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GABORIAU, Émile – Les Cotillons célèbres (Deuxième Série) | Litterature audio.com
Donneuse de voix : Cocotte | Durée : 8h 17min | Genre : Histoire
« La littérature courante et le roman soi-disant historique ont depuis longtemps défiguré toutes ces femmes célèbres, parvenues de l’amour, reines de la main gauche, de par leur esprit ou leur beauté. Héroïnes de drames ou de roman, les maîtresses des rois de France ont dû subir toutes les vicissitudes de l’intrigue ou de la mise en scène, tantôt placées sur le nuage, tantôt traînées au ruisseau.
J’ai entrepris de restituer à ces femmes célèbres leur véritable physionomie. Au milieu de toutes les contradictions des chroniques et des mémoires, j’ai cherché la vérité, voilà tout ! » (Préface des Cotillons célèbres)
- Les Maîtresses légendaires,
- Agnès Sorel,
- Les Amours de François Ier,
- La Comtesse de Chateaubriant,
- Anne de Pisseleu, Duchesse d’Étampes,
- La Belle Ferronnière,
- Diane de Poitiers,
- Marie Touchet,
- Le Vert-Galant,
- La Belle Gabrielle,
- Catherine-Henriette d’Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil,
- Mademoiselle de Hautefort et Mademoiselle de La Fayette.
François_I  Henri_II  audio-books  women  French_history  17thC  French_lit  biography  Henri_IV  court_culture  French_language  16thC 
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Seminar 1 of 6 - Hegel's Origination of Property, the Family and the State (2013) | School of Advanced Study, University of London
German Philosophy Seminars - Hegel's Origination of Property, the Family and the State. Texts and Critique
Seminar 1: General Introduction: Hegel's Metaphysics, and the Place of the Family in Hegel's Philosophy of 'Geist'
Each seminar will begin with an introductory commentary, and be followed by a close reading of a short text. Texts will be provided in German and English in PDF format, and will normally be a maximum of 15 pages (often much shorter), chosen from: the Logik of 1832; System der Sittlichkeit (System of Ethical Life); sections of the third of the Jenaer Systementwürfe; the Phänomenologie des Geistes; and the Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts (Elements of the Philosophy of Right). Knowledge of German is not essential to attend the seminars, but texts and key terms will be discussed in German and English.
Schedule downloaded via iPhone to DBOX
family  women  intellectual_history  family_law  courses  political_philosophy  19thC  property_rights  German_Idealism  video  Hegel  property  social_theory  Germany 
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Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins - "Nature to Advantage Drest": Chinoiserie, Aesthetic Form, and the Poetry of Subjectivity in Pope and Swift (2009) | JSTOR - Eighteenth-Century Studies
Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol. 43, No. 1 (FALL 2009), pp. 75-94 -- In response to scholarship on eighteenth-century female consumerism, this essay argues that women's relationship to ornamental objects was both ambivalent and changing in the early decades of the eighteenth century. It contrasts the relationship between women and chinaware in Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" and Swift's dressing room poems in the context of the emergent category of domestic "beautification arts." Pope posits subjectivity as an animated aesthetic form embodied in the well-dressed woman, chinaware, and poetry alike, while Swift disrupts the symbiotic relationship of human life and aesthetic order, both material and poetic, degrading the association of women and china as it relocates personal identity to the interior life of the individual. This shift in the conception of chinoiserie's place in British culture thus constitutes a severance of "nature" from aesthetic form and, consequently, a rewriting of human subjectivity itself. -- interesting references that in part track fashions in academic theory over past half century -- downloaded pdf to Note
article  jstor  literary_history  English_lit  18thC  British_history  Pope  Swift  poetry  women  consumer_revolution  consumerism  identity  subjectivity  decorative_arts  fashion  cultural_history  cultural_critique  cultural_authority  cultural_objects  cultural_change  bibliography  downloaded 
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Amanda Vickery: Golden Age to Separate Spheres? A Review of the Categories and Chronology of English Women's History (1993)
JSTOR: The Historical Journal, Vol. 36, No. 2 (Jun., 1993), pp. 383-414 -- downloaded pdf to Note -- Two very powerful stories structure the history of the changing roles of English women. The tale of the nineteenth-century separation of the spheres of public power and private domesticity relates principally to the experience of middle-class women. The other story, emerging from early modern scholarship, recounts the social and economic marginalization of propertied women and the degradation of working women as a consequence of capitalism. Both narratives echo each other in important ways, although strangely the capacity of women's history to repeat itself is rarely openly discussed. This paper critically reviews the two historiographies in order to open debate on the basic categories and chronologies we employ in discussing the experience, power and identity of women in past time.
article  jstor  social_theory  cultural_history  historiography  Britain  15thC  16thC  17thC  18thC  19thC  British_history  women  women-work  women-property  public_sphere 
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Women and Property in Early Modern England by Amy Louise Erickson (1995). | Questia
This ground-breaking book reveals the economic reality of ordinary women between the late 16th and early 18th centuries. Drawing on little-known sources, Amy Louise Erickson reconstructs day-to-day lives, showing how women owned, managed and inherited property on a scale previously unrecognised. Her complex and fascinating research, which contrasts the written laws with the actual practice, completely revises the traditional picture of women's economic status in pre-industrial England. Women and Property is essential reading for anyone interested in women, law and the past.
books  Questia  16thC  17thC  18thC  19thC  British_history  legal_history  cultural_history  women  property  inheritance  marriage  family  EF-add 
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Men and the Making of Modern British Feminism by Arianne Chernock (2010). | Questia
Men and the Making of Modern British Feminism calls fresh attention to the forgotten but foundational contributions of men to the creation of modern British feminism. Focusing on the revolutionary 1790s, the book introduces several dozen male reformers who insisted that women's emancipation would be key to the establishment of a truly just and rational society. These men proposed educational reforms, assisted women writers into print, and used their training in religion, medicine, history, and the law to challenge common assumptions about women's legal and political entitlements.

This book uses men's engagement with women's rights as a platform to reconsider understandings of gender in eighteenth-century Britain, the meaning and legacy of feminism, and feminism's relationship more generally to traditions of radical reform and enlightenment.
books  Questia  18thC  civil_liberties  women  feminism  British_history  British_politics  cultural_history  legal_history  property  Enlightenment  EF-add 
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