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SMTP, testing via Telnet - FreeBSDwiki
When troubleshooting problems with SMTP service - your own, or others - it is frequently very helpful to be able to "speak" to the SMTP server directly, rather than going through a mail client which won't necessarily tell you exactly what the SMTP server is saying. You can easily do this with the telnet client. Note that many ISPs do not allow outbound connections on port 25 to any SMTP server but their own - if you get timeouts when trying to connect to port 25, you should try port 587, which is the standard ESMTP port. (Port 587 connections normally require SMTP AUTH, which is covered below.)
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march 2018 by dusko
Command Line Email HOWTO - CLI Email Testing and Distribution Lists
* Using awk/sendmail to send an attachment
* Using mutt to mail an attachment
* Sending attachment with a script
* Testing your local mail server
* Sending mail to multiple recipients at once
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