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Open Journal Systems | Public Knowledge Project
Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a journal management and publishing system that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project through its federally funded efforts to expand and improve access to research
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Nicolas Duvoux, interview with Erik Olin Wright - Analytic Marxism and Real Utopias | Books & ideas - 16 November 2012
Erik Olin Wright is a prominent American sociologist and the last president of the American Sociological Association. In this interview, E. O. Wright explains the nature of "analytic Marxism”, which renewed the study of Marxism in the late 1970s and 1980s, and comes back on a more recent project called “ Envisioning Real Utopias”, which focuses on radical emancipatory alternatives to existing social structures. -- downloaded pdf to Note
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Pandoc - About pandoc
About pandoc -- If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Pandoc can convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, LaTeX, MediaWiki markup, TWiki markup, OPML, Emacs Org-Mode, Txt2Tags, Microsoft Word docx, EPUB, or Haddock markup to

** HTML formats: XHTML, HTML5, and HTML slide shows using Slidy, reveal.js, Slideous, S5, or DZSlides.
** Word processor formats: Microsoft Word docx, OpenOffice/LibreOffice ODT, OpenDocument XML
** Ebooks: EPUB version 2 or 3, FictionBook2
** Documentation formats: DocBook, GNU TexInfo, Groff man pages, Haddock markup
** Page layout formats: InDesign ICML
** Outline formats: OPML
** TeX formats: LaTeX, ConTeXt, LaTeX Beamer slides
** PDF via LaTeX
** Lightweight markup formats: Markdown, reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, MediaWiki markup, DokuWiki markup, Emacs Org-Mode, Textile
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Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) | Wiki Main Page
R&D connected to the various Harvard internet-related programs (at eg HLS, HBS) -- VRM tools provide customers with both independence from vendors and better ways of engaging with vendors. The same tools can also support individuals' relations with schools, churches, government entities and other kinds of organizations. -- VRM is part of a larger picture as well. Perhaps the best name and description for that larger picture is Life Management Platforms, coined by Martin Kuppinger of Kuppinger Cole. He describes them this way: "Life Management Platforms will change the way individuals deal with sensitive information like their health data, insurance data, and many other types of information – information that today frequently is paper-based or, when it comes to personal opinions, only in the mind of the individuals. They will enable new approaches for privacy- and security-aware sharing of that information, without the risk of losing control of that information.
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Aleksi Aaltonen, Stephan Seiler - Wikipedia: The value of open content production | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal - 31 October 2014
Research paper writeup -- Many organisations are developing open platforms to create, store, and share knowledge. This column analyses editing data by Wikipedia users to show how content creation by individuals generates significant ‘spillover’ benefits, encouraging others to contribute to the collective process of knowledge production. -- Our findings on the impact of spillovers on Wikipedia suggest the value of all such platforms providing incentives for users to contribute content or to ‘pre-populate’ articles with content so as to trigger further contributions. Since we also find evidence that the magnitude of the spillover effect varies with the total number of users active on the platform, it seems that achieving a larger mass of potential contributors is important for these platforms to benefit from a stronger spillover effect.
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