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modoboa - Mail hosting made simple
Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform including a modern and simplified Web User Interface. It provides useful components such as an administration panel or a webmail.
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12 days ago by dusko
How To Run Your Own Mail Server
A guide to self-hosting your email on FreeBSD using Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, and LDAP.
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march 2018 by dusko
Mail Server on FreeBSD with OpenSMTPd, jails, amavisd-new, DKIM, SpamAssassin, DSPAM
OpenSMTPd, jails and amavisd-new for virus scanning and DKIM signing and spam classification using SpamAssassin and DSPAM.

Required ports

WIP mail/spamd Throttling
mail/opensmtpd OpenSMTPd MTA
mail/opensmtpd-extras OpenSMTPd extra filters
security/amavisd-new "A Mail and Virus Scanner"
mail/spamassassin Apache SpamAssassin e-mail classifier
mail/dspam Bayesian e-mail classifier
security/clamav Open source virus scanner
DSPAM SpamAssassin plug-in
One of MariaDB/MySQL, PostreSQL, SQLite or Hash database

mail (opensmtpd, dovecot)
scan (amavis, spamassassin, dspam, clamav)
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december 2017 by dusko
Dovecot as an IMAP Proxy for Zimbra (Zimbra - MTA)
Configuration of Dovecot as an IMAP proxy for Zimbra (especially Zimbra MTA)
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april 2016 by dusko
OpenBSD Email Server Setup
This Wiki page will walk through the setup of an OpenBSD Email Server. ---- The server will be built with: OpenSMTPD (http://www.opensmtpd.org/), LibreSSL (http://www.libressl.org/), spamd (http://www.openbsd.org/spamd), Dovecot (http://www.dovecot.org/), and DKIMproxy (http://dkimproxy.sourceforge.net/). ---- OpenSMTPD will be configured to: - Receive mail for Local User Accounts, - Receive mail for Virtual Domains, Provide Virtual Domain catch-all aliases for local user accounts, - Use SSL Cert Signed by a Personal Certificate Authority for SMTPS, - Use SSL Cert Signed by a Public Certificate Authority for STARTTLS, - Require STARTTLS for MTA-to-MTA Connections on Port 25, - Send Un-Signed email through dkimproxy_out Before Relay.
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april 2016 by dusko

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