The C Book
This is the online version of The C Book, second edition by Mike Banahan, Declan Brady and Mark Doran, originally published by Addison Wesley in 1991. This version is made freely available.
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23 hours ago
DANE Protocol: DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities | Internet Society
Beyond the web, DANE is being used with great success in securing communication over email and over instant messaging protocols such as XMPP (Jabber). There is also interest in using DANE for SIP (voice-over-IP (VoIP)) and other communication methods.
STARTTLS Everywhere - Internet Society
While somewhat confusing given its title, the STARTTLS Everywhere project focuses exclusively on delivering a STARTTLS library for SMTP MTAs. STARTTLS for SMTP is an intermediate encryption technology designed to be used until DNSSEC and DANE can be fully deployed.
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titus - Totally Isolated TLS Unwrapping Server
Totally Isolated TLS Unwrapping Server

titus is a TLS/SSL proxy server (like stunnel or stud) that protects you from vulnerabilities in the TLS implementation such as Heartbleed (or worse).
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Use GnuPG with Mutt to sign or encrypt e-mail
One of the most common uses of OpenPGP applications like PGP and GnuPG is digitally signing and encrypting email. While this can be accomplished "manually" with Mutt every time you want to send an encrypted or digitally signed email, by first creating encrypted or digitally signed files then using them as the basis for an email, this article explains how to configure Mutt to automatically use the GnuPG tool to do that for you.
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CVE-2019-5736 (runC) - rexec callers as memfd - GitHub
Adam Iwaniuk and Borys Popławski discovered that an attacker can compromise the runC host binary from inside a privileged runC container. As a result, this could be exploited to gain root access on the host. runC is used as the default runtime for containers with Docker, containerd, Podman, and CRI-O.
2 days ago
Batushka Yekteniya 3 DRUMS ONLY - Simply Backing Tracks - YouTube
Batushka Yekteniya 3 DRUMS ONLY - Simply Backing Tracks
5 days ago
Batushka–Ектения • II • Благословение drum cover by Рашид Ибраев - YouTube
Batushka–Ектения • II • Благословение drum cover by Рашид Ибраев
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5 days ago
Alex Micklewright - Batushka - Ектения I: Очищение (Yekteniya 1) - YouTube
Alex Micklewright - Batushka - Ектения I: Очищение (Yekteniya 1)
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5 days ago
Batushka - Yekteniya 6 (drum cover by Alexey Sazonov) - YouTube
Batushka - Yekteniya 6 (drum cover by Alexey Sazonov)
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5 days ago
Batushka - Yekteniya 1 (drum cover) - YouTube
#Batushka #KrzysztofKlingbein #drumcover
Batushka - Yekteniya 1 (drum cover)
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5 days ago
SAN Storage protocols - FC vs FCoE vs iSCSI vs NFS vs CIFS
A common question when provisioning storage is "which presentation protocol do I use". This article isn't really designed to deep-dive into each protocol, but rather provide an architectural overview of each delivery method to assist with designing a new storage implementation.
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8 days ago
Sendmail and SMTP AUTH
O DaemonPortOptions=Port=smtp, addr=, Name=MSA, M=E, M=a

This should force AUTH for mail even from localhost. Change the Name=MSA (Mail Submission Agent) to Name=MTA if your server accepts mail. If you're running a recent version of sendmail that should have a submit.cf and sendmail.cf. Name=MSA would go in submit.cf and Name=MTA would go into sendmail.cf.
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8 days ago
How SAS and SATA fit in with the iSCSI array - TechRepublic

iSCSI is a transport protocol while SAS, although it can be a transport protocol in direct-connect scenarios, is also a disk type.

Feb 16, 2012
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8 days ago
Interface decisions: SAS, FC,or iSCSI? - isci_fc_sas_interface.pdf
Interface decisions: SAS, FC,or iSCSI? - PowerVault(TM) MD3000 and MD3000i - Dell Product Group

February 2008.
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8 days ago
SAS, SATA, and iSCSI - A Tutorial - ICCUSA Insights
What is the difference between your second diagram and a NAS device?

Colin Cronin says:
March 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm

The hardware setup is not much different. The primary difference is in how the data as stored. As you probably know, NAS stores in a file format, while iSCSI-based solutions are SAN which store data in block format. A SAN is typically better suited for enterprise environments that require greater scalability and performance. You can imagine that if you were a large organization needing lots of storage (let’s say 20+TB) that attempting to install and manage a large number of NAS devices wouldn’t be the best option. In this case, you could look at using a single SAN disk array and connect that to your host server.
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8 days ago
DiskDrive.com -- The home of iSCSI knowledge
A central location that technical people can go to get the latest information on the iSCSI standard. The primary users of this site will probably be engineers, IT professionals, managers, and technical marketing people.
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8 days ago
This document describes how to install a mail server based on sendmail that is capable of SMTP-AUTH and TLS. It should work (maybe with slight changes concerning paths etc.) on all *nix operating systems. I tested it on Debian Woody so far.
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8 days ago
storage - SAN: FC vs SAS vs iSCSI - Server Fault
"SAN" is a term for a network used to provide (block) storage access. It can be anything.

SCSI is a family of storage protocols that all share a common core but have more or less subtle differences (apart from the obvious, physical ones). Examples are Parallel SCSI (obsolete), SSA (obsolete), Fibre Channel, Firewire (obsolete), SAS, iSCSI.
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9 days ago
mutt-wizard -- A system for automatically configuring mutt and offlineIMAP with a simple interface and safe passwords
Mutt is one of the most rewarding programs one can use, but can be a pain in the ass to configure. Since my job is making power-user tools available for the masses I want to create a tool that automates most of mutt configuration so that users can simply give their email address and get a /comfy/ setup. At that, I don't just want a mutt wizard, but an offlineIMAP wizard, so users can easily access their mail offline as well, and a wizard that makes it easy to store passwords securely using gpg.

The mutt-wizard is all of this in a simple ncurses menu. It's really just a little bash script, but one that can save countless people thousands of combined manhours of frustratingly trying to get all the moving pieces working together.
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10 days ago
Lurker - the email archiver
Email is an ever increasing stream of information. Most people do not have time to read all the email that they might be interested in. This is where lurker can help.

After being subscribed to interesting mailing lists, lurker archives all incoming mail into a database. Old mail can also be imported. Once mail is in the database, lurker can help you search the unending noise for those gems you need to read.
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10 days ago
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