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Zimbra Recent Account Activity (beta)
A Zimbra extension that allows the user to monitor their recent login and account activity. This is important to keep the user's account safe.

Designed for Zimbra version 8.7.

Bugs and feedback: https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/account-history/issues


Use the automated installer:

wget --no-cache https://github.com/Zimbra-Community/account-history/raw/master/account-history-installer.sh -O /tmp/account-history-installer.sh
chmod +rx /tmp/account-history-installer.sh
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october 2017 by dusko
zm-web-client for Zimbra Collaboration Suite - FOSS Edition
Zimbra FOSS now allows external contributions ---- Mar 23, 2017.
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march 2017 by dusko
Breaking down the First Zimbra COMMIT in NYC
Posted on Mar 23, 2071 - By tonster (Tony Publiski - Zimbra Employee).
Thank you everyone who attended our first Zimbra COMMIT conference in NYC Mar 21-23, 2017! For those who have asked for a breakdown of what happened here, here is the place to discuss it! I know that several members of the conference have said they're preparing blogs and other summaries, and they will be shared here once available.

A few things that came out:
* Maintenance releases will continue, approximately every 2 weeks.
* 8.7.6 due out next Thursday (3/30/17)
* Includes Early Release versions of Zimbra Chat and Zimbra Drive
* 8.8.8 due out 3 weeks from now (4/13/17)
* Includes Stable versions of the new Zimbra Chat and Zimbra Drive

Small changes to how releases will be worded. New "Early Release" will now come before Stable. This is for features that have been fully QA'd but need real-world burn-in before being considered Stable. New "Stable" will replace the former "GA" nomenclature. Additionally, potential future releases may make use of "Alpha" or "Beta" for functionality being introduced but that has not yet been fully QA'd for production use.

Much more information will be made available from attendees of the conference, but I wanted to get the discussion started in the meantime! Thank you all Partners, Employees, Customers, and Zeta Alliance attendees for coming out!
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march 2017 by dusko
The Open Source Collaboration Study: Viewpoints on Security and Privacy in the US and EMEA
More than 70% of U.S. IT Professionals Prefer Open Source to Proprietary Software for Continuity, Control. ---- Posted in November 2014.
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november 2016 by dusko
Z-Push Zimbra Backend
This project provides a zimbra backend for the z-push open source ActiveSync implementation (http://z-push.sourceforge.net). It supports push email, and synchronization of contacts, calendar, and tasks between zimbra and ActiveSync enabled devices. ---- Last updated on Jun 23, 2016.
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july 2016 by dusko
ZimBashckup : Zimbra Backup Script in Bash
Simple Bash script for backing up zimbra mailboxes.
Inspired by the script zimbraBackupAllAccounts.sh written by Richardson Lima and available here : http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Backing_up_and_restoring_Zimbra_%28Open_Source_Version%29#Another_option
I modified Richardson's script for personal needs, and I think it could help people, so I decided to redistribute it.
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july 2016 by dusko
Zimbra - Using zmmailbox addFilterRule -- Sieve
Processing a Sieve script and inserting it via zmprov ---- Using zmmailbox addFilterRule ---- Sieve
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july 2016 by dusko
Oracle Gives Partners a Fast Path to Cloud
Independent Software Vendors Gain New Revenue Opportunities Through Oracle Cloud Marketplace. ---- Posted on Jun 20, 2016.
june 2016 by dusko
Zimbra Ransomware written in Python targets Zimbra Mail Store
* Who the hell still uses Zimbra?
* We support many customers that use Zimbra servers.
They are very stable and robust mail services if managed properly, and the cost is $0 for licensing if you use the community edition, plus $0 for the OS that it runs on.
-Some customers don't want to manage their own Exchange servers or host with Office 365 or Google Apps for various reasons.
* me :c
Updated on Jun 22, 2016.
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june 2016 by dusko
Zimbra 8 Production Setup
Some steps in setting up a Zimbra 8 server for a production internet-facing server. This is not a tutorial, and is designed for those who already have a familiarity with setting up Zimbra.
Posted on Nov 7, 2014.
Updated on Sep 2, 2015.
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june 2016 by dusko
Zimbra - Stub files for package builds
package-stub -- This repository is a stub for package builds, holding the basic Makefile definitions and platform information script necessary for building packages in the Zimbra packages repository and other external repositories using these tools.
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june 2016 by dusko
ADPassword - Change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client
A Zimbra server extension to change Active Directory passwords from the Zimbra web client. ---- The original project by Antonio Messina (a.messina@iknowconsulting.it) https://github.com/xMAnton/ADPassword this version is tested on Zimbra 8.6 and Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory. ---- I recommend the cli install from below. If you do not want the cli install, you can also try the GUI most steps are in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYmsdw3tHoU
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may 2016 by dusko
Handling root mail - Logwatch
You must update the mailer= setting after every Zimbra update.
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may 2016 by dusko
Zimbra - Zmdiaglog
zmdiaglog is the standard tool that Zimbra provides for collecting performance or troubleshooting data. Zimbra has standardized this tool in order to capture the full set of data during an event - data that Zimbra Support and Engineering regularly requires and determines essential in investigating all sides of the event. **It is imperative that zmdiaglog is run during the trouble event, and prior to the restart of any processes.** ---- Updated on Jul 11, 2015.
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may 2016 by dusko
Zimbra - Centralized Logs - Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana
The goal is install in a dedicated server or VM, all the components to have a Centralized Log Server, and also a powerfull Dashboard to configure all the reports. -- Updated on Jul 11, 2015.
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may 2016 by dusko
My Wonderful adventure in backing stuff Up
Ok, so, I originally had a "Cold Backup Server" that I setup using some info gleaned from the forums. The solution that was provided didn't quite work for me. For one, it didn't provide a fast enough fail over AND due to misspellings and other steps left out of the script, it didn't work either. ---- I decided to try something that was probably not the ideal way, but, it was effective. I used a Dell workstation with a big HDD and a decent amount of ram, installed ubuntu 6.02lts (same as our live server) and installed Zimbra. The following is from my own documentation of this process. ---- Created on Feb 13, 2009. -- Updated on Mar 25, 2015.
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may 2016 by dusko
Making Zimbra run on minimal RAM
Created on Mar 21, 2006. -- Updated on Mar 24, 2015.
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may 2016 by dusko
Zimbra+Mailman Howto
This How-To will explain how to get mailman (http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/) mailing list working with Zimbra. ---- This ONLY works if Zimbra's postfix is able to deliver mail locally. One thing you should note is ALL the domains added to Zimbra are by default 'virtual_mailbox_domains', so if your hostname is set to be one of the virtual mailbox domains, Mailman will NOT work for you. ---- Zimbra's default install sets following in /opt/zimbra/postfix/conf/main.cf ---- Posted on Jan 14, 2006.
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april 2016 by dusko
Zimbra Collaboration Proxy Guide
Zimbra Proxy (also referred in this wiki as Nginx-Zimbra or NZ in short) is a high-performance proxy server that can be configured as a HTTP[S]/POP[S]/IMAP[S] proxy used to reverse proxy HTTP[S]/POP[S]/IMAP[S] client requests to a set of backend servers. -- Also as KB 2421 -->> https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/index.php?curid=2421 ---- Updated on Jul 11, 2015.
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april 2016 by dusko
Dovecot as an IMAP Proxy for Zimbra (Zimbra - MTA)
Configuration of Dovecot as an IMAP proxy for Zimbra (especially Zimbra MTA)
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april 2016 by dusko
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