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Issue TOC and Introduction, Nicholas Rogers - Making the English Middle Class, ca. 1700-1850 | JSTOR: Journal of British Studies, Vol. 32, No. 4, Oct., 1993
Introduction (pp. 299-304) Nicholas Rogers [downloaded] *--* (1) "A Just and Profitable Commerce": Moral Economy and the Middle Classes in 18thC London (pp. 305-332) Susan E. Brown [questions "aristocratic century" - independent merchants and bourgeoisie in leading charities, urban politics, polite culture etc. Didn't fit a consistent deference pattern; members of middle class could be on all sides of Poor Laws, so Thompson's bipolar moral economy overstates lack of variation in middle and intermediary functions, especially when drawing on civic traditions that didn't depend on aristocracy leadership] *--* (2) Racism, Imperialism, and the Traveler's Gaze in 18thC England (pp. 333-357) Margaret Hunt [unenlightened middle class elements eg freemasonry could be as xenophobic as cosmopolitan; attention to racial, ethnic difference could also be used to stigmatise the poor and set middle class apart] *--* (3) The Masonic Moment; Or, Ritual, Replica, and Credit: John Wilkes, the Macaroni Parson, and the Making of the Middle-Class Mind (pp. 358-395) John Money. *--* (4) "Middle-Class" Domesticity Goes Public: Gender, Class, and Politics from Queen Caroline to Queen Victoria (pp. 396-432) Dror Wahrman [middle class as defenders of family, domesticity, separate spheres only after won political status in 1832 - nobody adopted Hannah More's vision until decades later - use of the term by others or as self identifier is all over the map, even in the same report or work, stabilizing only c 1830s] -- downloaded Rogers pdf to Note
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Richard C. Wiles: The Theory of Wages in Later English Mercantilism (1968)
JSTOR: The Economic History Review, New Series, Vol. 21, No. 1 (Apr., 1968), pp. 113-126.....Downloaded pdf to Note......another short article with lots of references. ?..Late Mercantilism is for Wiles from late 17thC. Heckscher, Furniss & Viner didn't study period or significantly misrepresented what was going on.
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A. W. Coats: Economic Thought and Poor Law Policy in the Eighteenth Century (1960)
JSTOR: The Economic History Review, New Series, Vol. 13, No. 1 (1960), pp. 39-51.....Downloaded pdf to Note......follow up to 1958 article..... again fairly short but lots of references including parliamentary debates
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A. W. Coats: Changing Attitudes to Labour in the Mid-Eighteenth Century (1958
JSTOR: The Economic History Review, New Series, Vol. 11, No. 1 (1958), pp. 35-51.....Downloaded pdf to Note......only 17 pages but extensive references to 18thC writing including Berkeley and Hume re improvement of labor standard of living -- followed by 1960 article in EcHR
article  jstor  economic_history  political_economy  mercantilism  18thC  Labor_markets  unemployment  Poor_Laws  poverty  charity  Berkeley  Hume  Enlightenment  improvement  downloaded  EF-add 
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