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OpenBSD Email Server Setup
This Wiki page will walk through the setup of an OpenBSD Email Server. ---- The server will be built with: OpenSMTPD (http://www.opensmtpd.org/), LibreSSL (http://www.libressl.org/), spamd (http://www.openbsd.org/spamd), Dovecot (http://www.dovecot.org/), and DKIMproxy (http://dkimproxy.sourceforge.net/). ---- OpenSMTPD will be configured to: - Receive mail for Local User Accounts, - Receive mail for Virtual Domains, Provide Virtual Domain catch-all aliases for local user accounts, - Use SSL Cert Signed by a Personal Certificate Authority for SMTPS, - Use SSL Cert Signed by a Public Certificate Authority for STARTTLS, - Require STARTTLS for MTA-to-MTA Connections on Port 25, - Send Un-Signed email through dkimproxy_out Before Relay.
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april 2016 by dusko
Understanding And Troubleshooting Authentication Log Events
IMAP And Authenticated SMTP [SSL] Example ---- IMAP Test Via Telnet And Logging Events Of It - Proxy Included ---- IMAP Login Via Openssl - LOGIN TLS - Proxy Included (Another good example of this is at Access IMAP server from the command line using OpenSSL: http://delog.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/access-imap-server-from-the-command-line-using-openssl/) ---- Updated on Jul 13, 2015.
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march 2016 by dusko
Simple Troubleshooting For SMTP Via Telnet And Openssl - Zimbra
Testing against port 25, port 465. ---- Updated on Jul 12, 2015.
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june 2015 by dusko
Proper SSL Certificates for Postfix and Dovecot
So far you will have received warning on the SSL certificates you use for Postfix, Dovecot and the RoundCube email web interface. SSL/TLS is a great way to automatically encrypt the passwords between the email user and your mail server. So you want to have proper certificates. There are three ways you can handle your certificate:
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june 2015 by dusko

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