  author-juliatheyounger  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Beguiled Again by FayJay
Xander tries to sort out his gay vampire sex issues at the end of a stake. Angelus is unimpressed. Much more angst and much less actual sex in this one, but still worth reading. **Note** Part Two of a Trilogy. You can find the other two at the wildagainseries tag.
btvs  xander  angelus  angelus/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  series  angst  darkish  noncon  dubiousconsent  adult/minor  underage!xander  roughsex  wildagainseries  author-fayjay  mediumstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Peccadillos and Painkillers by Calla Note: Broken Link
PWP - Xander takes care of Spike after he's tortured by Glory. Hot blowjob scene. **Note** Broken Link! This fic was on a geocities site, but I haven't given up on it - if you know of a place I can find this story, please let me know.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  h/c  masturbation  author-calla  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Rewrite by Calla Note: Broken Link!
PWP - Set during the balcony scene of "Dead Things". What if Spike had been having an illicit affair with….someone else? **Note** Broken Link! This fic was on a geocities site, but I haven't given up on it - if you know of a place I can find this story, please let me know.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  establishedrelationship  nc17  au  kink  rewrite  seduction  author-calla  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Razor's Edge by Dancetomato and Calla Note: Broken Link!
PWP. Spike decides to shave Xander - he likes his boy smooth. Hot little Daddy/Boy in the shower fic. **Note** Broken Link! This fic was on a geocities site, but I haven't given up on it - if you know of a place I can find this story, please let me know.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  establishedrelationship  D/s  kink  daddykink  authors-dancetomato/calla  author-dancetomato  author-calla  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Lt. Uhura and the Change of Life by Witling
The most beautiful woman in Sunnydale is attracting all the demons in town and...selling them mutual funds? To get rid of her (and the demons), they enlist Spike to seduce her and steal the amulet she's using to draw the demons in with. Xander is not too happy with this plan. Sweet, schmoopy, slightly angsty relationship fic. Pretty damn mild for Whitling, but still good.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  establishedrelationship  pg13  angst  humor  author-witling/wiseacress  mediumstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Moving On by Darkhavens
"Spike and Xander have both been seeing Oz. When Oz decides to leave Sunnydale and thinks his two friends would be good for one another, so he acts accordingly..." I like the way Spike understands what Oz needs, and goes out of his way to give him the opportunity to get it out of his system. Nice relationship between the two. **Note** There's a "TBC?" at the end of the fic, but it works well ending it as it does, and I'm pretty sure she never wrote any more of it. Too bad, I'd have liked to see more, but I'm happy with it as is.
*  btvs  spike  oz  spike/oz  xander  xander/oz  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  spike/xander  preslash  angst  h/c  rarepairing  roughsex  boyskissing  author-darkhavens  mediumstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall 4.5 by DebChan and Te
Part 7 of the Wall Series. Giles tracks down Ethan. Things are said. Lines are drawn. More glimpses into the past of Giles and Ethan. **Note** If you're looking for closure to the series, Wall 4 is your best bet. If you would like another glimpse into Ethan and Giles pasts, you might want to read this one and Wall 4.125, despite the fact that they lead you to expect there will be more of the series. If there is more, I can't find it. **Another Note** You can find the rest of the series under the wallseries tag.
btvs  giles  ethan  giles/ethan  slash  establishedrelationship  r  angst  darkish  roughsex  series  wallseries  authors-debchan/teland  author-teland  author-debchan  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall 4 by The WeBrain (Teland/DebChan/TheSpike)
Part 5 of the Wall Series. Xander thinks about how his life has changed, and Giles discovers the truth about Xander and Ethan. Darkish, not much sex or violence - a fair amount of angst, though. **Note** This was the end of the original series, however, there are two additional fic that extend the series a bit - one written by DebChan/Teland and one written by The Spike. You can find Wall 4.125 and Wall 4.5 under the wallseries tag. **Second Note** If you're looking for closure to the series your best bet is to stop after this fic. If you would like a couple more glimpses into Ethan and Giles pasts, you might want to read Wall 4.125 and Wall 4.5, despite the fact that they lead you to expect there will be more of the series. If there is more, I can't find it.
btvs  xander  giles  angst  xander/ethan  slash  establishedrelationship  r  rarepairing  darkish  series  wallseries  authors-thewebrain(teland/debchan/thespike)  author-teland  author-debchan  author-thespike  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall 3 by The WeBrain (Teland/DebChan/TheSpike)
Part 4 of the Wall Series. Ethan comes back with another gift, and Xander takes things too far. Ethan retaliates. Dark. Violent and bloody. Very bloody. **Note** You can find the rest of the series under the wallseries tag.
btvs  xander  ethan  xander/ethan  slash  establishedrelationship  kink  rarepairing  dark  roughsex  bloodplay  violence  xanderabuse  torture  authors-thewebrain(teland/debchan/thespike)  author-teland  author-debchan  author-thespike  mediumstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall 2 by The WeBrain (Teland/DebChan/TheSpike)
Third in the Wall Series. Ethan visits Xander in his basement. Xander is not happy about this. Ethan, on the other hand, is very happy with the results. Dark fic. Xander is an angry, bitter young man, much darker than you might expect. Warnings for violence, sexual torture and bloodplay. **Note** You can find the rest of the series under the wallseries tag.
*  btvs  xander  ethan  xander/ethan  slash  pwp  nc17  kink  rarepairing  dark  bondage  roughsex  basementfic  bloodplay  violence  toys  series  wallseries  authors-thewebrain(teland/debchan/thespike)  author-teland  author-debchan  author-thespike  mediumstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall 1.5 by DebChan
The second fic in the Wall series. Very short. Just a brief glimpse into what Ethan is thinking after his encounter with Xander. **Note** You can find the rest of the series under the wallseries tag.
btvs  xander  ethan  xander/ethan  slash  series  pg13  rarepairing  darkish  wallseries  author-debchan  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Wall by DebChan and Teland
Xander is in a really foul mood. He needs someone to take it out on, and who does he find snooping around Giles place but the perfect scapegoat, Ethan Raynes. Darkish - rough sex. With a bit of hyenaXander mixed in. This is not your typical pwp, but it's definitely a pwp, nonetheless. Just a darker Xander than you're used to seeing. **Note** The link to Wall 2 is provided at the end of this fic, but there's a short PG13 fic from Ethan's perspective written by DebChan that fits between Wall 1 and Wall 2. It's not necessary to read Wall 1.5, but it provides a bit of insight into what Ethan is thinking before Wall 2. You can find it by using the wallseries tag.
*  btvs  xander  ethan  xander/ethan  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  darkish  rarepairing  dubiousconsent  roughsex  angst  kink  hyenaxander  violence  series  wallseries  author-teland  author-debchan  authors-debchan/teland  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Fade by DebChan
Sequel to And They Called It Puppy Love. A short, dark, twisted tale of Spike's hunger, and Xander's attraction to it. Kind of disturbing. **Note** You should read Puppy Love first. You can find it at the puppyloveseries tag.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  dark  nc17  pwp  angst  au  kink  seduction  basementfic  bloodplay  evilspike  series  puppyloveseries  author-debchan  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - A Little Porn by Margie
PWP. Spike brings home a porn flick - his plan? To seduce Xander. It works.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  seduction  masturbation  voyeurism  basementfic  author-margie  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - 100 Things To Do Before I Die by Robin the Crossover Junkie
PWP - Xander has a list of things to do before he dies, and Spike helps him cross a few things off, and then he adds a few new ones. Post-Chosen, before NFA.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  pwp  nc17  souledspike  postchosen  author-robintcj  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Abducted by Fanbot
PWP. Xander is abducted and tortured for information about the slayer - only the torturer's chosen method for gathering information is making Xander as horny as he's ever been in his life. **Note** Part of the Coercion Verse Series, but can be read as a standalone with no problems. If you're interested in more, my Coercion Verse entry can be found by clicking on the "author-fanbot" tag.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  angst  h/c  kink  bondage  dubiousconsent  toys  torture  series  author-fanbot  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Framed by Fanbot
PWP - Xander has a surprise for Spike - he's built him a sling, and has decided to give Spike what he's been asking for: a good fisting. Yum. A pretty decent fisting story, well done, and obviously well researched. **Note** Part of the Coercion Verse Series, but can be read as a standalone with no problems. If you're interested in more, my Coercion Verse entry can be found by clicking on the "author-fanbot" tag.
*  btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  pwp  nc17  establishedrelationship  kink  bottomspike  roughsex  toys  fisting  series  author-fanbot  shortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs - Coercion by Fanbot
Spike's bored and horny, and decides to seduce Xander - just 'cause he can. He finds some surprises along the way. AU - A Season Four and Five re-write, with no Anya, no Spike/Buffy and a different conclusion to their Initiative problems. **Note** This rec is mostly for the novel length story Coercion, but the link leads to the Coercion Verse index, from which you can find all the Coercion Verse fic. This includes: 1. Coerced - a medium-story length fic in which Xander realizes Spike needs more than he has now, and sets out to find a way to give him the freedom he needs while still allowing their relationship to grow. 2. Five very-short and short story length fic that range from fairly fluffy to hot and sizzling PWP. You'll find separate links to the PWPs here on my recs list, as well.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  angst  au  h/c  kink  bondage  noncon  preslash  seduction  rewrite  dubiousconsent  fluff  roughsex  basementfic  toys  xanderabuse  whipsandfloggers  series  author-fanbot  novel  mediumstory  shortstory  vshortstory 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
btvs/ats - Healing by JamesChick
Spike is attacked and raped by a gang of humans, unable to defend himself due to the chip. Xander saves him, and they slowly build a bond of understanding and care that changes both their lives. **Notes** This story is very badly in need of a beta for grammar and spelling mistakes, however it's still worth reading.
btvs  spike  xander  spike/xander  slash  firsttime  smutfic  nc17  angst  h/c  btvs/ats-crossover  noncon  superxander  consort/matefic  violence  badguysmadethemdoit  torture  rimming  abusiveparent  spikeabuse  characterbashing  badgiles  author-jameschick  novel 
october 2008 by dusty_ryder
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